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The New Mouse Mess Should Be Over… For Now…

Though I had learned some days ago that it appeared to have already been sorted out, I only got the e-mail saying so today, so I waited until now to finally write this post about the rest of the mess with the new mouse. Wrote about ordering and receiving it, the lack of a warranty certificate and the problems with the software back on January 9, but then things changed, I made some decisions after ending up a complete mess because of thinking and worrying about this, worried some more after making the first step, but the plan seems to have worked out… So far.

Considering those problems that made me pretty much unable to keep the software running and take advantage of the advanced features that offers and the fact that I had been told the monitoring and some level of constant CPU usage are issues that can’t, or more exactly won’t, be fixed, I’d have had serious reason to return the mouse if I’d have purchased it at full price or something close to it. Purchasing it for about a third less, however, would have been enough to make me think long and hard about that, and would have likely resulted in me keeping that one, especially since I hadn’t returned anything before. But the problem with the store, as in the fact that they don’t seem to provide warranty certificates, claiming to offer the services based on the receipt or invoice despite the fact that the terms on the site state clearly that the warranty certificate needs to be shown for this to happen, got added to the one with the product itself… And then I saw another store list it at the same discounted price, and I knew that store does offer warranty certificates and also lists warranty information in the customer’s account on the site, so after lashing out at myself for rushing to order it from the first store when the discount at this other one appeared before the one at that one expired, so there would have been little reason not to wait, I came up with a plan.
The plan was, quite obviously, to return the one I had purchased, get my money back and then purchase another from that other store. But that was quite a risk, having no idea how this worked and not knowing how long it’ll take to get the refund or whether I’ll actually get the full amount back, as a quick search told me that those stores tend to deduct small amounts, claiming it as the cost of packaging the product again or something along those lines, and I definitely didn’t have enough set aside to just buy a new one before getting those money back first, nor could I really afford to get back anything less than the full amount. But the only way to see whether it’ll work was to try it, and quickly, since any day lost made it less likely to get the money before the discount expired at the other store.
Not that there wasn’t another reason to do it quickly as well. Two of them, in fact, but the second was just a matter of me wanting to be absolutely certain I’ll be able to return it, since this store claims to accept returns up to 31 days after purchase, but 14 days is the minimum time required by law and I therefore wanted to do it no more than 14 days after the day listed on the invoice, which was January 2, even though I had received it on January 4. The first reason, on the other hand, might have resulted in me being unable to return it and ask for the money back if my fears would have proven correct, since I believe on January 13 I had the impression that it either double clicked on its own or didn’t register a click. Obviously, seeing as double clicking was the issue that made me need a new mouse in the first place and that I saw people say that due to a manufacturing problem the first ones of this model can quickly develop that issue as well, I immediately panicked, but it’s possible that I just imagined it, as I tried probably around 1000 test clicks after that and the only time when it appeared to have double clicked again was when the tediousness of the task had made me completely lose focus, considering it likely that I had actually double clicked myself by mistake. And other quick tests I put it through didn’t reveal any obvious problems either.

On to what I actually did, on January 15 I first checked one last time to see whether I had any reply to that e-mail about the lack of a warranty certificate, which I had sent them back when it was delivered. Since I still had none, I made sure I had the invoice and receipt, reset the mouse to factory settings, also tried to reset the firmware, though I’m not sure that worked properly and it was another reason I kept worrying later, then wiped it a little and put it back carefully in its box, also making sure to have everything else there as well, exactly as it was when I got it, and that the box was sealed on all but one side, even still having those sticky circles on that side as well and tucking them inside. I was taking no chances, trying not to give them any reason to deduct anything from the refund.
That done, I also grabbed the plastic bottles which had again gathered and went to Auchan, since I needed some bread anyway and this chain has a store there, on the other side of the parking lot, and you can return on-line orders to any of their stores. Once there, I first used the recycling machine to get rid of the bottles, then returned the mouse, first wandering around the store for a few moments, trying to work up the courage, then going to a desk that was quite out of the way and being told that I needed to go to the one for picking up on-line orders, which is right next to the entrance.
The return process did take quite some time and the employee had a bad cold, obviously struggling with it, but he didn’t try to persuade me to keep the mouse or try to find problems, simply taking it away for a few moments, saying he needed to check it, then coming back and taking care of the paperwork, which he apparently had to do by hand. He also seemed to check something on the computer, then call someone but get no answer, and eventually he asked whether I agreed to log into my account on their site from one of the computers customers can use, in order to request the return on-line. That meant entering my password there, but I agreed, and then changed it as soon as I got back, even if we’re just talking of a store where I had just made an account for that order. It did bother me that he quickly closed, or actually I believe minimized, the browser the moment I had sent the request, without logging me out, but I didn’t follow him even though he told me to, even after telling him that he should have logged me out, and first opened the browser again myself to actually log out.
Did ask whether I’ll get all the money back, pointing out that I had purchased it on sale and leaving unsaid the fact that they may be able to put it back on sale as a “resealed” product for even more than they’ll pay me back for it after the sale for the mouse itself will end, and he said I will, but while at first, when I asked how that will happen, he said I’ll be contacted and asked to come to a store and get paid, since I paid cash, he then asked whether I had an account where they’ll be able to simply send the money, saying it’s fine if it’s not mine, and the whole part about logging on came after I said I do have one, as I had asked for dad’s the night before, just in case I’ll need it. And he was really careful with the account number, writing it down and asking me to read it again to check even if I had given him the piece of paper where I had written it, then reading it back to me so I’ll be able to check more easily after I entered it on their site.
So he did seem to do his best, even more so considering how he was feeling, but the process itself was time-consuming and he didn’t get the help he probably expected, judging by that call he tried to make and the fact that he seemed to have tried to do things on his computer first and for some reason was not able to. And when, at the end, he asked me to go to the cashier and have her stamp the document he gave me, she stared at me in confusion and seemed very uncertain that it was the right thing to do as she did as I asked, then when I asked whether that was all she just said that if I’d been told I needed a stamp, she just stamped it. So I went back and had the guy confirm that it was all done, mentioning that the cashier didn’t seem to have any clue, before finally leaving, and going back to Auchan to get that bread.

