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At Least I Ran Today, Albeit Embarrassingly Slowly

This was an embarrassing time, but after skipping the previous two weeks, the first due to the weather and the second due to the flu, I decided to go for it today despite obviously being quite far from recovered. The reported temperature was up to 18°C, but there was some wind, more than I expected after looking at the forecast, and also a fair number of people in the park. But the main problem was how I was feeling, weak and out of breath, at times a bit nauseous and not even thinking well enough to calculate the proper paths around others. Plus that I had to stop for a bit to cough and try to spit crap out just after passing the bridge at the start of lap three, ending up with the crap clinging to my face and then on my hand after wiping it off, stopping again to wipe the hand on a tree, and then on another, after I noticed I still had a bit left.
The time was 54:29, with sector times of 4:45, 5:42, 6:32, 5:00, 5:39, 6:42, 5:20, 5:54, 6:48 and 2:07, making for lap times of 16:59, 17:21 and 18:02. This was the fourth slowest run over this distance and the third slowest through the park, since the slowest one overall was back in March of 2016, on the track, early in the morning, on very little sleep. The previous slower run over this distance through the park was that one from February last year when, on top of the cold and the snow and muck and puddles on the ground, I was first stopped by someone who asked me what time I was covering a lap in and then briefly stopped again to pick up some money I saw, which then somehow flew out of my pocket before finishing. So that leaves a single slower run over this distance through the park when the conditions weren’t very difficult, and that’s the very first one, back in October of 2015.
Other than that, after February of 2017, the last time I went over 52 minutes was in March of 2017, the last time I went over 51 minutes was in April of 2017, when I was also just recovering from a cold and had problems along the route as well, then I last failed to get under 50 minutes in July and last failed to get under 49 minutes in August. In fact, the last time I failed to stay under 48:30 was on January 1, on about an hour and a half of sleep and needing to somehow find my way through all the people filling the route. Even after the last cold, back in November, I managed a 48:43 which sure seemed nice under the circumstances. But now there was just no way to do better…

Still, it is something either way, perhaps even more so considering the sort of panic I was in last evening, after seeing how much blood I kept spitting out each time. It seems much better today, but last evening it sure didn’t and I thought that whatever had made me think I was recovering had been a false impression, because something was obviously still seriously wrong somewhere and it may cause other things to get worse as well. Not that I’m sure that’s not the case, it’s even possible that pushing myself as much as I did today will cause problems, but what I spat out so far today wasn’t red anymore, and that in itself is a huge improvement over the past several days.
Then again, it can be said that I pushed just a little yesterday as well, since I needed bread and yogurt and went to Auchan, to get those and other things as well. Did take the free bus they provide both ways, to spare myself as much as possible, but it still meant going out, being around people, and also sprinting just a little to catch that bus to get back, since I got out with moments to spare.
And speaking of yesterday, since I ended up going there with the bus that passes by here around 12:50 PM and the stop is right in front of the school, I waited rather awkwardly, trying to find myself a spot a bit away from all the parents waiting and children coming out. And as I was waiting I noticed some other guy who seemed to be out of place there, despite the rather “cool” look, and also noticed him walking away apparently without any child. Then, a bit later, shortly before the bus finally came, he came from behind and meant to hand me a 5 RON bill, prompting me to ask him why and then refuse when he told me to just take it. He seemed a bit confused that I didn’t want it, but rather shrugged it off and walked away, leaving me quite confused as well. And I had even shaved the previous evening and I don’t think any of my clothes were dirty or torn this time around, so I don’t think I looked like a beggar. But maybe he had just decided to do a good thing and had more or less randomly selected me as the recipient and I messed up his plans. But maybe he found someone who needed the money more, if he didn’t give up on the idea of giving them to someone.

I guess I’ll stop here, leaving the nasty period and also the several days before it for some other time, assuming I’ll get around to it. Since I still need a second post this week, I may try to cover at least some part of that tomorrow, to again avoid a Sunday update, though it seems particularly difficult at the moment. But now there is a chance, while it would have been impossible according to the original plan, as I had signed up to volunteer at the Botanical Garden again on the 17th, but I just sent a message earlier this evening to say I won’t be coming, and will be skipping this “Spring Cleaning” completely, since I already signed up to plant trees on the 24th, assuming I’ll be feeling well enough then at least. Should be planting trees twice though, if all goes well, since this is something different, organized by an NGO and, actually, Auchan, while the group organizing the events I attended in 2017 and 2016 scheduled their events on April 14 this time around.


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