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Finishing with the Other Stuff, Still Leaving the Flu, Doctors and Computer

In this post I’ll put some of the stuff I didn’t include in the previous one, but still leave out the stuff about the computer, even though I meant to include it at first, and definitely that about the flu and, with the exception of the x-ray, doctors. Have another appointment Monday evening anyway, albeit not for the cough and infection left after the flu, and still quite some way to go with the treatment for those, so I guess I’ll get around to all of that after it’ll be over, hoping it really will be over and I won’t be left with problems or have it come back. The fact that dad seems to have the same symptoms, albeit milder, but isn’t getting a similar treatment definitely worries me from that point of view, even if the doctor said he won’t give it back to me if it is the same thing, after I’ll get cured of it now.

A rib hurts quite badly since I woke up today. There was one that started hurting when I was coughing badly, making me worry that I had cracked it because of that, and it was also on the left side, but it was a different rib and the spot was right next to the sternum, while this is on the side. Wonder if I did something while running yesterday, or even while sleeping, but it may actually have to do with my back hurting again recently, that bone spur catching something else now, since it doesn’t hurt that way anymore, and this pain only appearing to be that particular spot on that particular rib, while in fact being an echo of that issue. And speaking of that, it suddenly started hurting again Wednesday evening, as I was doing squats, and kept hurting the next day, but yesterday it just seemed fine again, more quickly than expected.

Another little thing I’ll mention here because it happened again today has to do with Micky, who again got in my room as I left the door a bit open behind me when I came to have a look at something, before going back. But today I was at the computer, so she didn’t get under the desk and behind it and just left when she saw I noticed her and she won’t make it past me. Sunday, on the other hand, I went to spit and blow stuff out during ski jumping, again not fully closing the door behind me, and she got in and was obviously right behind the computer right away, getting tangled in the cables, with me staring and fearing she’ll unplug something. But I just stood close to the door, waiting, and she walked away on her own, then I could chase her out without incident.

Moving on to Tuesday, got a total of some two hours of sleep, waking up once and needing some time to get back to sleep, and woke up again a bit before 8 AM, going to blow and spit stuff out again. Then dad woke up, I waited for him to leave, then got up at 8:30 AM, thinking to go out pretty quickly, but then looked outside and saw that it was snowing heavily. Still, the forecast said it’ll stop, so I made tea and ate something, then watched tennis until it subsided, leaving a bit before 11 AM. Got the probiotic and another tea from an even cheaper pharmacy that dad told me of, though you need to ask for stuff there, or at least for most of it, and they have fewer things, then went to the one I go to as well and got some pills and another tea from there as well. Got scared for a moment when I got there, seeing a line going well out the door, but that was for prescription stuff, with reduced prices. Either way, then went to the Kaufland from that area to get some more things.
After that, went to the medical center I had been told to go to for the lung x-ray, actually meaning to have it done on my own since I wanted to know how things stood before the treatment kicked in and when I told dad that the previous evening he said that’s just why I shouldn’t have it done then, and should instead give it a few days and then see that it’s better. However, I couldn’t do anything, since I was told that, on top of not having funds to do it for free and therefore needing to pay, they couldn’t do it that day at all, so I was told to take a card if I’m not certain I want to still do it like that and call them to schedule if I will decide, but that it’ll have to be the next day at the earliest. So, on the way back, I also went to the diagnosis and treatment center next to the nearby infectious and tropical diseases hospital, since I had seen on the hospital’s site that such an x-ray was cheaper there. However, the hospital itself was apparently already under quarantine due to the flu and I didn’t try to go to it directly, not that I was really aware that the center in question is in fact a separate, private clinic. Learned that while waiting, when the person before me was told that they didn’t have funds for free tests either and the waiting list for that is for about three months, so anyone who wants theirs done faster needs to pay, and I didn’t know how it worked with scheduling and didn’t care to stay there and ask, so I got back, being here at 1:45 PM or so.