The problem was that the guy told me I’ll receive the money within 14 working days, which wasn’t going to allow me to use them to purchase the mouse from that other store, as their sale was listed as ending on January 22. So I asked dad for a “loan” when I got back, telling him I needed the money before he’ll receive them back in his account, assuming everything will go well, and he gave me 80% of the amount, and I could cover the rest from what I still had set aside. And then I waited, wanting to delay as much as possible but checking that other store a few times per day to make sure they won’t run out of stock for this mouse, since the sale was “while stocks last” and they do list when they end up with just a few left.
I was really worried that having the date for the end of the sale listed as January 22 meant that you had to order it before that day, so on January 21 I kept checking, and also checked other products listed as being on sale until January 21 and confirmed that they were still on sale, but then in the evening I saw that the sale for those other products had been extended… And then, since I held firm and didn’t place the order earlier, saw the same thing happen with this mouse the next evening, the sale being extended until January 26, making me relax to some extent.
But I only ended up waiting until that night, and the sale itself didn’t matter anymore, because that evening I also saw an “unsealed” product show up there, with an additional discount. I assume that was one that somebody else had returned, and while they offered pictures the quality was poor and I couldn’t figure out whether it was just dirty or a little damaged on the bottom, but they said it was tested and worked fine and was sold with the same two-year warranty as a new one, so after thinking and worrying some more I decided to give it a try. But I unchecked the box saying I don’t want to be contacted and added a comment with questions about the product and exactly how purchasing such “unsealed” products works at that store and what may happen later, so I was expecting some sort of answer first, yet the system acted as if that box was still checked and I immediately got a message saying I had three working days to pick up the product, starting in the morning.
Somewhat fortunately, January 24 is a free day here, so it didn’t count, meaning that I had at least until January 26, and that allowed me to leave it until the afternoon of January 25 before sending another message, saying I was still waiting for some answers and adding two more questions. And I did indeed get a very quick reply to that message, within minutes, but it didn’t help in the least, merely repeating what the site listed about the condition of the product, pointing me to something I had already read and had found no answers in regarding other terms, and leaving the other questions unanswered. So I replied again, possibly after the end of the working hours that day, with a list of seven “assumptions”, favorable answers to each of my questions, and asked to be corrected if any was wrong.

Well, I wasn’t corrected, as I got no reply, but despite one of my “assumptions” being that the three days will start being counted since receiving a reply, I didn’t take the chance and did go the next evening. Got there close to the end of the working hours, a bit after 7 PM when it says you can pick up orders until 8 PM, because dad went somewhere that day as well and he used the metro card, so I waited for him to get back first, since it was an option and I didn’t need to walk all the way there and back. It would have been an option as well, but we could make it work this way, with him letting me know when he was getting on the metro and me ending up meeting him at the station and taking the card from him, saving the time needed for him to get here and me to get there after that. Would have still gotten there in time even without this, probably around 7:30 PM, but I’d have sure worried about it on the way.
Not that I didn’t have enough to worry about anyway, not being in the least certain that I had made the right choice. And the first thing I did once there was to go to one of the computers that customers may use and check the mouse again on their site, seeing that the discount for a new product was still the same and the date for the end of the sale hadn’t been changed again. So I at least had the option of ordering a new one if I immediately noticed something I didn’t like about the “unsealed” one, while on the other hand the discount hadn’t increased, which was a possibility if they really wanted to sell the entire stock quickly and would have likely made me choose a new one instead of the “unsealed” one anyway.
Taking that time to do that did mean that others who came in after me ended up ahead of me in line, and the person who ended up just in front of me wanted to pay cash for a large order, above the maximum amount for a cash transaction according to one infuriating law. That meant the only cashier still working at that time couldn’t get to the rest of us before figuring out a solution for him, which eventually was to move some products to another order made under someone else’s name, and when she told us to go directly to pay if we have our order number, I suddenly realized I had somehow forgotten to write it down, so I had to wait for her to finish with that guy and then ask how do I find it, ending up having to provide my phone number instead.
Once that was done, I paid and then waited for the mouse to be brought out, which actually took quite some time. Then, after checking the warranty certificate, making sure everything was in order, I took the mouse out of the box, which box was just slightly torn in one spot, and had a good look at it, noticing that it was actually really clean, not like it seemed in those pictures I had seen on the site, and I had to look carefully to spot any signs of use, in the form of some very faint scratches on the bottom. Also clicked the buttons and moved the scroll wheel a bit, finding that it all felt better than the one I had returned, but I couldn’t actually test it, since the one computer they still had there in the area supposedly for testing purchased products didn’t seem to work. It wasn’t actually off, but I only saw the CPU cooler very briefly start now and then and almost immediately stop again each time, and moving the mouse or pressing keys on the keyboard didn’t seem to have any effect, the monitor remaining in standby as well.

