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This Time I Did Run on July 12

Unlike last year, this time around I did end up running today, and I didn’t even have to, this being the week’s second run, without the forecast for next week making it seem that I won’t have a chance, so I just added to the buffer just in case it’ll be needed at some later point. As such, if even last year this post ended up being about a run, this time around I’ll write about both today’s run and Monday’s. Still nothing else, and it definitely still feels completely wrong to write about anything else in such posts, but 2019 isn’t a milestone and, perhaps again thanks to the run, I don’t feel particularly down today. Was quite down, in good part for this reason, for the past at least two days though, and to some extent perhaps Tuesday as well.

Guess I’ll start with today’s run, which I did because the conditions were good and I wanted to add to the buffer. Woke up a bit later than I meant to, at about 1:55 PM, and was out the door two hours later, sort of aiming to stay under 48 minutes but thinking I’d be content with just staying under 48:30. However, I ended up with another time under 47 minutes, albeit only barely, 46:59.38. And I guess I’ll also take this opportunity to change how I list times, since remembering the exact ones is by now the rule, so as long as that holds true, I’ll just list the exact times if the seconds are the same, while if they’re different I’ll list the time that results if I just look at the seconds, with the exact one I saw added after it, between parentheses. Listed this way, the sector times were 4:23.34, 5:02.33, 5:56 (5:55.39), 4:23.02, 4:55.34, 5:43.28, 4:20 (4:19.44), 4:52.68, 5:43 (5:42.55) and 1:42.01, making for lap times of 15:21.06, 15:01.64 and 14:55 (14:54.67).
Controlled my pace a fair bit at first, and there was also a moment on the first sector when a kid cut me off on his bicycle, and that first lap was a bit behind the pace for 48 minutes, so I ran some numbers during the second lap’s first sector and then let myself loose from the second, ending up with a time after two laps that allowed me to consider getting under 47:30. It still seemed unlikely though, but I decided to just go for it, accelerating a bit even from the third lap’s first sector and really giving it everything from the second, ending up with a time after three laps that made me think I’ll fall just short of getting under 47 minutes as well. But I wasn’t exhausted, kept pushing as hard as I could and just made it, managing a fourth 1:42 on that final sector in order to do so. And the third lap also matched the fastest third lap so far, managed on the way to the record for 16 kilometers, if I just look at the seconds, but the exact time was actually faster, though of course this has to do with the exact moment when I happen to press the button.

As for Monday, I managed the third fastest time so far, 46:41.34, with sector times of 4:14.78, 4:55 (4:54.23), 5:43.89, 4:22 (4:21.19), 4:56.14, 5:42.30, 4:23 (4:22.84), 5:00 (4:59.97), 5:41.52 and 1:45 (1:44.48), making for lap times of 14:52.90, 15:00 (14:59.63) and 15:04.33. And that was despite having slept poorly, waking up plenty of times, after 11 AM or so also because dad was making noise. After the second time my door banged loudly, I slid that pile of old books and albums against it to take care of that, but I still heard when he was in the kitchen. Meant to get up around 12:45 PM, but gave it another chance, managed to sleep a bit more and woke up at 2 PM, when it was still raining lightly. But the forecast said it’ll stop after 3 PM, so I decided to eat something, still not quite what was the usual stuff since I’ve been replacing those wheat things for a while now, since they went up in price, and went out at 3:25 PM, also taking out some paper dad was throwing away and therefore washing my hands after getting to the park. With Serena’s match just starting when I left, I was hoping to get back by the time Halep’s would start, and I just about managed that, missing just the first game.
The reported temperature was around 25°C and the clouds were clearing, so it was sunny, but while the forecast and even the current weather report from our national weather service stated otherwise, the wind was an issue in some areas, making me hold on to my cap early on. It probably lessened later, and I also got more used to it, but I still felt it a fair bit in some areas. It obviously didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would though, since I only aimed to get under 48 minutes, albeit with a more controlled run, with little difference between the laps, and ended up with that third fastest time. Considering how I was controlling my pace and that strong gust of wind early on, the first sector was a bit faster than I expected it to be, and that was also the case for the second, since I only intentionally started pushing from the third. Even then, after that fast first lap and despite still pushing, my first idea was that I’ll be able to slow down more later if I’ll need to, though after lap two I started thinking of getting under 47:30. The idea of getting under 47 minutes got in my mind after lap three’s second sector, at which point I thought the time was exactly in between what I needed to have a chance to do that if I really pushed and just being completely safe in staying under 47:30 even if I took it easier. But I decided to give it everything, and the result was even better than “just” getting under 47 minutes.

So here I am, turning another July 12 post into a run report, if I may use the term. But I did run today, and twice this week, and both were very fast runs, and at least today’s, if not both, likely have much to do with my mood not crashing today, and probably being less down than I’d have otherwise been for the past few days. Keep thinking that I’m in a state that might be described as a sort of suspended complete crash, also because I haven’t really found anything new in quite some time, my worst fear is still what it is, and I’m obviously just worried about her in general… While I guess she made a point of forgetting that I exist over a decade ago… Or at least almost a decade ago, when she blocked me wherever she could.


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