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Finally Finished the Sixth "Divine Empire" Scenario in Disciples

After first poking at it back in November, then dropping it and only picking it back up earlier this month, I finally finished the sixth of that series of “Divine Empire” scenarios in Disciples earlier this evening. Since I did so on turn 259, I was actually worried that something may happen when reaching turn 256, thinking of variable types, but there was no problem and I could just get it done. Now let’s see about the next, since if I do intend to finish all of these before considering the game completed and moving on, there are 15 more to go…

Speaking of games, yesterday I got Epic Pinball: The Complete Collection as my prize for entering and supporting a team in the “GOG Games”. It seems that a little over half of those who entered got games, so the chances were good but nothing was guaranteed, and the list of games that were to be given out wasn’t made available anywhere, as in not even in the news post or the forum thread about the event, which were for some reason deleted now. At least this was one of the games in the competition, albeit the oldest and cheapest one, so it made sense to be on the list, but I also saw some say they received games that weren’t played by the streamers.
Either way, I actually installed it and confirmed that I definitely played some version of it way back, as I clearly recall the first table, Android, and seem to recall Excalibur quite well as well, with Pot of Gold and Crash and Burn also seeming at least somewhat familiar, making me even more certain than I was that I did play Pack 1 at some point when I was little, somehow. At the same time, this means I played two pinball games back then, because quickly checking some videos pretty much confirmed that I did indeed play the other one I was considering while trying to figure out which one it was, namely Pinball Fantasies… Or at least that I clearly remember the second and third tables there, and the first seems quite familiar as well, even if I can’t say that the fourth also does.
Back to Epic Pinball, I guess I’ll keep it installed and poke at it a bit, on and off, at times just to be able to say I played something when I can’t get myself to, well, seriously play something. I also see that tables have rules and stages, so while the whole point is to have the highest score, at least in most cases there is a way to “complete” a table by reaching the last listed stage, meaning that if I do achieve that at some point, I’ll actually be able to list the game as completed. Highly doubt I’ll manage, or even really try, that, however, so another idea would be to list it as completed if I’ll reach a certain score on each table, and was thinking of 100 times the default “high score”. But since it’s just a silly thing I happened to receive and remember I probably played when I was a little kid, I’ll most probably just give up on it well before that too.

Speaking of games received, after grabbing it when it was free on GOG.com earlier this month, I only actually downloaded Dungeons II two days ago, and pretty much right after the download completed, my computer appeared to briefly disconnect several times, the behavior only ending after I firmly pushed both ends the cable connecting it to the switch. The thing is that I did see that LED on the switch turning off then, so the connection was clearly lost, but I still can’t figure out whether that means the LAN chipset is turning itself off and back on or there’s something with the connection, and in this latter case whether it’s the cable or one of the ports, and if so which one. Do know that I’ve experienced this behavior before, but it was just happening once or twice and then settling down without me doing anything, so it is a reason for concern.
The thing is that it was also very cold in my room then, since I do keep the window open for 30 minutes per day even during these cold days and, while I had closed it some time before that happened that day, I hadn’t turned the heater on yet. And then yesterday it happened again, even sooner after closing the window, and interestingly also after downloading Epic Pinball. It happened fewer times then though, and it just stopped without me pushing the end of the cable that goes into the computer in again, so that was more like the behavior occasionally seen before. And all of it might have actually been caused by problems with the connection, likely due to the weather, since last evening I started losing Internet access, first very briefly, around 6:20 PM, then more and more until, some four hours later, the very brief moments, actually lasting mere seconds, where those when it worked. It got better after that though, and after 3 AM, when I got back here after eating, I didn’t notice any more problems of any kind, whether last night or today.
One possibility is that, whenever this happens, the LAN chipset is turning itself off and back on to try to see whether that fixes a problem it detects with the connection, whether it’s due to the cable not connecting properly here or caused by something farther down the line. But the odd thing is that, whether this happens on its own or I unplug the cable or turn off the switch, I get the same entry in event logs, and the first time it appears is on September 14, 2016, which is obviously not the first time I disconnected the computer. However, that’s when I noticed problems apparently caused by the LAN chipset as well, after installing those updates that had caused my computer to stop adjusting the fan speeds according to CPU temperature, and which led to me taking it to be checked and getting it back with just a BIOS update, though that did indeed seem to fix the obvious issues noticed then. But those updates quite certainly changed something, or likely broke something, and another reason why I’m saying this is that I just noticed one other odd entry in event logs, not seeming to be connected to this and also listed as just an information, but first appearing that day as well.

Otherwise, did run last week after all, Friday, and the time was 48:22, with sector times of 4:16, 5:12, 5:56, 4:31, 5:05, 5:58, 4:30, 5:12, 5:58 and 1:44, making for lap times of 15:24, 15:34 and 15:40. I again only meant to stay under 49 minutes, but after seeing that very fast first sector I thought it’d be too much of a pity to waste it, so I eventually pushed more and managed to stay under 48:30 again. This cold snap means I’m definitely skipping this week though, but since the week ends in March, it means I actually got through the calendar winter without my buffer reducing at all. Obviously, that’s mainly because we didn’t actually get a real winter here until now, but I also did go for 16 kilometers the one previous time when the conditions were too poor for a good time on ten.

Still about last Friday, since dad also got some bread for me that day, after running I just went to try to return the copy of Good Omens to the Library, since the last day was Monday and I definitely didn’t want to be going out again then. However, since I didn’t check the site before leaving, I didn’t see the message stating that the branch in question was going to close at 4 PM instead of 8 PM that day, so I got there around 7 PM and stopped in front of a closed gate. Fortunately I could return the book the next day, so didn’t have to go out so far this week after all, and that evening wasn’t a complete waste either because I made a detour on the way back and got the potatoes dad said he didn’t get himself, plus some discounted carrots. I was still unhappy about coming back with the book though, and also about dad spending way more on the cornmeal and mushrooms, and also a little more on the soap, that he got compared to the prices I had seen elsewhere.

Oh, I actually forgot to mention that I attended Sunday’s protest, but there’s the previous post for that and there’s little to say that wasn’t already included there. Could use the metro card, so left just before 6 PM and by 6:25 PM I was among those who had already gathered by then, and after that I pretty much wandered around, took some pictures and left at 8:15 PM, when it was clear that numbers were dropping even though some were only just arriving. So I was back well in time to watch the Romanian Eurovision final, and actually agreed with the winners, though there’s one other song, which didn’t even make it into the final, that I might have otherwise preferred.


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