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More Cut Internet Cables at a Very Bad Time

Yesterday I woke up, grabbed something to eat, got on the computer… And saw that I had no Internet access again. Had a signal, so it wasn’t my cable being cut again, but had a message about a failed connection already at 9:14 AM, so the problem appeared then or earlier and hadn’t been fixed in several hours, making me assume that the work being done on the next building was the cause again, only some two and a half weeks after the cable cut by them had been fixed, and with the marathon being the next day, I really couldn’t afford that… But I had to deal with it either way.
Tried sending dad a message then, to call the guy and ask what’s going on, but I guess he was busy because there was no reply, so after a while I sent a message to him myself, and he called back and said everything was hacked apart this morning at this next building, all the fiber optics, and since he has the equipment there that also serves us here and this friend of dad’s around the corner, and he wasn’t allowed access to that guy’s building anymore some time ago, he talked to the administrator of the building where the work is being done, which is apparently the same one as for this one, and also to that friend of dad’s, so he could talk with his administrator as well, to see about getting the equipment here and then draw the cables from here to both sides if possible. He was concerned about the next building, since he said he had more clients there, while here it’s just me and that guy, but at the time he thought putting the stuff here was his last option for this area either way, so if it won’t work then there’s nothing he can still do to continue supplying services. And even if there would be an agreement, there was no way to fix things that day, so I couldn’t check anything then and even in the morning, before leaving, I had to struggle with dad’s mobile Internet, which was very slow, to just barely manage to check for any announcements or replies and the weather, with things not quite loading properly even after long delays.
So I was in quite a bad state and my plans of sleeping a good part of that day went down the drain, as I was too close to a panic attack to manage any of that when I tried in the evening. But there was good news while I was wasting time worrying in bed, since dad got back and talked to the guy and the administrator, got them talking to each other, and apparently they sorted things out and the word was that it’ll be fixed today. Still too late for me then, but it was actually fixed quite early today, more specifically at 11:45 AM, when I also noticed after the race that I had two missed calls from the guy, probably to ask to make sure it was actually working right. Of course, I was about 23 kilometers into the marathon at that point, and my phone was in my bag, in the wardrobe tent.
There was also a note from dad when I got back, stating that the other guy asked whether the speed could improve and the Internet guy said yes, but since it’s just the two of us on this node now, we’ll need to pay for the new equipment needed… The issue being that I have no use for a better speed, not when it’s working properly at the normal speed, I mean, and dad has even less, so if we’d agree we’d just cover half the costs for something that other guy would use. At the same time, it would mean an investment in the network, but it’d obviously only make sense if we’d get guarantees that there are no more risks of service being cut in any foreseeable future, so it would be worth it if they could somehow be provided… But I have to wonder how come it’s just the two of us here now, when yesterday the guy told me he had more clients in the other building and everyone was hooked up to the same node, and dad understood that the arrangement allowed for the node to remain there. Not that I’m in any way certain that dad understood that correctly, of course.

So things went from a very real chance of no longer being able to stay in this network to plans of investments in its future in less than a day, and I’m wondering what will happen next. I mean, with the work continuing on the next building for months, and this one likely also getting in the program at some point, and the plans to move cables underground and charge LANs an arm and a leg for the use of that network being unblocked again last month and this area actually being covered just these days, things looked grim, but when I told the guy that I thought he’d move the equipment here just after my cable was cut then, he said he didn’t think of that because there had been other buildings where this sort of work was done and he always worked things out, so he assumed it’ll be the same now, even after the cable for that friend of dad’s was cut twice after mine was. Whether this means he just went back to wrongly assuming that or got some guarantees himself after the discussions with the administrator, remains to be seen.

Either way, this spared me the trouble of thinking of what else to post this weekend, and at least there was no need to do what I was considering while I wasn’t sure it’d be fixed at all today, which was using dad’s computer and the mobile Internet to throw a quick post somewhere else, just mentioning there’s a problem, and moving it here, with that timestamp, once something would have been worked out.


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