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About the "Talk About Suicide" and "Suicide Prevention" Bandwagon…

All these recent articles and posts about needing to talk about suicide or, worse, about “suicide prevention”, made me post an angry message on Facebook yesterday morning. Not anything I haven’t said many, many times before, but it seems it needs to be said time and time again, so let me just have another look over that message, clean it up a bit and post it here as well. Note that “cleaning it up” does not involve removing certain words that for some reason bother some people; those express the anger and the frustration felt and therefore have every reason to be there.

Keep your damned canned lines, and lies, to your own damned selves! Yes, I’m referring to “it gets better”, “it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem”, “there’s so much to live for”, “life is wonderful”, “think of the suffering you’d leave behind”, and any other shitty justification of your fucking survival instinct and/or senseless optimism, or any other product of the brainwashing meant to make people accept the shit this society and all the assholes and morons who make and keep it as it is throw their way. Swallow any potential comments about selfishness or cowardice, or any guilt-tripping, and may you fucking choke on them! And speaking of selfishness, what does it make you when you’re trying to force those you claim to care about to continue suffering in this world and in this life as it is just so you won’t miss them?
Want to help? Want to “prevent”? Really? Then create a world, a society, where life will truly be worth living for those who care and feel and think things through, for those who don’t see the current one as worth living in, considering their views and desires, not yours. And if this is about a particular person, make that person’s life worth living, according to their views and desires, not yours. Listen to what they consider to be the problems, take away what ails or haunts them, give them what they’re missing. And if you can’t do that, shut the hell up! Instead, maybe just listen, maybe offer what comfort the person in question is willing to receive from you, if you can do that without spewing any of that fucking accursed shit!
And to return to the cowardice crap, there was a saying: He who thinks of suicide proves that he’s a coward; he who committed suicide proved that he was brave. The cowards are those who most of the time find few real reasons to live, and who at least occasionally have reasons to actually want to die, or at least to cease to exist, yet are still around. And even more so those who would find themselves in that situation if only they’d stop to really think about it, yet don’t even do that, instead accepting and adopting that brainwashing and that rationalization of the basic survival instinct. If you’d take a moment to run things through your own damned minds, maybe you’ll find that you’re the cowards. I know I am, and that cowardice isn’t a reason why I might end things, but the only reason why I’m still here.


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