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Carrying, Worrying, Running and a New Longest Review

Took me three days to write it, but yesterday I finally posted the review for Regions of Ruin… And noticed that it ended up being a new longest one. Tried to avoid it, and it’s not much longer than the one for Ember, but it is nevertheless longer, and a bit over 3500 words, while that one was a bit under 3500. And this is for a pretty simple game as well, so it’s really a case of it getting away from me, but it all started from the detailed notes I kept, as I had almost 1500 words there by the time I finished it. And now I see that I have 940 words so far for Lords of Xulima, so I wonder what that will end up at, whenever I’ll finish it. But that won’t happen anytime soon, and at the moment I doubt I’ll even get back to it just now, so the break will likely be even longer, and there will almost certainly be others in the future. But at least that is a long game with plenty of elements and things to write about, so it’d be justified.
Either way, I started writing that review Tuesday and it was quickly obvious that I won’t finish it that day, but then I also got a call from somebody doing a survey and that completely messed me up. I of course couldn’t give all the answers I wanted either, but the worse problem was that I was a complete mess because of it, drenched in sweat and shivering and feeling that I was freezing despite the actual temperature. Did manage to finish the part about the positive aspects then, but that was it, and at least I managed to nap that evening and felt better after that.
Definitely meant to finish it Wednesday, but dad wanted me to do the laundry and I got back to it quite late because of that, being quite clear that I won’t be able to finish it then either and not really trying as a result. So it was only yesterday that I finished it, after sending a number of messages to complain about a return of that proposal to require identifying those who use prepaid phone cards, this time as part of a series of measures supposedly meant to improve the emergency service, using the recent events as an excuse. Those messages would have likely messed me up at other times, but I guess I was angry enough, and also did it right after getting up, perhaps not quite “registering” everything yet, so I could get it out of the way and then focus on the review.

The timed squats during this period were 2:28 on Monday, 2:24 on Wednesday and 2:32 yesterday, and most likely 2:30 on Sunday, though there was a short replay just then. And this week’s run was Tuesday, the time being 47:50.09, with sector times of 4:19.57, 5:04.41, 5:49 (5:48.96), 4:25 (4:24.21), 4:57.78, 5:53 (5:52.13), 4:25.44, 5:03 (5:02.65), 6:02.67 and 1:53 (1:52.27), making for lap times of 15:12.94, 15:15 (15:14.12) and 15:30.76. After once again carrying a lot the day before and still feeling somewhat tired and that my muscles hadn’t quite recovered, I again didn’t aim for anything other than to stay under 48:30 at first, but after lap two I realized I had a pretty good chance to stay under 48 minutes and managed that. At this point I’m starting to think that I’ll consider staying under 48 minutes as a regular run, and getting over that as a rather poor one, unless conditions would truly justify it.
Noticed an issue before this run though, when I just happened to have a look at the bottom of my running shoes and saw something stuck in the right one. At first I thought it was a staple and tried to gently pull from one side, but that just came out, wasn’t inside it, and might have pricked my finger a bit as it did so. The other end was definitely inside the shoe though, and I carefully pulled it out, finding that it was bent pretty much in half, with about one centimeter inside and a similar amount pressed against the bottom, the part that was inside seeming to have gone inside rather sideways, not straight through. Still worry about that gel, if it exists in that area as well, but after having a better look at it and starting to wonder whether it was a needle I was far more worried about it possibly having pricked my finger. There was no blood, but it definitely wasn’t a good thing, and I do recall spotting something that seemed like a syringe recently, and don’t know whether I spotted it in front of me or when I looked after having stepped on something, nor whether that happened last week, when I had my regular shoes on, or the week before. When I asked dad to have a look later, he said it looked like a pin with the end broken off, but he’ll always dismiss worries and go with the safest explanations, so that doesn’t count for much. Admittedly, I had looked at it carefully under a magnifying glass and saw that it wasn’t hollow, but after all those steps on it, it’d have probably been too crushed for that to still be visible either way. One possible good thing is that it’s been there for at least 12 days.
To return to the run itself, went out at 3:15 PM and since it was so sunny it seemed hotter than I expected at the reported 27-28°C, but it was all right while running. There were some people to get around, but the only real issue was on sector three of lap three, when I had to stop for a moment due to two cyclists coming from the opposite direction and seeming to race each other. It was probably my mistake as well, for not cutting to the inside right away when it was obvious that they were carrying too much speed to do so themselves, but I had sort of a deer in headlights moment, noticing their speed and that the one who was behind seemed to be trying to overtake on the inside, ending up doing something between playing chicken and the silly dance with the other. Eventually, the one behind seemed to be getting confused as well and I just froze in place, hoping that they’ll go on either side of me, which was what ended up happening. One of them shouted something after passing, but I didn’t catch what it was.

