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Internet Cable Cut Again and 42 Kilometers in Three Runs over Five Days

Last Monday I was woken up by a call, the phone saying it was missed at 9:49 AM, and I decided to get up then, but it was about 1 PM when I finally left to take the keyboard to be fixed under warranty. And then I had a problem on the way, since dad’s metro card apparently didn’t work anymore. Seems like it had worked for him that morning, but when I tried to use it I just got an error, so after trying several times a guard came to see what was going on and I showed it to him, he saw it was valid until October 14 and he let me through, while on the way back the guard from the other station told me to show it to the woman in the booth, who checked it and opened the gate for me. The problem is that I’ll need to use it on its very last day to get to the marathon and back and needing to deal with guards then sure makes me wary… Especially when those here already know dad and that he needs to have them let him through and they may have questions, plus that the text on it was already fading then, so not sure how clear it’ll still be on that last day.
But I guess that’s an issue for then, while this first part of the post was supposed to be about the keyboard, which I did drop off without issues. There were two other people there, so both of those taking products under warranty were busy and I had to wait outside for a while, but they both finished at about the same time, I was the only one left and didn’t have to say much of anything. Did quickly specify that the main problem now was with the space bar and also mentioned wondering about that issue with Ctrl+Shift+Esc, but had printed everything on the back of the invoice and the person there read that quite carefully and also accessed the messages I had exchanged with them before taking it there, and just copied the first message I had sent on the service request. Seems like the very end of it didn’t fit, but what’s important is there, and until I’ll get that back the old one is doing its job well enough. It’s really filthy though, and it took a bit to get used to the much lower keys and a space bar that’s easy to press again, but within a day or two it was just fine, so when I’ll get that one back I’ll need to get used to it all over again, and that will likely take a fair bit longer.

The next day things got really unpleasant though. Woke up at 10 AM, went to pee, then quickly glanced at something on-line before getting back to bed. And I apparently did that just in time, because the last successful connection I saw in logs was at 10:17 AM, with the first failed one at 10:40 AM, so at some point between those two times my cable was cut, since after waking up I saw I had no signal at all anymore. As I immediately suspected, the culprits were the workers working on the next building, who thought it got in their way and just cut it. Worse, dad called the guy from the network I’m in after he got back and was told he’ll be called when there will be something to say about sorting the matter out, but there was no other word that day, not even to reply to the message dad sent around 10 PM. So I spent the day playing quite a lot, including getting back to Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic.
Even worse news came the next day, when the guy called dad and told him he had spoken to the workers and they told him that for as long as they’ll work there, which will be months, was even over a year in some cases, the cable will remain cut and nobody but them will have access to that area. He said he’ll try to figure out some other solution, but what was interesting was that the other two people dad knows to be in the same network and having cables coming this way from that building had no problem, so only ours had been cut. Seems like the guy couldn’t do anything for us that day though, so I kept playing more Age of Wonders, though it was starting to get choppy, that bug that causes that and eventually makes it keep shutting down without even a crash message and finally no longer start at all as more time passes since the last reboot starting to kick in. But I finished the first scenario from the Dark Elf campaign that day, rather accidentally, in the way it’s meant to be finished, though I had pushed back the enemy and had my armies next to its last city, just waiting to finish exploring. Considered reloading and conquering instead, but decided against it.
Now I had managed those two days with no Internet access reasonably well, just quickly checking a couple of things on dad’s mobile Internet, still without installing it on my computer, but Wednesday night I was getting concerned and rather restless, and when Thursday came and the situation was the same even after I got back from running, it was definitely not a good feeling. Still, finished the second Dark Elf scenario as well and started the third, and that kept me otherwise occupied as the guy apparently figured something out and, at 7:35 PM, reconnected me in a way he said shouldn’t get in the way of those workers anymore. It remains to be seen how long that will last, as when the buildings on the other side were being worked on cables were cut quite a few times, but those were always cables coming to this area, affecting all of the several people still in this network who live here, and while each time we were told it’ll be solved the next day, from what I recall it was solved within hours every single time, so it was nothing like this. Definitely have no idea what to do when this sort of work will be done on this building though…