Was too worried about it to actually connect it to my computer that evening, but eventually managed to get myself to do so the next, after first reinstalling the software, as I had uninstalled it and cleaned up any traces of it before. Then, after updating the firmware and seeing that it had no settings somehow left from the previous owner, I imported the profiles I had made before returning the first one, made the few changes I had thought of since then, checked that everything worked as it should, then closed the software and left it closed.
Yes, there are some useful functions that only work while it’s running, but I can’t see mouse usage statistics in the software itself anymore anyway and I can get all the functions I had on the XTD with the exception of automatically switching profiles without the software running just as well, and the wheel on the AIMO makes me confident enough to set profile switching as the alternate wheel tilt function, making the lack of automatic switching only a minor nuisance. What’s more, on top of this not reducing the available number of functions, since I wasn’t using wheel tilting at all on the XTD, I actually have two more, since there is no more point in a button used to open the software, which only works while it’s running in the background, and there’s also no more need to use a button to switch to the profile that couldn’t be activated automatically. Not that I ever needed that one anyway, so I didn’t even make it again on the AIMO.
But I did say above that I checked that everything worked as it should, and by that I didn’t just mean checking that the settings applied properly. Sure, I did that as well, but I also set all buttons as left click, switching a wheel tilt to right click since you’re required to have both of those set somewhere, and then clicked hundreds of times to make sure that there are no double clicks, nor clicks that fail to register. And there were no problems, nor were there any when I scrolled up and down quite a number of times as well, through a file quickly made to make sure that each movement of the scroll wheel registers properly and scrolls the correct number of lines.
In addition, as I already stated above, the wheel does feel better, I can scroll more easily than on the one I returned without anything making me worry that I may accidentally click as I scroll or tilt as I click, as it occasionally happened on the XTD, and I’m not sure whether because the right and left buttons actually are a bit harder to press or just because I had worked out how to hold my fingers to prevent it from happening, but I have only accidentally clicked a few times ever since getting this one, while on the one I returned I just kept doing that, especially right clicking, all the time. Clicking is still just as noisy though… And the one possible, small, issue is that a part of the plastic on the right seems to move a little, which I don’t recall happening on the first one.

As for the refund for the mouse I returned, dad let me know at the start of the month that he found what should be the right amount added to his account. Apparently he just noticed some more money there and just withdrew them and likely spent them, only realizing later that they shouldn’t have been there, so I guess I’ll only get the difference, what he received above what he gave me when I asked, when he’ll get more. Either way, when he checked the balance he saw that they had been sent on January 31, but not only that I was never contacted about it, but, after getting an e-mail stating that the return request was accepted and they’ll supposedly send someone to pick up the product from me a couple of hours after making that request from the computer in the store and obviously leaving the product there, the next e-mail received from them was this Tuesday and it said that they had received the product for testing. And then it was only today that I received another e-mail, stating that the money will be sent to the account.
All’s well that ends well I guess, but I have no idea what’s going on with them. Sure seems that messages take a very long time to go through whatever system they have… Speaking of which, never did get any reply to that one I sent about the lack of a warranty certificate, but I did add another message to that support ticket after returning the first mouse, saying that it’s no longer relevant and that I returned it, also mentioning that odd e-mail received stating that they’ll send someone for a product they already had and specifying that while I had a problem with the software as well, what clearly made me decide to return the product was the fact that they couldn’t even bother to reply to an e-mail in a week and a half. So I guess whoever read that, in case anyone ever did, decided there was no need to reply anymore… Though the same person had supposedly been assigned to respond to the message I had sent to the chain that owns the one I eventually purchased the first AIMO from, in which I had asked whether extended warranty was available for this mouse, and I did eventually get a reply to that, long after sending it and after I already knew the answer, and even had the product.

That’s it for now. This sure ended up being a huge post which took me a long time to write, and it’s close to midnight anyway, so I’m definitely stopping here and leaving the more recent stuff for another time. Have a fair bit to catch up on, actually, but I’ll see whether I’ll manage to post that by the end of this week or I’ll throw something else on here as this week’s second post and leave that for even later. This second option seems more likely, but there are quite a few things to mention, plus the times for three runs that will once again end up gathered in a single post, and it won’t get any easier to write if I’ll wait even longer…


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