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Another Game from the Doc, Lost Cookies and Another Sector Record

Finally sprayed in my room Thursday and Friday, but the books are still on the floor and the boxes under and around the desk, so I can’t even sit here properly, and since I want to throw something here quickly to avoid another Sunday update, I’ll just stop Wednesday for now. The one exception I’ll make is to mention that last evening I managed to post the quick review for the book I had finished the previous evening, again in both Romanian and English in the version on Goodreads, just before midnight, and then immediately after midnight I checked the GOG.com forum and saw that I had won another game, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, from the same guy who does these massive giveaways. Meant to not enter this one, feeling embarrassed enough over all I had won from him so far, which I listed last time, but since I ended up posting in the thread anyway, decided to just enter for this one game, and then for one more when he added it to the list, and I was again one of the winners. If I counted correctly, there were 27 entries for this game and four copies, so it was quite popular, though I don’t know in which order the winners were selected, since he says he tends to start with the games he considers most popular and go down from there, and therefore how many of the others had already won something before then. But it would appear that I was the first drawn for it anyway. Also saw that I had received the code at 5:50 PM, but since it was after midnight when I redeemed it, I’ll consider it as obtained on June 15.

Speaking of that forum, something happened as I got on-line Monday, opening it right after I had the antivirus update and finding myself signed out. I was opening topics in new tabs, the first two, opened while it was still downloading the updates, were normal, but then it started installing the updates and I found myself signed out in the next ones opened. At first it somehow still remembered that I’m using the light theme, but then I guess something happened to that cookie as well and it reverted to the default dark theme. And since, while the old parts of the site, including the forums, still work, and more recently even some game pages started working again, signing on GOG.com remains completely impossible in Internet Explorer, I now have to open Vivaldi whenever I go there and not just when I want to check the front page or a game page that still doesn’t work.
For that reason, though nothing else seemed affected, Wednesday evening I tried to restore the cookies from last month’s backup, by first looking up how you can get individual files from such a backup, then simply copying those old ones in the cookie folder, after moving the existing ones away. Yes, that means I simply copied the current cookie files elsewhere instead of using the export function, forgetting it exists despite having been reminded of it as I was looking up other options… And since simply copying the old files made IE act as if cookies had been cleared and it maintained that behavior after I copied the current ones back, I actually had to clear the cookies and sign back on everywhere that evening, which was quite a pain, and some of the ads I’ve been getting since then are annoying too. Also, wonder if something else broke in the process…

Since I just took a break to do what actually were yesterday’s squats, since I didn’t do any then, should also mention that I only timed them Sunday and Monday, the time being 2:35 and 2:31, respectively. But the more important bit when it comes to being active was Wednesday’s run, when the time was 48:23, with sector times of 4:20, 4:32, 6:06, 4:30, 5:04, 5:58, 4:34, 5:14, 6:11 and 1:54, making for lap times of 14:58, 15:32 and 15:59. The exact times I saw were 48:23.43, with sector times of 4:20.62, 4:31.47, 6:06.46, 4:29.59, 5:04.08, 5:58.09, 4:34.56, 5:13.26, 6:11.20 and 1:54.10, making for lap times of 14:58.55, 15:31.76 and 15:59.02. Wanted to push on the first lap’s second sector, to have a proper new record for it and also be absolutely certain of it, so I did that and managed to beat last week’s by ten seconds. Considering the exact time, it was actually close to 11 seconds, and if I’d have stopped the stopwatch a tenth earlier I’d have been able to list it as such, but as it is, I’ll have to make do with this and know that I could still do at least a little bit better, since I went around a few people and also didn’t quite choose the shortest way under the bridge, at the end.
Wanted to go out early, seeing a high of 31°C, but after eating a salad with tomatoes in it at night, I first woke up to pee at 7 AM, which was too early. Woke up again at 10:05 AM, but waited for dad to leave first, and was eventually leaving at 11:45 AM, starting to run exactly at noon. It was indeed rather hot, sunny, and the wind was a bit of an issue too. I guess it also helped a bit with the cooling, but it remained an issue in a few areas. But, of course, the main problem was pushing so hard so soon, which left me needing to struggle to finish. I guess I had a little bit of help in the form of someone to chase for part of sector two of lap two, but then I maintained that pace for the next sector as well and in general I stuck to my targets almost perfectly, having aimed for 15 minutes for the first lap, 15:30 for the second and 16 for the third. Did rather hope for a faster sector three of lap three and pretty much the same total time as last week, but that didn’t work out.