The next day I woke up twice after going to bed, but then apparently just crashed, dad waking me up a bit after 3 PM to go for the x-ray. I had told him what I had learned the day before, and that I had spared him a pointless trip if he’d have gone with me to that first center, and I had also checked the site and saw that the price for that x-ray was the same here too, so he decided that we should just go to this center, being closer, calling them that day and being told they don’t schedule, but anyone should just come in and wait their turn, and it shouldn’t be long. However, he was also told that the doctor giving the result, as in reading the x-ray and writing down whether anything shows up, won’t be there in the afternoon, so we’ll have to come again the next morning and pick it up. That proved to be false though, since the doctor was there and I got that result right away, stating that everything looked fine. There was so little to wait that I didn’t even read two pages…
Got back alone after that, and waited for dad to come back with the money he said he’ll withdraw, but also wanted to catch the free bus to Auchan that should be here around 6 PM and despite saying he’ll be back around 5:30 PM, I was just about to go out the door when he called to say he’ll be back in five minutes. I wasn’t about to wait though, so just took some of the money set aside and went out, but he found me still waiting for the bus and stood there with me until it came. I had taken the plastic bottles which had gathered too, and the machine worked, and I even put in two that I found fallen next to it, but it wasn’t much even so. Then got what I wanted, though there was none of the bread I usually want left at that hour and I had to get the other kind, plus what dad had told me to get, plus some of that food for the male cat that’s at my grandmother’s, since I finally saw some of that kind again, right on the top shelf, making me struggle to just barely manage to get a box down.
At the checkout, the cashier first accidentally scanned one of my items as being for the previous customer, then asked whether I’ll just pay him the amount to sort things out that way, but I only had large bills, so she had to call someone to fix it, then another cashier took over… And she commented about the “lucky cat” when she saw all the cat food, the next person in line saying she was just thinking that herself, but I didn’t say anything. The strange thing was that when I put the stuff on the belt, it appeared as if I had miscounted one kind of cat food, getting less than I meant to, and then I saw that same, lower, number being scanned, so I wasn’t surprised when the total was lower than I had calculated… But I should have been, because it was lower by more than it should have been, and later, when I checked the receipt, I found that the box of yogurt had been scanned as a single yogurt, since I had indeed counted that cat food correctly, but had apparently placed it on the belt in two places, likely forgetting the first one, and they were scanned the same way, so I just saw that second group. So Auchan again proves that in their case these mistakes really are just mistakes, since they can be in the customer’s favor as well, and that left me with the money for the kiwi I got from Kaufland the next day. That was definitely the cashier’s mistake though, as I had checked the price of the box and it had scanned correctly, but the cashier was quite focused on the cat food anyway, even forgetting to give me my receipt, and saying that she just got carried away with thinking about the cat when I grabbed it myself.

And now I’ll get back to January 5, when I had a pretty sweet dream about Andra… It started badly; I was trying to send her something on Yahoo! Messenger, not that it exists anymore, and I knew that she was laughing at me, telling others how I had no friends, that there was nobody on-line on my list, nobody to talk to, and I was crying so hard I couldn’t breathe… And woke up realizing I couldn’t breathe due to snot, so blew and coughed and spat, then managed to get back to sleep and the dream continued with me meeting her at some public party, with some master of ceremonies from back in the Communist days on stage. I knew she was in the bathroom and I went there, pretty sure that it really was the women’s bathroom, with other women there, looking at me angrily, but I knew some, they seemed known or even related to her even though I didn’t actually recognize the faces, and the bathroom actually looked like the corner of a small kitchen. She had some papers, notebooks or something like that on a table and snapped at me at first, but eventually one of the others, who in my mind was her grandmother despite being younger than she had been even back then, let it “slip” that they had to check some things about me and/or maybe I had to sign something, not sure anymore, because we were going to resume the plans to get us, as in Andra and me, and apartment together. That baffled me, even more so since she said the plans will be “resumed”, meaning that they had existed before as well, but I tried to just go with it and Andra did the same, just very casually addressing the matter, as if nothing should have been in any way surprising.
After that, we left that place and she wanted to go somewhere and for some reason we couldn’t take the metro from where she was trying to, so I led her to another station. However, even though it was one stop away from the closest one, when I needed to pee we were suddenly here, having apparently stopped by on the way, though that couldn’t have been the case. Still, here we were, and we had also talked about the changes dad made or was making, so I showed her some stuff, including the bathroom, where something had been placed in order to be able to hang stuff above the bathtub. It wasn’t up against the ceiling though, but lower, so I found myself telling her that she’ll have trouble standing when taking a shower there and she checked, just quickly getting in the bathtub, and said she’d just fit, but I won’t… And then we just seemed to just start talking about regular, domestic details having to do with living together again, very casually, as if it was the most normal thing… Until I was suddenly woken up again, not sure if by dad making noise or by snot or needing to pee or a mix of these. It definitely was the noise that didn’t let me get back to sleep though, so that’s where that ended.


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