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New Finds – XIV

When I wrote the previous post in this series, I definitely didn’t think I’ll add another by the end of the year and get to those planned 15 bands included this year, but here I am, adding it now. Whether anyone reading will consider this post as including four bands or just two, it’ll still be enough, since I just need two to get to 15. It’ll be a quick post though, just throwing it here, but this is still a whole lot better than not writing it at all and just throwing band names on that list, only to forget about them soon after.

The first band is Orion’s Reign, which I had apparently first stumbled upon long ago, but this year they released their second album, ten years after their first full one. But I actually stumbled upon them again now due to what seems to be their tradition of releasing metal covers of Christmas songs every year, providing a playlist with them on their YouTube channel. Now it’s very odd for me to listen to something like that, but if they would sound like their cover of Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, I might, because I found myself quite stuck on that after accidentally stumbling upon it. Other than that, could also link to Nostos, but that also features Minniva, who seems to work with them a fair bit but isn’t actually a band member, so I really should link to one of their actual songs too, and for that I’ll go with Ride to War.

And then there are three projects led by the same guy, or the same two brothers at least, though one sure seems keen to put his name on them, the one I actually stumbled upon being called Marius Danielsen’s Legend of Valley Doom, not that I found anything else called “Legend of Valley Doom” to require something like this, so I’ll just call it like that. The second is Eunomia, which seems to share the story but perhaps have a more typical power metal sound, while Legend of Valley Doom seems to go for a more “epic” sound. The third, Darkest Sins, sounds rather different, and I’m not keen on that sound, but just adding it here for good measure.
To get Darkest Sins out of the way, I see two official videos posted, so I’ll just link to those, Domineer and Fear. Eunomia, on the other hand, seems to only have one official video, for Last Stand, but I’ll go with Eternity as the second pick, out of the few others I could find on a quick search, though this upload may of course vanish. As for Legend of Valley Doom, what’s released under that name is available on the guy’s Bandcamp, so you can pick what you prefer. Since I didn’t listen to what’s there now though, I’ll just select from his YouTube channel, Tower of Knowledge and Visions of the Night. What I did here doesn’t fit the rule I try to follow when selecting songs to link to, but I did say that this was a quick post.


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