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Before and After Dream Trek Summer Edition 2019

First, fired one of those final shots I have to keep the number of personal posts below that of non-personal ones, by copying one more of those old quick reviews, so now there are 31 left. Considered adding another quick game review, to make it an actual new post and get rid of the week’s second post that way as well, and also avoid another Sunday update, but wasn’t quite sure what to write and wanted to put some of these things here now anyway. The post about the long night run I mentioned itself will come later though.

Thursday I left a little after 2 PM, meaning to check prices at this Carrefour and Kaufland but also go to Auchan for bread. Saw a lotion against mosquitoes on Carrefour’s site and looked there first, getting one expiring “Greek” yogurt before someone else did, though now I see that instead of prices listed on each such product and bigger discounts they just have 50% off the base price on all, like Mega Image. Also saw some bread that seemed all right and a good enough price there and decided to not go to Auchan at all, but didn’t get it when I got that yogurt, instead checking out Kaufland first, and ending up finding that lotion a fair bit cheaper there. But since I also saw a good price for cucumbers and hadn’t checked those at Carrefour, didn’t get that right then either, first going back to look and get that bread, and also some expiring margarine which I saw had been added there. Got tricked out of 100 grams of bread though, since when the person there took it off I saw that the scales listed 92 grams when empty, but when I weighed it at those clients can use, in the frozen foods section, the difference was exactly 100 grams. I’ll get them back for that someday, but couldn’t get myself to say something then, just getting the stuff and going back to Kaufland for the cucumbers and the lotion.
Got back around 4:50 PM, maybe a little before that, and that was shortly before it started raining, and there was quite a storm for a little while. Noticed that, though I thought it had recovered by then, my right ankle still bothered me when I walked, which was worrying, but since I got the answers from the organizers of the night run then, signed up anyway. And also used the two receipts from Carrefour to play that game again, first on the old version of Firefox that I still keep, on which I could play the game but still got no points or chance for a prize, since it was stuck at asking me to wait for the score and when I checked on Vivaldi I saw it listed as zero again. But when I tried again on Vivaldi as well, it finally worked, but didn’t win anything, so I registered all three receipts for the draw, though I’m not interested in that. Oddly, was somehow able to use the two receipts already used for the failed games for new games, but had no way to make points, so I guess what I saw was something like a replay of what it had registered or something of the sort? Though trying that with the one I did get a score for resulted in the expected notification that the code had already been used… Either way, also did two series of squats that evening, timing both but having replays at the end of each, so I think the first was 2:33, but 2:34 is also possible, and the second was 2:27 or 2:28.

Friday evening I saw a message from Anca about scheduling for the volunteer program she mentioned at the inauguration of Magnolia Alley, and that was on very short notice, starting Monday and with a training session set to take place Sunday morning at 10 AM. Replied to the e-mail to tell her I’ll likely be sleeping then, sending a link to the run, and she told me not to worry and just schedule myself on a day when someone who did take part will be scheduled as well, but then the main problem was that the file goes all the way to the end of July and I have to know when I’ll be able to use the metro card, so I asked dad and he said that normally it should be fine Thursday evenings, but other than that he can’t know in advance, so at first I scheduled myself for the next two Thursday evenings, but then quickly removed myself from the first one, since there are matches that I’ll want to watch then, and I’m obviously not going to do much of anything these next few days, so I probably won’t go this next week, and therefore this month. Still, when I signed up I did so for what she said, going once or twice per month, and I won’t let the fact that just a few of us are signing up and the others tend to list themselves as available two or three days per week pressure me to do more.
Otherwise, timed the squats again, but had tested the lotion against mosquitoes on a few areas, including the back of my neck, and since my hands were there while doing them, my mind was fixed on washing my hands before eating, since I had the food I had made here when I did them, so I rushed to do that right after finishing and, though this time around there was no replay, I’m even less certain of the time, since it just slipped my mind by the time I got back. I think it was 2:28, and I remember the eight quite clearly and think 2:38 would be too much, but I can’t be sure. Either way, had made pasta and salad during Romania’s match and ate during the first half of the next one.

Yesterday afternoon I tried to nap but couldn’t, kept thinking and worrying, so I had to make do with the morning’s sleep. Realized it’ll be a problem to hold the stuff in my pockets, mainly because of the lotion, which would really rub against my leg. Considered bandaging the leg, also considered not taking the lotion after all, though it obviously wasn’t going to last all night if I’d just apply some before leaving, but eventually decided to just put the stuff in a small plastic bag and carry it in my hand, though once I got there I changed my mind again and ended up putting the energy bar, garlic and flexible water bottle in my pockets and just carrying the rest.