On the way to the park and back, saw how the mayor is completing the destruction of a good part of the green spaces on either side of that street, as part of his campaign to do so all over the Sector, creating parking spaces where the sidewalks used to be and new sidewalks, paved with the same pink stone he’s so fond of, where the gardens in front of buildings used to be. The trees are left standing, but encased like that and with who knows how much damage to the roots, they don’t tend to last long once this is done, and everything else in the part of those gardens that ends up being paved is obviously gone. This area had actually escaped for quite some time, but I guess it was only a matter of time, especially after they had started on one side and reached a certain point. Hardly anything will be left of this Sector’s greenery, at least when it comes to the more or less natural areas, mature trees and these gardens, and the fucker still brags about this being the greenest Sector and even the greenest urban area in Romania!

After coming back from the run, grabbed something to eat, made another tea, showered and went back out just after 3:05 PM, heading for Arcul de Triumf and entering it around 3:50 PM. After having been unable to visit it back in April and then seeing that it remained open on the same terms, with a book as the “entrance fee”, until June 15, I kept saying I’ll go and hadn’t until then, so it was pretty much my last chance, considering that I had stuff to do the following days.
Interestingly, though I obviously took a book with me to donate, along with the one I was reading, nobody was at the entrance when I entered, right after two young women, so I just walked right in. The three of us were the only ones there at the time, and it’s a good thing they came when they did because it’d have felt awfully weird to be there all alone. Unfortunately, when I got to the top and saw the view, I realized I really should have taken the camera and didn’t. Had told myself to get it but completely forgot when I went out of my room, so I just had my phone to work with and that didn’t do such a view justice. Still, did what I could, finished looking at what was inside as well, then went back out… Only to see that someone was at the entrance then, but I wasn’t about to go to her and ask whether I should give her the book now that I was already out, so I had a good look all around the place too and then left, along with the two women, who were right behind me. Got back at 4:55 PM, with a chapter and a bit of the book read on the metro, on the way there and back.

As for Tuesday, the original plan was to spray my room then, or at least do the first part, with the rest of it done Thursday, but there was a storm that lasted until morning and the forecast mentioned occasional storms until evening as well. Of course, these days tossing a coin has a similar chance of being accurate when it comes to the weather as the forecast, so it barely dripped a few times and there were moments when it was even somewhat sunny, but dad said it’d be better to wait for a drier day and I agreed, which led to doing it Thursday and Friday and being left with the stuff lying around even now. But at least the actual work is done, and I hope I won’t need to do it again until next year.
Either way, still had to buy some stuff Tuesday, so at 2:25 PM I was heading out, also taking some plastic bottles and cans, as well as the book. Took the free bus to Auchan, reading on the way, but when I got there I saw that the recycling machine was full, and when I tried to ask a guard to call someone to empty it he didn’t even let me finish. He was talking to someone on the headset and I didn’t get to say what I wanted emptied before he just nodded impatiently and pointed just as impatiently in what I thought was the direction of the machine, making me assume that he had already called someone and was telling me to just get back there and wait. However, after finishing a chapter while standing around the corner, I wandered around for a while and eventually, half an hour after asking him, or trying to ask him, to call someone, gave up, leaving the stuff on the machine and going in the store, gesturing at him as I walked past but not actually saying anything. Considering the reduced rewards, what I had was just worth 0.40 RON, but if they’re just left there I’m not even sure they’re dropped off in the right place, and either way everything I left was still on the machine as I went back out, having bought just one thing. Was looking at a few other things, but since I was ignored like that, it was my way to show my displeasure.
The thing is that I walked back from there, heading for this other farmers’ market where there’s that store that I can get that bio (organic) yogurt from even cheaper, so I could have taken the bottles and cans back and tried to use the machine that’s there. Still don’t know how that works when it comes to the rewards, it may require going to some recycling center with the receipt if you don’t want to donate the amount, which would be too much trouble and downright awkward for such small amounts, but I could have at least found out, and donated the amount in that case. But I didn’t even really think about it, just going there, buying one more of those buckets, plus some green onions from the market itself. Then got back here, dropped off the stuff and went right back out to the Kaufland and Carrefour from this area, also taking the things I assume are best dropped off at Kaufland. Then got what I wanted from each of those as well and was back here at 6:50 PM.


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