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Two Books, Mouse and Vivaldi Issues

Was called to do another survey by phone today, since elections are coming up after all, so I ended up drenched in sweat and shaking and feeling cold again, but I’ll try to write this anyway. Also keep thinking to try to get back to Kingmaker, possibly aiming to just do what I need to do in order to get elected and therefore move on to the final battle, getting what equipment and levels I can and hoping to finish it that way, without trying to explore everything and continue to squeeze every last bit of experience out of it, as I had done before stopping, losing so much time in the process and being left with plenty to do and even more unexplored when, from what I recall, I can delay the vote only one more time. But that idea really rubs me the wrong way, and that time limit that pretty much forces this, making me unable to go through everything at my usual very slow pace, was why I stopped in the first place, so I’ll deal with the post now and think about that some more later.

Read two books last week, though that’d actually work better in countries that have Sunday as the first day of the week, since I started Swallowtail and Sword the previous Sunday, after picking it up for free the evening before, then Tuesday I finished it and wrote the quick review, Wednesday I started The Alloy of Law and Saturday I finished that and wrote the quick review for it as well. Enjoyed both a fair bit, and The Alloy of Law actually got me excited while reading it… Though it also made me sympathize with the antagonist’s cause perhaps a bit too much, since that resulted in getting depressed, or more depressed than usual, after his execution and actually sleeping badly because of it. Not that I haven’t been sleeping badly anyway, but that was one added and specific reason for it, since I kept thinking about that.

Still on the topic of books, yesterday I put that Romanian series up for sale, since I see no reason to keep it around, so let’s see if anything will happen. As for the topic of sleep, went to bed at 4:30 AM last night, as well as Tuesday night, or I guess Wednesday morning. Tuesday I also finally cleaned by room again a little, though I left it for Thursday night to also change the sheets. Also Thursday, the plants behind the building were cleared again, this at least being the first time it happens this year, so now that area is barren and with the trash thrown there even more visible. And while I’m at odds and ends, I’ll also mention here that Saturday I confirmed that we have ants in the kitchen. Had been occasionally seeing some small things around the sink recently, but just killed them without paying attention until then, when I had a good look at one and confirmed what it was. That can quickly become quite a problem…

The timed squats during this period were 2:17 on September 1, 2:21 on September 2, 2:23 on September 5 and 2:24 yesterday. But what I’m really tracking are the runs, and last week’s was on September 5, with the time being 47:14.24, with sector times of 4:19.54, 5:01 (5:00.58), 5:51.12, 4:26.18, 5:00.52, 5:43 (5:42.24), 4:25.16, 4:56 (4:55.83), 5:45.01 and 1:48.06, making for lap times of 15:11.24, 15:09 (15:08.94) and 15:06.00. The target was to stay under 48 minutes and I meant to do it in a more controlled manner, with less of a difference between the lap times, so I took it a bit easier at first and really went for it from sector three of lap two, and it worked out nicely, with each lap actually being a little bit faster than the one before it… And I didn’t even sweat much.
Went out a bit after 2:10 PM, when it was mostly cloudy and the temperature was good enough, though it did feel a bit hot when it was sunny and the clouds did clear as I ran. Probably the more notable problem was the wind though, and there were some people as well, plus that my keys again tore a hole in my pocket and I felt them slip just as I was climbing the stairs, at the start of the final sector, and took them out to hold them in my hand until I finished, though I noticed later that they couldn’t have gone all the way through. It was also a bit worrying that it was the first time I hit the interval button instead of the stop one at the end, so the time after three laps was cleared away, and sometimes I don’t really bother to properly memorize that one and calculate the third lap’s third sector right away, thinking I’ll be able to do it after I finish, but this wasn’t one of those times, so it was fine.

Left again after the run, at 4:55 PM. Hadn’t been quite sure which way I wanted to go, but dad saying that one kind of cat food was needed settled things, since I recalled seeing it at a lower price at a pet shop next to that other Kaufland. And that allowed me to use a route passing through that farmers’ market as well, so I first checked prices at the Carrefour Market next to it, then went there and got some cheap plums and some apples at a reasonable price, the woman selling the plums replying to my questioning look by saying that those were the last ones she had, so that was why she had lowered the price, and then she added about 100 grams more to my bag after I had picked 1 kg, waving me away when I asked why. Walked to that Kaufland after that, first checking prices and getting the cabbage and carrots I wanted but not buying them, hiding them behind some of those croissants I was also going to get for dad, since Carrefour had significantly increased the prices for theirs, and rushing to that pet shop for the cat food. Returned to Kaufland after getting that, grabbing the vegetables from where I had placed them and some of those croissants, to buy them all at once.
Instead of going back the same way, I tried another way, also thinking that I could get to that Auchan and use their free bus from there. But I decided against doing that and sort of explored a little, though I didn’t exactly mean to, the result being that I went quite a long way around, and despite walking past them and meaning to get some more onions from there, I decided against also going to that Carrefour or even back to that Carrefour Market. Did get some sour cream from a small store on the way back though, after having checked the price as I got back from the run, but while the price for that with 30% fat is quite a bit lower than that of the similar kind from Auchan, what I didn’t know was that the little store in question charges for the plastic thing it’s put in as well, and the scales don’t deduct those few grams either. Got there less than ten minutes before closing and was rushing, but the person there did suggest selling me a cup instead, but that was with 20% fat and I wanted 30%, and despite her mentioning paying for that plastic thing as well and it not being worth it for such a small quantity, since I had asked for just enough to be 3 RON, I rather dismissed it, since I had never been in the situation of paying for that, and then had to accept it when I saw the quantity she gave me and that she had calculated it to be 2.90 RON including the 0.40 RON for that thing. So it ended up costing at least as much as the 30% one at Auchan, but I couldn’t back down then, so I just took that small quantity and left, getting back at 7:25 PM. Ate a few of those plums then, plus one of those croissants, and in the evening again made mamaliga and stuffed myself, after again weighing myself and seeing just 47 kg.