I mentioned above that I ran Thursday, but that was the first of a series of three runs I had planned: 16, ten and again 16 kilometers every other day, so over five days. Wanted the ten km run to be during the weekend, to also count as a final practice of dealing with many people around, so the question was whether to start Thursday or Friday and all I could go on was the forecast I quickly checked on dad’s computer Wednesday evening, which listed a lot of wind on Sunday and rain on Tuesday. There were also likely showers Monday morning, but it was clear that I had to start Thursday, and so I did… Only to look outside on Sunday, so on the day between the second and third runs, and notice next to no wind, and the forecast stating 100% chance of rain on Monday, which proved to be the case, even though it was light rain. And, of course, no rain on Tuesday. Then again, Tuesday was windy, I wouldn’t have wanted to run in that, so maybe it was better that way after all, even if that run on Monday was uncomfortable.
Thursday’s time was 1:17:38, with sector times of 4:21, 5:05, 5:50, 4:26, 5:07, 5:57, 4:35, 5:08, 6:02, 4:33, 5:09, 6:00, 4:35, 5:03 and 5:47, making for lap times of 15:16, 15:30, 15:45, 15:42 and 15:25. Saturday’s was 47:54, with sector times of 4:16, 5:11, 5:50, 4:28, 5:00, 5:52, likely 4:25, likely 5:07, 5:55 and 1:50, making for lap times of 15:17, 15:20 and 15:27. And Monday’s was 1:18:48, with sector times of 4:18, 5:13, 6:04, 4:31, 5:12, 6:07, 4:31, 5:16, 6:03, 4:38, 5:14, 6:08, 4:40, 5:08 and 5:45, making for lap times of 15:35, 15:50, 15:50, 16:00 and 15:33. So good times in all three cases, regardless of conditions, and of the fact that I didn’t mean to be quite that fast, just aiming to stay under 1:20 for the two 16 km runs and maybe, if possible, 48:30 on the middle one, though I think I wouldn’t have been too upset if I’d have just managed to stay under 49 minutes either. Still about that middle run, the exact time for the first sector was 4:16.99, but I’m not absolutely certain of the first two sector times of lap three, because at first I remembered them as 4:25 and 5:02 and only realized after I got back, which was after wandering around for quite a while, that it didn’t add up, but I am absolutely certain I had 30:37 after two laps and 40:09 after those two sectors and I’m pretty sure I remember calculating 4:25 for the first, and since that would have made for 35:02 at that point it seems likely that my mind just discarded that three and “saved” the rest as the next time, being a plausible one, instead of actually calculating it.
Not much to say about that first run; went out when I was ready, also being the only one of the three that I managed to take a crap before, then started well and was comfortable all the way, so I found I could go faster than the target times and just did so.
For the second, was already up at 10:30 AM and went out despite the, shall we say, additional weight I couldn’t get rid of, but when I got there I saw there had been some sort of race that morning, they were just gathering stuff from the finish line, which was where I start, when I started running, just after 12:30 PM, and it wasn’t a problem otherwise, except when someone carrying one of their banners was just coming down the stairs as I was going up at the end and she stopped and blocked my way for a moment as I thought I’d just be able to squeeze in between her and the other people if they’d all keep moving as they were. But if she wouldn’t have had that banner, she could have been just one more of the people I had to find my way around that day, and yet I still managed to stay even under 48 minutes, even though it took everything out of me.
And the third run took a fair bit out of me too, but not because of the people, few being in the park at the time, but because of the rain, and in one spot on the last lap because of one of those small trucks used there. Would have been harder if I’d have gotten up when I first woke up, but was just too sleepy, so eventually slept a bit more and was up at 10:10 AM, then saw there was a light rain when I went out but just kept going and the rain did go down to just a drizzle much of the time, maybe even just a few drops just when I finished, before getting heavier for a while not long after I got back. Still, it all meant oversaturated air, droplets to breathe in and that it was wet, which made it quite slippery in a few places, plus that there was some wind too. But the first sector was definitely faster than I thought it’d be and after two laps I considered aiming to get under 1:19, which I was still on track to do after lap three. Lap four started with a poor first sector though, and it was unpleasant to see exactly 16 minutes for it, so not getting under 16 minutes for all laps again on such a run, and then it was even more unpleasant when one of those small trucks, not sure whether one for cleaning toilets or for gathering branches and such things, since some were even cutting some trees then, was coming towards me just in a turn on the first sector of lap five. The driver slowed almost to a stop, but I was already committed to go on the inside, found I couldn’t quite squeeze myself past it and stay on the path, stepped off it and promptly slipped on the wet grass and mud, just barely managing not to fall. So lost a bit of time then, and that resulted in an even poorer first sector time and a lot of catching up to do, yet gradually accelerated on sector two and really pushed on the last one and did it.
So I managed just about a marathon distance over those five days, if you put together the three runs, and despite the conditions I was fine. Actually it seemed better after each of the runs, especially in case of my left knee, which bothered me quite a bit after the first, less after the second and almost didn’t particularly bother me after the third. Do consider another run now though, tomorrow morning, on very little sleep and starting at the same time the marathon will start at, which seems to be 9:30 AM. Meant for these three to be the last runs before then, but since none of them were that early I do think I could use one like that too. Still uncertain, but I guess I’ll set an alarm and see how I’ll feel in the morning.

