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Registration Confirmed After All!

Should have probably written this right away, but tried to finish the book faster this week, so I’m just getting around to it now, after finishing and reviewing that yesterday. The fact that the game no longer started since Sunday, when I’d have wanted to play a bit more after writing that post and saw I couldn’t, helped with that, at least, but now that I also managed to persuade myself to install this month’s Windows updates earlier today and rebooted, making the game work again, I’ll be getting back to it, since time’s running out if I want to finish it by the end of the year. Should at least have no problem with it no longer starting before then, though it will get choppy again much sooner. Interestingly, this time around it didn’t start shutting down when it switched from the turn of one AI wizard to another before no longer starting, and the difference is that in this scenario there’s a single AI enemy, the others being allies, so maybe that crash only happens when it switches between enemies.

On to the matter of that registration that I was so worried about and didn’t get any reply about in time, or even until now for that matter, Tuesday morning I just got the e-mail from ENDU to confirm my registration. Considering November 30 as a free day as well, that makes it on the seventh business day after paying, since I did that on November 29, even though the site says five working days. But as long as they confirmed it and I see my registration as confirmed when I check on the site as well, I won’t complain too much about the delay, even though it did mean waiting anxiously even longer than I thought I’ll have to, and obviously getting even more worried once that fifth working day passed and there was no word. Then again, as I already mentioned, there’s still no word from the organizers, but I guess it doesn’t matter anymore, and I did add another message to the support ticket, mentioning that I got the confirmation and that should be it for now.

While I’m at Tuesday, I was at the dentist at the time that e-mail was received. Woke up at 10 AM, since I was scheduled at 11 AM, but I just got there with dad and we were made to wait again, as I could only go in at about 11:45 AM… And ended up having the tartar removed, though I definitely wasn’t keen on that, since when I mentioned that small cavity she had mentioned last time, she said she wasn’t actually sure it was a cavity, and needs to clean the tartar to get a good look. She did also explain why the price was much higher than I expected that previous time, and eventually persuaded me to get the tartar removed then, saying she’ll be very gentle when I mentioned I had some pretty bad experiences with that. And she was indeed gentle, hardly bothering me at all, and once that was done she said there was no cavity there after all, so even though she again said the tooth behind the one that got fixed last time should be fixed again, I said I won’t be going again before the end of the year, and I’ll see about it next month. Only got out of there around 12:30 PM, so it took quite a while… She did give me an additional discount though, since the price for removing tartar is per tooth and she charged me for only 26.

Since I was saying that if I won’t need to pay anything more than what I already had for that registration, I’ll probably get myself something, went out to do just that Thursday, managing to leave at 3:50 PM. Wanted to be out before 4 PM, since there was another note that the water meters will be changed then, between 4 PM and 7 PM, and dad had talked to the administrator to tell him he likely won’t be back by 7 PM and they had arranged for the guy to come when he’ll get back, which he thought won’t be that much later, so it’d have been pretty messed up for me to be seen going out after 4 PM. There was still the matter of me coming back at 5:40 PM, but I looked around to make sure nobody could see me go in… And then pointlessly rushed to eat something, including the sweet thing I had bought, and wash what I needed for that, since I thought water would be off or, when I saw that it was still on, that it was going to get turned off soon, which didn’t seem to happen, or at least not for long, though it was as if it had been turned off before. And we were still left without the meters changed anyway, since dad ended up only being back around 10:30 PM.
When I went out, first had a look through the farmers’ market, but didn’t find anything interesting enough, so went to the Carrefour from that area next. Did consider a few different things to get, but eventually just got one cheap sweet thing, the rest of what I had left being spent on things I’d normally get anyway. Was left with just a little bit of money after grabbing those things and wandered around the store for a while, looking for something to get with them, but eventually decided to keep that amount, realizing it was just 0.01 RON less than the price of a pretzel from the supermarket across the road and thinking I’ll get one of those if I’ll happen to find a coin on the way. Ended up needing to find more than that when the change I got was rounded down, but didn’t find anything anyway, so it didn’t matter. That piece of cake was pretty good though, and the listed ingredients seemed surprisingly all right for something so cheap.

Otherwise, ran twice this week, Monday’s run being the first one over 48:30 since June 12. The time was 48:40, with sector times of 4:19, 5:05, 5:56, 4:31, 5:15, 6:01, 4:30, 5:15, 5:56 and 1:52, making for lap times of 15:20, 15:47 and 15:41. Gave it everything, sweated quite a lot, but that was all I could manage. Then again, started sweating early on, so shouldn’t have taken both t-shirts under my training shirt, even though that seemed like a good idea, considering the reported temperature of 3°C. The conditions weren’t bad otherwise though, with little wind and the few people and vehicles on the path possibly costing a bit of time but quite certainly less than the 11 seconds needed to stay under 48:30. Lap two was bad, especially in sector two, and then sector two of lap three was the same, and I couldn’t recover the time on the other sectors. Gave it everything starting in sector three of lap two, tried to sprint as much as I still could on sector three of lap three, felt myself just about getting runner’s high then, but it wasn’t enough. Then again, also felt like I was going to shit myself then, even though I had finally managed to take a crap before going out that day. The left knee was less of a problem though, but that meant managing it a lot, especially on that long left turn, which I tried to take wider and sort of leaning right, which definitely made me lose time.
The second run was yesterday, and at least I made up for Monday, the time being 48:13, with sector times of 4:07, 5:04, 5:55, 4:29, 5:04, 6:00, 4:31, 5:11, 6:00 and 1:52, making for lap times of 15:06, 15:33 and 15:42. Yes, that means a new sector one record, by quite some margin, the exact time I saw being 4:07.47. Did try to just give it everything all the way, not leaving reserves for later and just continuing with whatever I had left, and I obviously couldn’t keep up after that very fast start, but it was enough to avoid another poor time. It’s possible that I had just a bit more in me, but not much and there were a few gusts of wind to deal with as well. The path was mostly clear at least, though I probably still lost a couple of seconds because of others, and even though the reported temperature was a bit lower, 2°C or maybe even 1°C by the time I finished, I just had one t-shirt under the training shirt, and that was the right choice. Got just a bit worried close to the end of lap three, when I saw a couple with four little dogs, one of them off the leash and running towards me and barking, which made at least one of the others try to get to me as well as I ran past, but nothing else happened. The knee was mostly fine too, warning me a few times but not being much of a problem even then, yet that was probably still because I was very careful with it, especially on that long left turn, where I may be losing several seconds each lap because of this. On the other hand, found a pretty large patch of dead skin, pretty thick too, to peel away on my right heel when I showered, which is odd, since I didn’t feel anything there…


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