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Another Game Won and a Day Lost

Noticing that I’m doing the squats somewhat differently when I time them and push for speed, and it may be a worse way. Probably not by much though, and the effort sure is significant, and I do keep managing great times when I do time, so I’ll keep it up as a way to maintain this form I’m in, hoping everything will hold long enough. That 2:35 remains the record, but last Friday it was 2:42, the following day 2:41 and Wednesday even 2:38. Still just time when I happen to do them while watching a match though, using the time on the screen for that, and that may also make it impossible to get an exact time if there’s a replay when I finish, with the time not being displayed then, but that didn’t happen when I managed these at least.

This week’s run was yesterday, and it was the first of a series of at least three meant to get me to run earlier and on less sleep, seeing as so far I tended to start running around 4 PM and the half marathon will apparently start at 9 AM this time around, also meaning that I’ll need to leave earlier and therefore get pretty much no sleep at all. Wonder if there will even be any point in going to bed under those circumstances. But I’ll see what I’ll do then, for now the idea being to go a couple of hours earlier each time, this week waking up at 11 AM, or more exactly waking up several times, at 8 AM and 9:25 AM considering just getting up already, but eventually getting back to sleep and just turning off the alarm and getting up when I woke up yet again and saw 10:58 AM. Meant to start running at 1 PM, though it was 1:07 PM or so when I actually did, first because dad was using the bathroom when I wanted to go and then, while I probably could have just made it by rushing right out after I was done there, I asked him whether he could give me his metro card after I’ll be back, he asked whether I had been at the event I had tried to go to Tuesday evening and I ended up telling him a few things about the annoying guy who was behind me while I waited in line then, which led to losing those minutes.
It was warm and sunny, the reported temperature being around 18°C, so I just had the t-shirt on, and also ate what I normally do before a run, but it was rather windy in some areas, I didn’t feel in such a good shape when I started, had also done the day’s squats while dad was in the bathroom, which I assumed was going to make my legs a bit more tired, and couldn’t quite lighten the load as much as I should have when I did go to the bathroom after that, probably due to eating this different bread now, so I didn’t think I’ll manage this good of a time, in fact wondering how much I’ll have to struggle to even get under 48 minutes. However, it was the third time under 47 minutes, 46:48, with sector times of 4:14, 4:54, 5:43, 4:22, 4:53, 5:48, 4:22, 4:54, 5:49 and 1:49, making for lap times of 14:51, 15:03 and 15:05. And yes, I seem to be training my memory and have all the exact times once again, my stopwatch listing 46:48.96, with sector times of 4:14.20, 4:54.02, 5:43.59, 4:21.43, 4:52.99, 5:48.17, 4:21.93, 4:54.39, 5:49.03 and 1:49.21, making for lap times of 14:51.81, 15:02.59 and 15:05.35.

After getting back, I changed and left again, at 2:35 PM, to take back the last movie I still had, the Library being closed between April 26 and May 1 and the last day to return it being May 2, meaning that I wouldn’t have had any choice after that day, it’d have been either May 2 or being late, regardless of weather or access to dad’s metro card. That location was closing at 4 PM on April 25 too, but I was there early enough… After being stopped by the driver of an ambulance parked right at one end of that street, to ask me where it was, even if the name was even written on the building right across, which I also pointed out after telling him it was that one.
After that, meant to get the stuff I had settled on from that pharmacy, after deciding to just replace the thing which I apparently needed to stand in another line and ask for with something else that I had intended to avoid at first, but while there I also saw a cereal bar that also claims to contain magnesium and is also produced in Romania, and with a price that got the total to the exact amount I still had to spend for myself these days, so got that as well. If I mean to eat that right at the start of the half marathon, I should probably get another before then and try it first, but I’m not sure I will, and in fact not sure I’ll still find any if I’ll go later, since those who make them seem to make limited quantities of each product, changing what they offer every so often, and this specific kind isn’t listed as available anymore, being replaced with one that’s otherwise identical but uses different sweeteners.
Also meant to go to Auchan from there, to check the recycling machine and, if it was still there and worked, go back to grab the bottles and cans, after not getting that far the day before and dad saying he didn’t actually go look, only asking whether it still existed and being told that it did, when he last went there and I asked him to check, after the company managing these machines posted an announcement stating that, due to changes in legislation, they’re no longer able to accept certain things at all and will only continue to maintain some machines, hoping they’ll be able to work out a solution. But since I couldn’t also buy even one bread or tea anymore, even with what I’d get for those bottles and cans, I gave up on that thought and came right back… Also forgetting that I had meant to check the Carrefour from that area for garlic, using the little money I still had for stuff I won’t get just for myself. Remembered it when I was just about back here and it was too late.