Otherwise, after Saturday’s run I turned back around, admittedly after first crossing a part of the road, having forgotten about it for a moment, and went to have a quick look through the Turkish fair that was also in that park those days. And then, after getting a bit confused about which way it was, I went to the Carrefour that’s in that area, since I had taken the little money I had left those days with me for corn puffs. However, when I got those I saw that they were a bit cheaper than expected, and that carrots were also at a good price, so I just tried taking two small ones for few coins I’d have had left, but when I weighed myself on a scale you can use, for frozen products, it said 98 grams, yet after putting them in one of those plastic bags and quickly weighing again in another place I saw 100 grams, and tearing away the ends and also a part of the bag didn’t seem to make any difference, as when I gave them to the person weighing the fresh stuff, since at Carrefour you can’t do that yourself, the scale still said 100 grams and the price was apparently also rounded up, ending up costing 0.01 RON more than I had. So I had a look around, trying to find a coin, and didn’t, but did spot an abandoned cart with a coin in it, close to another without one, so probably a customer who hadn’t even bothered to connect theirs to that one used by employees, if that one had also been there when they left theirs. So I connected it to that one and retrieved the 0.50 RON, then got some more carrots, to cover that amount, and finally checked out.
Still Saturday, since I had asked dad to get a recharge code already, since there likely won’t be more money coming before the marathon and I definitely need to be able to use my phone then, I used that and then also checked to see what the free game of the month was, since there is supposed to be one each month for a year for those purchasing a Nokia 230. But didn’t see anything listed as free, so I started poking around, checked the files on the phone too and also managed to delete a demo I had downloaded a while back, or at least deleted enough to make it no longer show up, though I think some related files are still there, but downloaded two others, eventually deleted one, again probably leaving some related files but at least having it not show up anymore, but actually started the one for Dungeon Hunter III, which at the time I’m writing this is still pending approval on MobyGames after I submitted it there as well, this version being clearly different from the one already on file. Well, the problem is that a demo allows you to play for 90 seconds and there’s no visible timer, and when the time is up the purchase screen shows up, with the option to purchase selected, and hitting the button to attack in game, since I was in a fight at the time, resulted in me apparently purchasing it, spending €0.99 out of my credit. Fumed for a moment, wondered how to contest the charge, but eventually said that credit’s just gathering there and at least it’s not much… And since I had paid for it, I decided to actually play it, stopping after getting to the second area and finding it hadn’t saved properly when I got back to it a while later, so starting again and finishing it in one sitting of about two hours.

As for Tuesday, went to Auchan for bread, meaning to use their free bus to get there too but forgetting to get some more bags and taking longer than I thought to do so after dad reminded me, so ending up walking outside just in time to see it drive past, though it was still some three minutes before the time when it should have gotten here. Did catch another later, just past the park, to not walk all the way, though that meant sprinting to catch it after the last person who had been waiting when it got to the stop had closed the door. So got a few things from Auchan, including whole wheat pasta that was much cheaper than I expected it to be, but I just got one pack because it’s the same brand but not the shape I want to eat before the marathon, that particular kind apparently being sold only by Kaufland. Also looked for that energy bar I had purchased from there, and only found there, for the long practice run, but couldn’t see any anymore.
From there I went to this Kaufland and Carrefour as well, getting a few more things, but not that pasta, since there may yet be better offers before then. Do rather insist on getting one pack like that to make just before the race though, even if it’s just a matter of shape; I may usually do all I can to save any penny, or more exactly any ban, but there are some specific things I want before putting myself through something like that. But speaking of saving, the cashier at Kaufland gave me 0.04 RON less in change, and while she did have a 0.05 RON coin left in front of her and I had a couple of 0.01 RON ones and could therefore just take my exact change by giving one of those and taking that, I didn’t, and didn’t happen to spot enough on the floor either. On the other hand, among the coins the cashier at Carrefour gave me there was one that she thought was a 0.05 RON one but was instead a €0.02 one. Worth almost double in itself, but not like I can use it unless somebody’ll fail to notice as well, and either way I just gave it to dad when he said he has a few more foreign coins gathered.


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