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Not About the UPS…

It’s been over a week since my last post and my computer’s still not protected by the UPS, though I do have it here at the moment. But I’ll write about that when the whole mess will be sorted out somehow, so I’ll leave anything else about it out of this post and just mention the few other things I did during this period, starting with the fact that I finished two more of those “Divine Empire” scenarios in Disciples. Started number 13 on May 25, played until the game crashed, actually after a good moment that got lost as a result, then played some more that night and finished it the next day. And number 14 was a relatively quick one, started and finished on May 28. Since the goal there was to destroy some enemies on the map, the hard part was finding them, and I actually explored everything, a lot of it with summoned illusions, without spotting those enemies, only finally doing so after having another very careful look after it was clear that they couldn’t be in any area that wasn’t yet revealed. Then I just used spells and summoned creatures to take care of them right away.

On May 29 I went to Auchan, also taking the plastic bottles that had gathered, which actually was a bit of a problem, since there was a lot of wind and I put them in that large bag, meaning I had something large and light for the wind to push as I walked. Dad had asked me to get some more cat food, of the other kind, and one more thing for him, so I grabbed those as well, seeing that the actual price for the cat food was a bit more than what was listed on the shelf. But it was quickly proven again that at Auchan these really seem to be mistakes, since I checked the price for corn puffs as well, seeing that the price had increased a fair bit, and those were a bit less than what was listed. Didn’t buy any corn puffs though, but did get some more cucumbers from the other farmer’s market, as I passed through it on the way back. Had left Auchan in between the free buses, with some 20 minutes before the next one, so that was why I walked back as well, taking the opportunity to pass through there. The wind was still a bit of an issue, the worst moment being just as I left, when a gust actually made it somewhat difficult to even walk.
After dropping everything off back here, I went out again, also taking the plastic, metal and glass to drop off on the way to Kaufland, and the plastic bags and wrappings to leave there. But couldn’t find the place to drop off glass anymore, so I ended up just leaving those bottles and jars in a bag at Kaufland, next to the place where I dropped off the plastic bags and wrappings. Then grabbed some more of the cat food that was on sale there, since it was the last day of that sale and this made the amount dad had to give me exactly 20 RON. Also got some tofu that was discounted due to expiring relatively soon, even if that actually only means June 8. Gave the cashier 50.21 RON when the total price was 10.22 RON, since those were all the coins I had, but she accepted it and gave me 40 RON back. She had I think 0.07 RON left there by the person before me, who complained that the listed price of one item was I believe 3 RON less but accepted to pay anyway.

The next day’s main event had to do with the UPS, but since I said I’ll leave that for another post, what I’ll mention here is that I went to Cora before going to that store, getting some bread from there this time. And went to the Cora next to that cheap farmers’ market, since I had the metro card, but didn’t go to the market as well, thinking it’ll be strange enough to go with a full bag of bread to the battery store. Interestingly, at Cora I got charged for “black” bread instead of whole wheat, so a third less, but since you pick this up on your own and put it in a bag, the cashier then determining what to charge for just by looking at it, it’s possible that the guy identified what I got correctly. I did take it from the spot with the whole wheat label, but now that I ate some of it I must say it does seem closer to the “black” one than to the whole wheat one I usually get from Auchan, so it’s also possible for the label on that part of the shelf to have been wrong. Either way, that bread sure is big, and the bags they provide are too small for it, so if I didn’t want to leave a part of it out of the bag I had to use two for each.
Then, on the way back from the battery store, so carrying both the UPS and the bread, I went to this farmers’ market as well, wandering around a fair bit, mainly looking for green onions and maybe also green garlic and not finding any I particularly liked at the price I wanted. So the only thing I got was another lettuce of that kind I prefer now, but I think that when I did that I lost the larger plastic bag I had with me, as it probably fell out of my pocket when I took the other one out. Realized it after leaving and actually went back to look for it, but it obviously wasn’t there anymore and I couldn’t get myself to ask anybody. Though this was by far the smaller issue, adding it on top of the mess with the battery just about made me just stop on the street and sit down. Felt like crying, didn’t know whether I’d have been able to, but it was too hard to even walk anymore. Almost considered sending dad a message to ask him to come pick me up, but eventually pushed through, step by step.
When I finally got back here, I learned about the Constitutional Court’s decision, which clearly meant there were going to be protests. In the end, there were far fewer people in Victory Square that evening than anyone thought, about 2000, but while I did mean to go at first, even if only to see what was going on and take some pictures, I just couldn’t get myself to be among people again after what had happened that day. Did have a look the next evening, on the way back from the book fair, but just got to the area at 8:30 PM and left five minutes later, as the number of participants was only in the hundreds and nothing relevant seemed to be happening. Now let’s see what the weekend will bring, though at the moment I think people are waiting to see what the President will actually do.