Since I mentioned the day before, had to get yogurt then, and had noticed that another company, one making one thing I used to occasionally buy, also started producing bio (organic) yogurt and is currently selling it at a price that’s similar to that of regular yogurt, obviously trying to enter the market, so I meant to get some of that. And I did take most bottles and cans, but went out only a minute or two before the free bus should have arrived and either missed it or it was very late, since I waited for seven minutes or so and then decided to walk. However, since I was walking, I went through this other farmers’ market, where I recalled that this company had a store, or at least there seemed to be many of their products at low prices, and saw that, while they didn’t have any of the 400 g cups that I meant to get, they had one 900 g bucket at a price that was a fair bit lower than what I had seen on Auchan’s site, and just 0.10 RON above the price of two 400 g cups from there. It was the only one and the best before date was April 30, which is something of a problem, but I decided to buy it anyway. Didn’t get any receipt and of course I couldn’t get myself to demand one, just coming right back from there, with those bottles and cans as well, leaving them on the balcony until I will eventually get to Auchan. Not that there wasn’t a recycling machine at that market as well, and I actually had a look and saw that it worked, but no idea how those “public” ones work in terms of what you’re given and didn’t care to figure it out.

Now let me get to the good before the bad, or at least the annoying, and mention that Saturday night I won another game, Egypt: Old Kingdom, on another giveaway on the GOG.com forum. At least this one wasn’t organized by that same guy, so I actually didn’t feel awkward or guilty about it. And it actually was after midnight when the code was sent, so I’m definitely listing this one as having been obtained on April 21.
Otherwise, on the actual day of April 21, I considered going to a protest against a park from the area being torn down and permits for something to be built on it likely being granted, but it was again in the morning, from 11 AM, and I eventually decided against waking up for anything when dad said he’ll go to Auchan and buy what the cats needed, among many other things, that day. Since he had mentioned running out of one kind of cat food and I had also seen another event, presenting one of the relevant candidates of the alliance I’ll grudgingly vote for, one that may or may not make it, I had meant to connect the things if I’ll have the metro card, but just gave up on all of it if he went there. With children being the focus of that protest, since at the moment it’s the playground that was torn down, the trees still standing for the time being, I was wary of that protest anyway, mainly meaning to just sign the petition that they announced will be signed there. However, that may still be signed and people are in that park, gathering signatures, each evening, though at the moment it seems to only be for one hour each evening and I didn’t go there then. Walked right past that area when I went to get that yogurt, but it was way too early.

