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Picnic Kit, Broken Food Processor, Micky Again in My Room

Starting directly, I’ll just quickly mention that I went out to buy a few things on March 2, 5 and 7. Left early on March 7 and it was already clear when I woke up that something was seriously wrong, but at first I dismissed it as perhaps something caused by getting so little sleep, not that it’s not likely that the lack of sleep had something to do with ending up with this bad flu anyway, knowing that the immune system is hurt by not getting enough sleep.
But this post won’t be about the flu, so I’ll sort of try to write around it and mention the other things, and since I got to March 7, that means the next on the list is receiving the “picnic set” won last month. Somehow didn’t hear my phone ring while I was shopping that day even though it was in my pocket, so I only noticed the SMS and the missed call later and actually called the delivery guy myself while on the way back, thinking there may still be a chance to have it delivered that day, but he told me that my dad had already answered the door and everything was fine even if I hadn’t been there personally. Then again, doubt I’d have received it myself either way, as I’d have likely been asleep at that time if I wouldn’t have gone out that early. But all’s well that ends well, and while I find little use for the plastic plates and glasses in the set and am not keen on the cutlery, since it all has plastic handles, or the small plastic cutting board, some use may be found for them at some point. The most useful, on the other hand, will be the backpack it all came in, as I think dad will start using it at some point, maybe sooner rather than later, seeming just like what he wanted for some time.

I guess the next thing to mention should have taken place on March 9, when dad was leaving and someone was supposed to come to read the electricity meter. He had told me that the note on the building door said the person will come after 5 PM, or maybe 5:30 PM, but somebody rang the doorbell around 11:50 AM, just when he was out for a little while to buy a few more things for me, before actually leaving for those few days. Not sure whether that was a first attempt or it was someone else, as the note definitely didn’t mention that the person will try in the morning as well, but at the same time it apparently didn’t mention 5 PM either, because I still found it on the building door when I went out on Sunday and it said 7 PM to 8 PM, so I’m not sure what dad saw. But what he told me was all I had to work with, so despite being completely crushed by the flu, I tried to stay awake after 5 PM and wait for that person, struggling not to fall back to sleep until around 7 PM, obviously all for nothing. Whether the person tried to come later, at the time that was actually listed, or not, I have no idea, but she did come again at the start of this week, after dad got back, both earlier and later during that day, and he was finally here and able to open the door that evening.

While all of this was going on, I read League of Dragons, starting on March 3 and planning to finish in a week, but eventually ending up not reading anything on March 9 and finishing it on March 10. Was something to do in bed during those last few days, when I could at least do that much, and I just wanted to cry after finishing it, being left without that as well, but of course I can’t cry while alone.
Did order The Lady of the Lake, but I’m not sure I actually want to read that, knowing how it ends, and either way I wasn’t told that I can come pick it up even now, not that I could have done so any earlier. The thing is that there’s a science fiction and fantasy book fair next weekend and the store I ordered it from will be there, making me wonder whether I may find it cheaper there, and how much of an asshole would I be if I’ll wait even if they will let me know I can pick it up earlier and cancel the order and get it from there if so. Or, if it won’t be cheaper, whether I’ll be able to pick it up from there at the price I ordered it at, so I won’t make another trip later.

Moving on, my computer tends to have issues whenever I’m in a particularly bad mood or sick and now was no different. As such, Saturday night after eating, so actually in the early hours of Sunday, I noticed that the mouse sounded and felt like it was scratching on the pad. It still does so even now, so I’m not sure what’s going on, but that night I kept trying to figure it out and at one point, pretty much just as I was giving up, the pointer jumped on the screen. I wasn’t moving the mouse at that moment, but I just saw the pointer suddenly jump quite some distance to the right, which obviously worried me. Can’t say I noticed it happening again since and I guess it is possible that a hair or some piece of dirt had caused it at that moment, but I’m obviously worried that it was a sign of some actual problem, which would hardly be surprising.

I did mention above that I went out on Sunday, and that wasn’t in spite of, but actually just because I was so sick, since I went to a pharmacy to get some pills Alma had told me she had taken and helped. Dad had left me some more money and I still had a little bit as well, so I just got dressed and went out the door a few minutes after 9 AM and got back pretty much exactly one hour later, with the pills and one yogurt picked up from a supermarket that’s right next to that pharmacy.
Got there well enough, despite noticing a few times that I wasn’t exactly walking in a straight line and getting quite dizzy for just a moment at one point, when I turned rather quickly to look at a sign on a tree, somebody looking for their lost bird. The way back was more of a problem, as I really wasn’t feeling well anymore and had started to not see well either at some point, but I didn’t have long to go by then and managed to get back well enough. Felt very bad about having spent so much though, and that only got worse as time passed and I could think about it, even though what I bought proved very useful and likely necessary and that pharmacy tends to be a whole lot cheaper than others most of the time.

Getting to this week, Tuesday dad was cooking a few different dishes, and he decided to use the food processor for one, though I definitely can’t figure out why, since the idea would have pretty much been to do the same thing to those beans as one would do to make mashed potatoes, meaning that the same utensil should have likely been used. But, like I said, he decided to use the food processor, and I actually got out of bed to see what was going on when I heard the noise for a few seconds the first time, asking whether he had washed it properly and made sure that nothing was spilling. Then I got back to bed, yet got back up very soon, as after hearing the noise for a couple more seconds the power went out, a circuit breaker reacting to what was likely a short caused by the food processor, which wouldn’t turn on again after that.
He said he might have pushed it too hard, the beans requiring more power than the motor could deliver, but I asked whether it wasn’t wet, and he realized that indeed it was, pretty much all over. So I guess that’s gone now, and while it was quite old and usually only used by my mother, it’ll be hard to find anything that reliable anymore, at least among the affordable ones. But at least I spared the mixer from what might have been a similar fate, as dad wanted to use that next, but I persuaded him to just use the utensil and leave any appliances where they were.

As for Wednesday, it was already evening when I managed to crawl out of bed, did some laundry, made myself something to eat, but hadn’t actually started eating when dad came and started searching for Micky all over the house, since he couldn’t find her right away and she did slip past him before, or ended up left on the balcony or, actually rather recently, in a wardrobe that she couldn’t get out of until he got back. Since she didn’t seem to be anywhere, he went out and started looking through the building while I continued to look around the apartment… Only to find her when I got back to my room and noticed a lump under the sheet and the blanket that’s under it, as she had buried herself there, sitting right on the mattress, under everything.
I have absolutely no clue when or how did she manage to slip past me and get in here that evening, but there she was, so I picked her up and went out as well, waiting for dad to get back and pointing her to him as he seemed quite desperate. Don’t know what she did while in my room though, but at least my computer didn’t report having been disconnected again, so either she didn’t crawl behind it again or at least did so more carefully and didn’t move that cable that way again, and things weren’t thrown out of the bottom part of my bookcase either, which happened before when she somehow slipped in here without me noticing until much later. Still wondering whether there may be consequences I just haven’t noticed yet, but at least so far it doesn’t look like she caused any problems.


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