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Not Planting Trees, Running or Watching Formula 1 Live, Plus a Wasted Trip

To start with today, I didn’t plant trees, since the event I had signed up for was postponed due to the weather. It was rather windy earlier this week, but otherwise we got some pretty nice winter weather now, with a fair layer of snow as well, especially yesterday, though today it started melting a little already and rains are coming next, so it’ll be nasty for the next few days, before temperatures should get to around 15°C, and then even 20°C. So I hope they’ll reschedule it for next Saturday, though it’ll be on rather short notice since they didn’t say anything by now, because otherwise it’ll end up on April 14, since they quite clearly won’t schedule it for the (Orthodox) Easter weekend, and that’s when the other one I’m already signed up for is scheduled, so I’ll have to choose.
The weather also meant I didn’t run this week either, so I just have last week’s embarrassingly slow run to show for four weeks now. Assuming I kept track correctly, I still have a buffer of three, so that’s not the problem, but not running for so long will certainly make it very hard to get a decent time when I will run again, and I really should cover a half marathon distance the week after the next, which will be quite difficult under these circumstances. And another problem is that, according to the forecast, it’ll continue to be windy even if the temperature will be a lot higher and there should be a fair number of days without rain. But I’ll see what I’ll manage and when, I guess.

Back to today, the qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix was this morning, but I didn’t wake up to watch it and I won’t be waking up for the race tomorrow either. Did end up watching a recording of the qualifying earlier, when I just did a quick search and found it uploaded and not taken down yet, but I didn’t even actually plan to do that and probably won’t look that hard for the race if I won’t also find it so quickly.
I’ve been following Formula 1 since the first half of the ’90s. I believe the first season that was on TV here was the 1992 one, and I watched that, then seem to remember that the season after it wasn’t so I didn’t watch it, know that I did watch the 1994 season, and after that I definitely kept watching the races and the qualifying, with few exceptions. There were the last races of I believe the 2002 season which I think I didn’t watch and didn’t even really think about much, and then some, not sure how many, from the 2003 and 2004 seasons that took place when I was at Andra’s and overlapped something she or someone else really wanted to watch on TV, before getting the TV tuner, though then I tried to follow some commentary or timing at least. Other than that, just a few that I had to give up on due to circumstances outside my control, such as, until around 2000, being taken on some trip by my parents, or the storm from 2011, when I already had to look for streams on-line. But now I actually sat and thought about it and realized I don’t care enough to risk it anymore.
Sure, if it’d be on a TV channel I’d get, I’d keep watching live, including the races that require me to wake up early, though of course I was already prepared to give up on today’s qualifying when I signed up to plant trees, before that event was postponed. But since I need to look for streams, haven’t checked the site I knew for the past few months, so don’t know whether it still exists or whether it still works or how, and I’m more and more worried about malware or other threats on such sites, now I’d have needed to conclude that I really did still care enough about Formula 1 to go through the trouble and, as I sat in bed last evening, realized that I did not. If I’ll keep finding recordings easily, fine. If not, so be it.

Still on the topic of today, went out to have a look at a science fiction and fantasy fair, and actually meant to specifically look for the books I believe I could have purchased from there last year but was likely too sleepy to realize it until I had already left, plus the third and last one in that series, released since then. Still strange, looking for something by a Romanian author, but it seems it could be interesting, and Alma also actually knows her, which was how she was first brought to my attention, and her publisher was there again, and again had 50% discounts on everything, but didn’t have her books. Was actually ready to accept a lower discount, even though those two books that I believe I saw there last year were 50% off then, had enough money set aside specifically for this to afford all three even if they’d have only been about a third off, but after looking twice I even asked the people there whether that was all they had, which prompted a rather surprised reaction from them, and then specifically whether they had anything by her. Since they didn’t and I didn’t find anything else particularly interesting either, I left without buying anything, just once again making a mental note of liking the crowd.
Didn’t want the trip to be a complete waste though, so I took quite a detour on the way back, checking out a farmers’ market to see whether I could find any more cheap apples, despite the weather. There was no chance of that, however, since there was nobody selling outside and, while I had specifically chosen to go to that one instead of the larger one that I could have also reached and walked back here from faster just because there’s plenty of space indoors as well, there weren’t many selling inside either and only one or two had fruit, and they were very expensive. As a result, not wanting the trip to be a waste only resulted in it being significantly longer and still a waste.

Before ending this, I’ll also quickly mention that I finished the seventh “Divine Empire” scenario in Disciples Sunday night after eating, so in the early hours of Monday, and then the eighth as well, starting it on Wednesday and finishing it that very night after eating, so in the early hours of Thursday. Not that this would be an important thing to mention when I left out Monday’s wasted trip and Thursday’s mess, but I guess I’ll get to those in a post I’ll write next week, because I’m watching a match now and there’s way too much to write for me to think I’ll manage to finish after the match but before midnight, to avoid posting this on Sunday.
One last thing that I will mention is that the match also means I won’t be turning everything off for Earth Hour this time around though. Remember doing so in the past even though there were matches scheduled during it then as well, and I have The Lady of the Lake that I could start to read by candlelight, like I did three years ago with Fevre Dream, but now the truth is that, while I don’t particularly want to watch this friendly match so much, it offers me an excuse not to turn off the computer, as I keep worrying that something may happen even if I just reboot, dreading it whenever I need to do so, usually only when I must install updates that require it, and turning it off completely would make me worry even more and I won’t do it if it’s not necessary.


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