And this leaves Tuesday, when I meant to connect a few things together, since dad had said he’ll be back at 3 PM or 4 PM and not need the metro card until late in the evening. He was actually back around 4:30 PM, but I had also seen that Library locations were closed that day, so I couldn’t take that DVD back anyway, and he also brought apples, which I had also meant to go to the farmers’ market for, so I could save quite a bit of time and therefore wasn’t worried at all when I left, at 4:50 PM, also taking the recyclables. This did go badly right away, since I decided to ignore the new bin that was recently placed across the road, since it’s for all kinds of recyclable materials, and still use the separate ones for paper and plastic that I normally use, but when I got there I didn’t find them anymore, nor did I find the next ones I knew should have been not too far from there. So I went to look for the buried ones I had spotted at one point, as they were closer than this new bin, but when I found them I saw that they were overflowing, leaving me to somehow struggle to squeeze the plastic, metal, cardboard and one large paper bag in them and just leave the rest of the paper next to them, in the trash bag I had carried it in. Still, it was 5:15 PM when that was done and I still assumed I had plenty of time.
Considering where I was, my plan to first go to the Carrefour at Obor again, to look for some discounted, expiring, yogurt, changed, so instead of making my way back to the metro station from there I kept going, heading for this pharmacy first. A taxi honked and the driver called me an idiot for crossing that way when I crossed the street on the crossing that’s at the exit of that park, not even rushing, making an old man who was walking past also wonder out loud what his problem was and point out the crossing. After that, decided to just keep going on this street instead of taking my usual route to that pharmacy, and checked out the Carrefour from that area first, ending up pointlessly crossing twice on the way, since I had forgotten that there was no crossing on one side of that intersection. Not that checking out that Carrefour wasn’t pointless in itself. At least helped a guy who was trying to carry too many things in his hands and dropped some packaged tomatoes right in front of me, seeming to not even have a way to pick them back up without setting other things down, but not sure I didn’t break the packaging and/or squish a tomato as I grabbed the package in order to hand it back to him.
Then, just to prove that once something messes up in my mental map, it stays messed up for the rest of the day, got a bit confused on the way to that pharmacy too, but figured that out soon enough… And then just lost a lot more time for no reason after getting there. Had looked some things up, searching for something cheap with magnesium and potassium and selecting such a product that wasn’t one of those that are heavily promoted, which I normally want to avoid, but when I got there I found that manufacturer’s other products but not that one. That was strange, since the site clearly stated that it was in stock at that location and that pharmacy normally has the products arranged on shelves according to brand, so I searched thoroughly, but eventually realized I had to ask and, after waiting around for a while, managed to work up the courage to do so, the employee seeming to not know that product but looking it up and confirming that it was indeed in stock but on the “pharmacy” side, as in where you need to ask for things. That was strange, since it’s just a supplement, not a drug, and she checked the ingredients and agreed with me that it shouldn’t be there, but said that it’s just how it was categorized for some reason, so that’s where I’ll find it… Which made me just give up on the idea, not even getting the other thing I had already picked up, since it was after 6 PM and there were huge lines even on this side, waiting in two, the other likely being even longer, being out of the question.
It was 6:30 PM when I got out… And just wasted some more time getting to that Carrefour at Obor and back, since I couldn’t find what I was looking for there. And what made it even more frustrating was that when I got to the metro station, after leaving the pharmacy, I just watched the train leave. What’s more, that was one of the three I just missed that evening, though the only one I actually saw, in the other two cases seeing the timer listing less than a minute since the last train when I got there. There was a somewhat funny moment at one point though, when a girl wearing a t-shirt saying “better late than never” ran to the train only to have the doors close right before she reached it. The guy she was with was just walking normally behind her though, so if she’d have somehow made it, he’d have been left there, but I guess he realized she had no chance.

