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Recycling Center, Arcabit, Kingmaker and Yesterday

The title’s in chronological order, but I did just send messages to both Carrefour and Kaufland about some things that happened yesterday, so I’ll start with that. And this will make for a long piece, since my parents said they needed various things and I spent the day wandering around, checking prices and availability and getting everything, plus quite a number of other things I had added on the list, leaving just after 1:10 PM and getting back for good just about nine hours later, with my arms not too happy after all that carrying. Did get back one more time, at 6:55 PM, but just dropped off what I had purchased until then and left again some 15 minutes later. Also took the paper out when I first left, but didn’t cross the road to put it in that bin, instead going to the one that recently appeared next to this building next to mine, where the work that was done is just being finished, since that was on my way, and stuffing it in there even though it was overflowing and regular trash had been thrown in there as well, the smell and the flies assaulting me, which likely means that it’ll all end up in the landfill.
Either way, when I got to the metro station I still wasn’t sure of the route or even which store locations I wanted to go to, making up my mind on the spot, in part due to just missing the train going in one direction. So I ended up first checking prices at the Kaufland from Basarab and then walking to that big Carrefour from that area to do the same there as well, though that first involved some time lost when I went out the wrong exit from that metro station and didn’t know how to cross to the other side, since there are train tracks there and the area is closed off, the crossing apparently being through a closed and raised tram station, which I was uncertain about entering, wondering whether I needed a ticket, until I saw a few others going that way.
Was back on the metro after that, going to Supeco and this time getting there without getting confused again, though at first I also just checked prices, ending up leaving through the entrance doors and being stopped by a guard who told me to get back inside and go out through the checkout area. Then I walked to Auchan and bought what was cheaper and available there, then walked back to Supeco to get what I had decided to get from there, before getting back to Auchan to use their free bus to get back. They seem to have some work done where the station used to be, so that area is closed off and people have to wait elsewhere now, which made me confused at first, so I ended up asking one of the drivers, but he pointed me in the right direction and I waited there, the bus being a few minutes late.
After dropping off those purchases, I went back to that Kaufland, to get what I had decided to get from there. They were almost out of frozen spinach though, so I ended up getting the 260 grams that were left and asking an employee whether there was any more, but he said he had no idea, frozen foods not being his area. He also said that there should be a girl there who’ll know, but I couldn’t see her and thought Carrefour would be an acceptable option for the rest, so I didn’t stick around… And saw that they had opened the self-checkouts, so I obviously meant to use that, after reading the sign in front of the area and not seeing that they don’t accept cash, as is the case at Carrefour.
Unfortunately, I ended up being “that customer”, since after reading that sign I just looked for a free machine, not looking above them from the entrance, and the signs listing which machines also accept cash and which don’t are angled so they’re easily readable when you enter, not when you’re in front of a machine. In addition, the writing specifying that on the machine itself is below the scanner, and it was covered by a cable, so I only noticed it at the end, when I couldn’t find a cash payment option on the screen and started looking around for some button. But, after at first being uncertain which scales were connected to which machine, since it’s not specified, and putting the first scanned product on the wrong, but fortunately unused, one, I found that the machine simply refused to activate the scanner again after that first product, so I ended up trying to cancel, which required the employee to come and clear that, and she snapped at me a little because of it. It did work after that, but seemed to take quite a few seconds to reactivate the scanner after each product was placed on the scales, so it was slow and tedious, and I also scanned each product separately, since I couldn’t find any obvious option to enter a number of pieces. There was a “multipack” one, but I thought that had to do with actual, packaged bundles, so I didn’t try to see what it did. But, of course, once I was finally done, I realized I had no way to pay and felt too embarrassed to tell the employee, not to mention to go to one of the machines that did accept cash once I noticed those signs, so I just quickly threw the products back in the basket and rushed back, ending up using a regular checkout after all.
Either way, after needing to try three before finding one that worked, the first not locking at all and the second opening if you pulled on the door twice after locking it, I left my purchases in a cabinet from there and walked to that Carrefour again, going straight to the cat food I needed to get from there, the bag I had recently purchased ending up taken to my grandmother’s. Well, the problem was that I couldn’t see any anymore, and it had been surprisingly cheap there, plus that the only other place I could have bought it from at that point was Auchan, since it was too late to try to go to that pet shop again and the others didn’t have it. But the gate to the storage area was open, an employee went in carrying some things and when another one came out I asked him and, after searching the shelves as well, which I had already done, and saying he doubted there was any more if not on the shelf, he nevertheless went to look and after a few minutes came back with several, so I took two, checking the price to confirm that it was still that surprisingly low one.
After that, I calculated carefully and got the other stuff, minus some more bread for myself, since I wanted to get some from there as well but by that hour they were out of anything I’d care to eat, and the second cabbage. This last part was due to the fact that now they had a person operating the scales even in that area for products on sale at the main entrance, and when I took one cabbage there, meaning to check the weight before deciding how big the second should be, she put it in a plastic bag and told me she wasn’t allowed to place the label with the weight and price directly on it when I told her to do so, which led to me deciding against buying a second one if using more plastic was required for it. And I also wonder whether I should have checked the weight of the vegetables I bought from there when I got back, considering what happened in the past with the bread and the fact that I later realized that I was charged a higher price for the frozen spinach. Admittedly, after being annoyed by the bag issue and the fact that they had placed an employee to weigh those vegetables as well, when customers could do it themselves before, I also remembered that I still hadn’t paid them back for that thing with the bread, decided to not be fairer than they assume me to be and cheated a little bit, since you can weigh frozen products yourself. But I made the weight appear to be a mere 36 grams less, if I remember correctly, and paid for the equivalent of 81 grams more, considering the difference between the listed price and the real one, so I now have even more to pay them back for. But I only realized that as I was taking a shower at night, so at the time I thought there was no problem and just paid, walked back to Kaufland to get the stuff left there and got back.