Went back out after that, but I should get back to Sunday first, in fact starting just a little after midnight, when that initial scan finally finished, after just over 28 hours! But that’s just a little note about the night before, the day actually starting at 11:15 AM, when I was roughly woken up by a cramp. At 12:25 PM I was out, going to Kaufland to check prices and then to Carrefour to get two kinds of cat food and cat litter, as the day’s offer was a discount for all pet food and accessories. The discount for a third kind of cat food was a fake one though, the base price having increased so the resulting “discounted” price was a mere 0.02 RON less than what used to be the normal price, so I didn’t get that as well. Meant to get some more bread too, but I saw the same person who had served me the day before and I didn’t want to ask her again so soon, so I gave up on that idea and just got a bunch of green onions, since the price was good. Then went back to Kaufland to get toilet paper, being surprised to finally see the kind we used to get again, some paper towels, since dad was likely to want more soon, and a cabbage. It seemed odd when the cashier rather blatantly took a mere 0.03 RON more, not by rounding, which they sometimes do in either direction, but by taking those little coins I had given her in order to make it easier for her to give me the change, but entering the amount received without them and giving me back exactly what the machine said the correct change to that amount was.
That was the easy part though, since I then had to walk back carrying 19 kg, again weighing the stuff after getting back in order to see just how much I had carried. Was leaving Kaufland around 2:15 PM and only got in at 3:00 PM. Made plenty of stops, but rain was coming too, starting to drizzle soon after I left but not being a real issue until I got on the street leading to mine, at which point it started raining properly and I was worried about the cat litter, being in paper bags as well. Meant to make two more stops after that point, placing the stuff on benches, but that was no longer an option, benches not being sheltered by trees either, so I just picked two spots that were better sheltered by trees for very brief stops, just to grip things better again, and just pushed myself to get here faster. At least my left arm was going numb and I was feeling out of breath, had started getting a bit dizzy now and then even earlier, but managed it. A muscle in my left arm still complains a little even now, though.
Tried to nap in the evening, but dad chopped some meat just as I was falling asleep and after waking up in such a manner I couldn’t fall asleep again, ending up just staying in bed until 9:50 PM. But what made me really anxious happened after that, at 11 PM, when dad called me over to tell me that when he took out the trash he found a sleeping bag, placed in its bag, which in turn was placed in another bag, which he said was tied as well… And he had brought the sleeping bag in, along with its bag, just leaving the other bag there, and he wanted me to set the washing machine to wash it. Now I’m all for reusing, but that raised red flags everywhere and I first asked about the homeless guy in the area, meaning that somebody might have left it for him, but dad misunderstood and said that he doubts he’d have left it inside but even in that case, if that guy no longer needs it, why shouldn’t he take it? I could think of plenty of reasons, so I then said that we don’t know what’s inside it… Which he again misunderstood, telling me what the stuffing was when I was referring to fleas, lice, bedbugs or who knows what other things, even more so since somebody seemed to have gone through some trouble to not let anything spill out. But he said he had shaken it out in the living room and looked and didn’t see anything… Which to me obviously just meant that he just shook everything out in the living room already. But the damage was done, it was already in the washing machine too, and apparently he was convinced that detergent killed everything, being very surprised and at first not believing it when I told him it didn’t.

Gave it a quick washing that evening, despite the late hour, and he set it out to dry, but the plan was to wash it properly the next day, and use some disinfectant as well. Not that I’d be in any way convinced that disinfectant would do too much against the eggs of those parasites, but since I wasn’t sure how to use the one we had, since it’s liquid but the instructions say to mix it with the detergent, which is powder, I went back out after running the next day, leaving just before 5:45 PM. Again had a look at Kaufland first, dropping off some things which may be recyclable there too, then at Carrefour, getting some dishwashing liquid which was on sale from there, and that bread I had given up on the day before. The price for the disinfectant I wanted was the same in both places, but at Carrefour the label was the only thing in that spot on the shelf, so I had to get back to Kaufland and buy it from there… After actually asking a Carrefour employee who was right there, but he checked the storage space above those shelves and there was none left there either… And then he seemed to want to talk, telling me how good that disinfectant is and that it’s the one he also uses, and after he pointed out the reason why and I said that was why I was looking for it as well he seemed even more interested, coming along to explain some more things as I was walking away, before I rushed away to get rid of him.
Thought it won’t take me too long to get that, but I was only back some two hours and ten minutes after leaving, and then I had to get that thing back in the washing machine and set it on a more thorough program. Still, with dad having left a note to say that he’ll be back very late, I then started to make myself some mamaliga… Only for him to walk in before the water had even started to boil. But I couldn’t really give up on the plan at that point, and I told him, and he left me alone in the kitchen, going to take a bath instead. And that was my dinner then, not going back to the kitchen to eat again at night. Also went to bed earlier, at 4 AM.


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