Also bought some things on September 2, and that time dad didn’t need the metro card, so I had a route in mind and also meant to once again try to ask, if possible in two different places, whether they accept crushed plastic bottles and aluminum cans. However, things seemed to go badly when dad woke up before I left and mentioned the bottles gathered, again saying that the building’s cleaning lady has someone who comes to take them and pays her a little bit for them, repeating that he can just give them to her when I said I wanted to ask about being able to take them somewhere after crushing them and that I can’t get myself to do that. So I felt pressured, started sweating, got a little nauseous too, was quite clearly having a panic attack, and ended up snapping at him to shut up and rushing to the bathroom to try to recover, staying there for a bit and splashing some water on my face.
Eventually took the plastic which had gathered, to drop off in the bin outside, and left around 2:50 PM, going to Obor and asking at that recycling place there, the door being open this time, another man walking in just before me to ask for a knife and a friendly girl being the one working there, which made it easier. And even though that place is operated by the same firm operating those recycling machines which only take these things if they’re not misshapen, it does indeed work differently and she said that she’d actually prefer those things being brought crushed, since she won’t have to crush them herself.
That done, I also checked prices at the Kaufland and Carrefour from there, but didn’t get anything and went back to the metro, going to the other Kaufland, still looking for something that doesn’t seem available anymore. From there, walked to that Auchan, got the kind of cat food that was needed and a couple of other things, and then wanted to walk to that other recycling center that I saw being recommended. Went the wrong way though, and took me quite a while to realize it, so I then had to go back and go the right way, actually seeing a few other recycling centers on the way, though they seemed to mainly be just for iron and I didn’t try to go to any to ask about anything else being accepted, not wanting to drain myself before getting there. And that worked, since I could ask when I got there, even though the guy seemed quite intimidating. And yes, he said they accept crushed stuff as well. Don’t know how much they’ll pay for them, since the numbers seemed to have fallen off the boards and I couldn’t get myself to ask that as well, but the main thing is that I now know where to take such things when I go that way as well, and if I’ll take them this week, since that place at Obor had a note on the door stating that it’ll be closed this week. And that was the main point, so I meant to come back after that, but wasn’t quite sure which way I wanted to go and ended up back at that Auchan, 15 minutes before the next free bus coming this way was supposed to leave. But I decided to go in and wait, cooling down for a bit, and then took it to get back.

Moving on, that issue with Vivaldi, which I started noticing a couple of months ago, happened again in the first moments of September 2, since it was after midnight. Hadn’t happened since restoring from backup and starting a new trial of ESET Antivirus, this time having it set to not filter secure connections anymore, but I also hadn’t rebooted since then, until the night before, when I finally installed the pending Windows updates, to do that before that trial also expired, that afternoon. So maybe it does have something to do with ESET Antivirus, regardless of that setting, but with something that it does after the first reboot after it’s installed, since it doesn’t require a reboot to complete the installation. And it kept happening since then, though at least I know to watch for it and make sure never to close it with such a stuck page still open, which means it always started up again just fine after that. But it is unusable like this, and if this does indeed have to do with ESET, it’s clear that I can’t use that and, with Vivaldi currently the one option I have for a browser to use more and more next year, however grudgingly, I’ll need to keep looking for security options, which is a real pity.

As for the mouse, noticed several more double middle clicks during this period, but also confirmed that it occasionally misses a scroll up. Doesn’t seem to affect scrolling down yet, which is good, and it’s possible that the issues with scrolling up have been going on for quite some time, but it’s something I don’t do that much and it’s not hard to miss when scrolling quickly or pass off as some momentary browser issue when scrolling slowly. But I clearly confirmed it now and it’s easy to reproduce, so it’s an even better reason to take it to the store under warranty than the double middle clicks, but I’m still putting it off, being wary of ending up without it, possibly with the money back but those not being enough to get another one like it if they won’t replace it with a new one, like they did with the keyboard. Of course, if they will do that again it’ll be the best possible scenario, but there’s always the risk of the bad ones, ranging from getting the money back and being unable to get another one with just that much, going through having it sent back in the same or worse shape, and even getting to being told that they can’t see any problem and charge me for wasting their time. I wonder if this will keep me paralyzed in this manner until the warranty will expire, in January.


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