As for yesterday, I first went to run, the time being 48:21, with sector times of 4:23, 4:59, 6:00, 4:28, 5:07, 5:49, 4:44, 5:10, 5:53 and 1:48, making for lap times of 15:22, 15:24 and 15:47. The exact time for the first lap’s second sector was actually 4:58.83, but I’ll just do what I usually do, only looking at the seconds, and add it to the growing list of times of 4:59 on that sector. That’s not even in the top five anymore anyway.
Really wanted to run that day because there was supposed to be little wind, and days with little wind are very hard to find lately, but it was quite hot and there actually were a few gusts that bothered me as well. Nothing like what I had to deal with before, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be, and I’m actually unhappy with the time considering the effort I made, really having to push. Thought it was all fine after that fast third sector of lap two, but I guess I pushed too much then and lost even more time on the third lap’s first sector than I had gained, without realizing that I had slowed down, so I had to really give everything from then on in order to at least stay under 48:30. The fact that a shoelace was coming undone and I had to take a few seconds to tighten it right after that, at the start of the third lap’s second sector, definitely didn’t help either.

After coming back, I spent some time on-line, then left again, to go to the book fair. Actually wasted a bit too much time around here, even if that was in part due to waiting to see whether I’ll get a reply about that battery, so I already knew time may be a problem when I left, at 4:50 PM, yet once I got there I first had a look at some international food fair that’s also taking place these days just outside, on the way, and also at what were presented as exotic birds that were in some cages at the end of that area. Most of those birds were chickens of all sorts of breeds, including a few that did have a pretty unusual look and a few quite huge roosters, at least one of them really not seeming to feel well, probably due to the heat. But there were a few other kinds of birds as well, and also a few rabbits.
Finally entered the book fair at 6:05 PM and started wandering around very methodically, wanting to look at everything even though there were only a few places that could actually interest me. That worked until I covered just about half the area, perhaps a little bit more than that, and I checked the time and saw that it was 7:15 PM already. At that point, knowing the fair was closing at 8 PM that day, I gave up on looking at everything and rushed to the other side, starting from there and making my way back, mainly looking for anything else I could actually be interested in, no longer paying much attention to anything else. Somewhat oddly, since you’d think they’d want to make use of every minute they have since they paid for that spot, some were already closing then. And I also got a bit confused while wandering around like that, so I needed to go back, passed through some parts multiple times and only found one spot just before leaving, for example. But I didn’t find anything else interesting anyway.
Since I hadn’t found the store I used to buy from, even though they had been there in previous years, nor this publisher that focuses on Romanian fantasy books, I actually went to an info point before leaving, to check the map and the list and make sure I really did go everywhere and those really were not participating, then walked out at 7:48 PM, having purchased nothing. Did find a few places with fantasy books in English, obviously including the guest country’s area, as this year that’s the United States, but not anything I really wanted to get, while the one participating Romanian publisher that has something I may be interested in had small discounts, as they usually do at this fair, and I can find some of those books for less at an on-line store even now. But at least I was left completely alone, nobody asking me what I wanted or trying to give me any offers or to get me to sign up for anything. Quite sure that, at least in a few places, one of those selling books in English in particular, I had the fact that I kept my headphones on and music playing on my phone to thank for that.
Other than that, spotted a number of known people there, and by that I mean writers or people known from TV, and did think it was somewhat strange that there were multiple stages, with their own sound systems, so even though the place was large there could be issues for the speakers and those trying to just listen to one, especially when you also add the smaller events taking place at various publishers. But otherwise I ignored all of that, the only exception being when I spotted Remus Cernea and actually wanted to greet the guy and say I was sorry to hear about him breaking up with his girlfriend, as he recently posted a long message announcing that, a message revealing feelings and a state of mind I could definitely relate to. But just when I noticed him, he stopped to talk to a little girl who was alone, likely to ask whether she was lost, and when she ran away from him he chased after her, moving away from me and to an area I had already checked, where I saw him stop and talk to a woman. So I just kept going and didn’t spot him again.


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