Said I’ll skip the part about the actual run, between leaving and coming back, so now I’ll get straight to what I did after I got back, showering and eventually deciding to go to that training after all, since I wasn’t going to be able to sleep anyway, and dad had also waited for me and gave me some money again, so I wanted to buy myself something to eat again anyway. There was also a Turkish festival in this park this weekend, ending today, and I had meant to check it out, but from the pictures I saw, and also from what I remembered, I assumed everything would be too expensive and ended up deciding against it before leaving, a few minutes after 9 AM.
Again spent a couple of minutes waiting in front of the gate of the Botanical Garden, seeing nobody there to welcome the volunteers, and eventually went in at 9:50 AM, a guard telling me that they had been notified of the volunteers and starting to tell me where to go, though I just told him right away that I knew, but had just expected someone to be there. So I reached the gift shop at 9:55 AM, seeing Anca and another guy, who had arrived before me, take two things out of boxes, things I learned had just been purchased by Anca to help us gather the hose, watering the plants being the first thing she wants people there for. So we assembled them before the others came, one woman coming as we were doing that but just giving a few ideas. After that, we were told what to do in general, focusing quite a lot on using the hose, but only a few of us came anyway, I think seven, plus one who came just at the end, but she seems to already be a regular. I for one struggled with my legs, especially when I had to stand in one place, not to mention while I was assembling that thing, but I managed… Not sure how I’ll manage the work itself though, as it was really hitting me that I might have bitten off more than I can chew, being expected to go there and do those things without Anca to supervise, and perhaps completely on my own, if others won’t come at the same time.
The training was over at 11:09 AM and I first went to the Carrefour at Unirii, looking for some food from there first. Food from a hypermarket definitely isn’t what I was looking for, but there were some stuffed eggplants that I had for some reason considered a couple of times and was looking for them then, or for something else which would seem interesting, mainly if it had meat, which I’d normally avoid but wanted then, after such a run and sleepless night. But that place has less things than others and I didn’t find anything interesting there, yet I found that better kind of lettuce at a great price again and got two, one of each type.
After that, went back to that place I finally got something from after the marathon… And saw that their prices had increased again and that made something from that Turkish festival a very valid, and possibly slightly cheaper, option. But I had already decided not to go there and bought something from that place again, but ended up spending more than I meant to. Had added things up, but assumed that, since all products have price and weight listed, the one which has the price for 100 grams listed simply has 100 grams, yet that’s sold by weight and the piece I got had 190 grams, so I was very surprised when I was told the total, and instead of leaving something to buy one thing from that other place I had purchased something from after the marathon as well, I ended up digging into even that bit I had left aside for another bucket of bio (organic) yogurt, and it’s a good thing I had that or I’d have been unable to afford what I got from there. And they again asked for a bit more money than they should have, as I gave 0.65 RON in coins, having calculated as I had, and the price was 36.74 RON, but was asked for 36.80 RON, and the person there insisted on the amount even if I had 36.75 RON. Admittedly, had found a 0.05 RON coin in front of that place, as I was trying to decide what to get, but this sure seems to be the rule there, and it’s annoying, and considering these current prices, doubt they’ll be an option again anyway, but I just paid that without saying anything, and in fact without really looking well enough, since I was trying to figure out why it was that much more than I had calculated and was also getting increasingly embarrassed as she had given me the items one by one as I kept trying to count money and made me keep starting over and the next people in line were getting impatient, the guy helping me bag the items too as I dropped the coins.
Got back here a few minutes after 1:30 PM and weighed what I got, seeing that if last time I spent 30.01 RON for just over one kilogram, now I spent 36.80 RON for a bit under one. But three of the four things include meat, and I ate those three then, leaving the other one, which is a thing I purchased after the marathon as well, for tonight. And that expensive one which is priced by weight was particularly good, can’t deny that. But one product had optional sour cream or sour cream with garlic listed and I asked whether you’re charged more if you ask for it, and asking to have sour cream with garlic added too when I was told you’re not, yet I can’t say I detected any trace of that in there. But ate those three, drank the tea I had made, and then finally crawled in bed, pretty sure a bit after 4 PM, and woke up at 8:20 PM.


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