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Quick Review: Aviatoarea (The Aviator)

Got this from a book exchange, so didn’t actually pay for it at least. Wouldn’t have given much even because of the size alone anyway, a more serious magazine likely being longer. Admittedly, that at least meant I could go through it quickly, but some problems could have been fixed by writing more, a lot more, if that’d have meant adding explanations, worldbuilding, making things make sense and have some depth. As it is, I wonder why it’s considered science fiction, since there’s no science in it, and I’d say it can’t be called fantasy either, since that should also make sense, be internally consistent, even if in a place where the laws of nature differ, and there’s nothing of the sort here. I guess it could be seen as some sort of fairy tale, but that’s about it.
For example, how come there are so many messenger pilots and planes and apparently even common, everyday messages are delivered in person by plane? How come this happens in a village, and how come it has an academy to train the pilots for that matter? Then, how were the children just forgotten in said village right away, and how come nobody cared when they were noticed again? Even if you allow for some interventions according to what’s explained at the end, none of that makes any sense. Interestingly, the stranger things that happen later could make some sense, assuming fantasy “rules”, and the last 30 pages are actually much better in every way, but there are few attempts to explain and everything, whether we’re talking of events, character development or feelings, is rushed through and… At times sort of in a fog, if I may say so.
And then there’s the matter of the dialogues, which are completely forced, not natural or believable in any way. The writing style itself can be passable otherwise, but definitely not when it comes to anything spoken, that being so bad that it actually made me check whether it wasn’t somehow written in a different language at first and then translated, badly.

Rating: 2/5


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