In spite of all the lost time, I was nevertheless back here at 7:25 PM and, after peeing and grabbing the book which should have been the “entry fee” for the World Book Day event I meant to attend, back out at 7:30 PM, therefore sticking to what had been my original plan. The idea was to get there around 8 PM, which I assumed would give me plenty of time to get in and have a look around, since this time around there wasn’t going to be a book exchange, but instead Arcul de Triumf was open for visitors, with the interior supposed to reflect the moment, involving things related to books and reading. Since I didn’t mean to be back before 10:15 PM or so, which was when dad needed the card back, if I’d have gotten out really early I considered going to Auchan for yogurt that evening, and as I was in the metro I even considered just giving up on that event and going to that Kaufland and that location of that pharmacy which I had decided against checking out when I picked up the books I had ordered, just in case things would be different there and I would be able to just pick up that product I was looking for. Decided against doing so and kept going to the event… Which was a bad choice.
Of course, went the wrong way again after exiting the metro station, at 8 PM, realized it quickly, went back, reached the location… And saw people waiting in a huge line. It was so long it didn’t even really register that it really was the line to wait in at first, and I wasted a few more minutes wandering around until I finally took my place at the end of it. It was chilly and windy and getting colder, and the line was moving slowly, but I still had some hope, thinking that if I’ll cross the street around 9 PM I should still just manage to get in, leave that book to be donated, since that’s what they said they’ll do with them, and have a very quick look before needing to leave. That was based on the fact that at some point I spotted what seemed to be people going right in after crossing the second time, so I thought that was at least an option, despite seeing the line go around after crossing that second time too otherwise.
Well, even if that’d have been true, it’d have been awfully tight, since I reached the first crossing at 9:10 PM but the guy who was there stopped us just when the couple ahead of me was about to cross, saying that even those who had crossed ahead of us shouldn’t have really done so and asking us to wait until the area between the two crossings will clear, which took some time. That should have really been my cue to give up, but I still waited, finally crossed, then crossed the second time, at 9:30 PM… And saw fences blocking the spot through which those I thought had gone right in seemed to have passed, the line indeed continuing around the corner and then snaking back and forth before actually reaching the entrance. And yes, this means I did wait to get around the corner to actually see that, meaning to at least donate the book, but by then it was 9:37 PM and I really couldn’t wait any longer if I wanted to get back in time, so I just gave up after wasting an hour and a half just in that line, running back to the metro station… And waiting some five minutes for the train. Was back here at 10:13 PM, after having pretty much completely wasted a total of almost five and a half hours.

But I can’t end this without mentioning the annoying guy who was right behind me all that time I spent in that line. Seemed to be in his late teens, but didn’t really look at him well, only glanced a couple of times. Definitely listened to him a whole lot though; not like I had any choice. The guy was there with his “mommy” and just talked and talked and talked, usually loudly, all that time. Started by berating his mother for not taking the portable power bank “in that large backpack” when his phone was not charged, to which she replied it wasn’t her responsibility and they took it back and forth for a while, but then he moved on to plays and being an actor, which he apparently was, also apparently having worked at least a bit with some of the bigger names and talking about some of their plays and roles. On the other hand, he also talked about becoming an actor, in the future tense. Mentioned a casting he hoped to pass at one point though. And his tone was overly theatrical much of the time. For a while he was rehearsing his part in a play, at first whispering, which was a relief, but then talking loudly again and telling his mother the lines of the other characters, to say back to him, and trying various ways to deliver the lines, asking her which was better. When he disagreed with her at one point, after trying a few different alternatives while she kept saying the first was better, he made his voice precisely into that of a little whiny spoiled brat when asking why and telling her he didn’t like that way.
Occasionally he fell back to what sounded like a show tune, also waving his arms around, at one point even hitting me a bit as he did so, and when his mother told him to stop at one point he replied with “but mommy, I am bored” in that overly theatrical voice. The one time he actually listened when his mother asked him to drop a subject was when, after saying that when he’ll be an actor and acting will take up all of his time he will pay someone to invent a time machine, he started talking about living somewhere, couldn’t catch exactly where, and after she asked him to keep it down a few times, making him start the same sentence at a lower volume until he was whispering, he, again very theatrically, announced he can’t speak like that, and then indeed dropped the subject when she said that in that case he should change that subject. Otherwise, repeated how bored he was quite a few times, was saying he hoped it was worth all this wait once they’ll get in and just constantly talked, loudly and often theatrically, and fidgeted. Almost said something a few times, perhaps most of all when he announced, after we had crossed that second time, that he was running out of topics to talk about, making me really want to turn around and say that in that case it’d be a very good opportunity for him to shut the fuck up already, but never could work up the courage…


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