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Quick Review: MILA 2.0: Origins: The Fire

This is a strange choice, to add a preview of the first actual book in the series consisting of its first no less than seven chapters, out of 40, after a very short story. It makes it difficult to decide what to comment on, but I’ll go with the whole package just as it is and say it doesn’t have much going for it. The writing’s all right, I guess, but the short story doesn’t actually seem to say much, generating more confusion than anything else, and that preview actually needs to be this long to get to the first possibly interesting bit. For six and a half chapters, there’s nothing there but some silly teen drama, and I’d actually emphasize the “silly” part, with a trace of past tragedy and just a few hints of something a bit more interesting. And those hints may be too little, too much, or simply pointless either way, since the reader already knows what the main character is, whether from the end of the short story or simply from the description.

Rating: 2/5


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