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A Lot of Mold, a T-Shirt Turned Pink and Repeated Update Issues

Another case of having a choice between pushing to finish reading and somehow getting myself to post something, but this time decided on the post, though this meant wasting hours struggling to even get started, hours during which I could have finished the book. But I’m not quite ready to write the quick review for that, not even sure of the rating, and there isn’t that much to include in a personal post now, so I should manage to throw something on here, just to say I have a first post this week.

Saturday night I looked at the pumpkin seeds I had set to dry on the top of the kitchen cabinet and saw a mass of mold. The bigger problem, however, is the fact that, during the week or so they had been there, the mold had grown to quite an aggressive mass, making its way through the paper placed under the seeds and the old calendar sheets that were under that, and taking hold on the top of the cabinet itself. Now I have set pumpkin seeds to dry there before without anything of the sort happening, but there was one clear difference now, and possibly two. The difference I’m uncertain about has to do with the paper I put on top of the seeds, which now was waxed as well, while before it may not have been. But the clear difference was that I didn’t wash them a bit before putting them there, recalling that my mother told me I shouldn’t, because they’ll get too wet and take too long to dry, when she saw me do that before and deciding to try it her way once. This obviously meant that they were a lot less wet, but also that they had a lot more nutrients on them instead of mostly water, and that what was on them needed more time to dry out while water would just evaporate. And if you add the waxed paper placed on top as well, making it harder for moisture to escape…

Checked whether we still had some of that spray against mold, but seems like it was all used by now and I didn’t go look for something else just yet on Sunday, instead taking that day as well to recover a bit more after the run, especially since I’m getting increasingly worried about my left ankle, which holds but does feel a bit weird, and where I noticed some sort of bump left where I had that bruise after hitting myself at that protest a month before. Did finally glue my headphones one more time that day though, after noticing some days before that the left side was coming loose again. The right one is partially loose too, but just on one side and I didn’t care to pry it apart in order to glue that one again just yet, especially since the glue I still have is old and I wasn’t sure it was going to hold. Actually didn’t seem to hold at first, but eventually it did harden and it seems fine at the moment.

Monday I did go out though, looking for some spray against mold that wasn’t based on chlorine, since that’s not recommended for such situations. Also took out the recyclables, except the paper, on my way to Kaufland and Carrefour, including some I had to take to that place at Kaufland. All of those sprays I found at either were based on chlorine though, so that was of no use. But I went to Auchan after that and found one, a single one, based on something else there, so I bought that, along with a watermelon which may well be the last one for this year and two cabbages, spending almost all I had left. Saw that the recycling machine from there was finally fixed and considered coming back for at least a part of the many plastic bottles gathered first, but gave up on that idea.

As for yesterday, when I did the laundry I decided to put that white t-shirt with green sleeves that I have with the colored stuff, since it may be old but my mother kept saying the green came out a lot and dad had some shirts there that shouldn’t be risked that way. Was thinking it won’t be that much of a problem if it’ll come out a little gray or blue, but failed to consider the fact that dad also had two red things there, and the color apparently comes out of one of them a lot, because what I pulled out was a pink t-shirt with green sleeves. And it’s very noticeably pink. Tried to rinse it a bit more, in the sink, with the shower, but that didn’t seem to help much… And that was the main t-shirt I went out in, since I’d rather keep the one with blue sleeves as the “good” one and the third one I go out in is old and a bit torn in a couple of places, so I’d rather mainly use it for running and maybe going to the farmers’ market. But it is what it is, and summer is over now, so I may put those t-shirts away until next year soon enough.

I’m more concerned about what happened last evening though, when I installed this month’s Windows updates and that issue that first appeared last month, getting a black screen instead of the desktop, with just the mouse pointer visible and the message that conhost.exe had crashed, repeated itself. So probably nothing to do with Emsisoft, unless that messed up attempt to delete a test file that was no longer there on reboot last time caused some issue with lasting effects, and also nothing to do with Comodo Firewall losing its HIPS settings and possibly blocking something, since it didn’t lose them again now. The most likely culprit therefore remain .NET updates, since there was one this time as well, and I do seem to remember a console window just flashing on screen for the blink of an eye after .NET updates before, so maybe for some reason that won’t work anymore, and it may mess with something else requiring the console, like the Intel video driver, which loads through a .bat file. But I’m just guessing… And wondering whether that means .NET updates haven’t been installing properly now after all… And whether at least the solution of pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and rebooting normally from there will continue working. Also tried to just log off and back on this time, without rebooting again, and it just happened again, so that reboot is required to fix it, but what if someday even that won’t work anymore?


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