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Tenth Personal Post in a Row, But Finished the Disciples Campaigns

Earlier today I finished the Legions of the Damned campaign, so I have now completed the four Disciples campaigns. But with the Gold Edition including what is supposed to be something like an additional campaign formed of no less than 21 separate scenarios, so five more than the four original campaigns put together, since those have only four scenarios each, I may at least try that as well, if not the other scenarios too. Not sure if I’ll do it right away though.

Not much to say other than that and the fact that this week’s run was Monday, the reported highs not even reaching 30°C and it being quite cloudy as well. In those conditions, though there were quite a number of people in the park, I managed the first time under 49 minutes which wasn’t a record, 48:46. Wasn’t meant to be an attempt at a record either, the idea to try for one only rather vaguely going through my mind, I’d say over the second lap’s second and third sectors, but I didn’t start with that aim and the fact that I had to go around people or make my way through them a fair number of times would have always made it highly unlikely. And then there was a quite slow third sector of lap two which made it perfectly clear that it wasn’t going to happen, so I just set the targets from then on to ensure I’ll stay under 49 minutes at the end and if possible also under 47 minutes after the three laps, and I managed both. The sector times were 4:32, 5:07, 5:57, 4:31, 5:06, 6:03, 4:31, 5:10, 6:00 and 1:49, making for lap times of 15:36, 15:40 and 15:41. Yes, this means a new fastest third lap, which makes it even clearer that I couldn’t have possibly made any attempt at the record after the second lap.

As for reading, still didn’t start anything, though by that I mean no actual book, as I’m now going through a short story Tiel wrote, after she rather randomly sent me a message asking whether I’d want to. And by “going through” it, I mean having my mind in “edit mode” and picking on every tiny thing, so I barely covered six pages out of 20 since Monday. Definitely not the sort of thing I expected to be reading, but I guess it can count as something, even if at this point it’s becoming quite clear that I’ll end up two books behind at the end of the month, having only read six this year.
But speaking of short stories, I was also reminded of the Temeraire series by a post on Patook recently, so I guess I’ll be reading Vici and Feast or Famine these days as well, and I guess also post some very quick reviews, since they are listed on Goodreads and in some way part of the series after all. Will change my reading challenge for this year to 14 because of it, so it will still be a matter of reading 12 actual books, of course, but those quick reviews will count as posts here, so I’m hoping one of them will be this week’s second post and finally break this series of ten personal ones in a row.


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