Otherwise, only timed my squats Tuesday, 2:21, and that was also the day of this week’s run, the time being 47:17.93, with sector times of 4:13.96, 4:58 (4:57.07), 5:43.91, 4:23 (4:22.46), 5:01.06, 5:53 (5:52.91), 4:27 (4:26.93), 5:05.29, 5:46 (5:45.84) and 1:48.50, making for lap times of 14:54.94, 15:17 (15:16.43) and 15:18.06. Aimed to stay under 48 minutes but was also thinking of 47:30 from the start and tried it, considering getting under 15 minutes for the first lap and managing it even though I was wondering whether that’ll prove too fast and didn’t push too hard at first. Lap two was sort of a test, and I meant to decide what to aim for after it, then pushed from sector two of lap three and really went for it on sector three, hoping for 5:50 and managing to do even better, so the final sector wasn’t an issue anymore.
I had hit my left knee on something and was a little worried about that, and I also couldn’t get much out when I went to the toilet and had a piece of honeycomb and a doughnut instead of what I’d usually have before a run, but all of that ended up being fine, and having my keys in my left pocket, since I’m yet to fix that hole in the right one again, didn’t bother me either. What did bother me, however, was the weather. I went out right at 2 PM and the forecast listed 27-28°C and party to mostly cloudy skies, yet it was sunny and I could feel it burning when not in the shade, and the worst problem was the wind. I knew to expect that, but that doesn’t make it less of an issue, and there was a spot, on sector two of lap two, where I felt I was barely advancing against it.

After the run, decided to crush the cans and the largest bottles and take them to that recycling center. It took me almost an hour and a half to crush them, and I counted 70 cans, though it’s possible that I was off by one or two, and estimated roughly 40 bottles, though I stopped actually counting after putting one “row” in one of the bags. But once that was done, it was easy to carry them, using three bags but not taking that largest one, and in fact the bottles filling two and the cans about half of the third. Weighed the bottles before leaving, seeing 1.9 kg, including the bags themselves, but didn’t bother with the cans, having weighed a few at an earlier point and knowing that I needed about 60 for one kilogram.
Finally left around 5:40 PM and got there without getting confused, though I felt quite awkward once I did, and waited around for a few minutes, the employees being busy with other things. But I eventually got their attention and was told which scales to use to weigh the stuff, which led to a somewhat funny moment, since something was already there and when I saw 106 and didn’t immediately spot the decimal separator, I wondered whether it was listing 1.06 kg or a mere 106 grams, ending up assuming that I was looking at some rags after deciding on the latter and trying to brush them away… Only to find that the “rags” were pressed sheets of metal, possibly even lead, and the listed weight was actually 10.6 kg, so I needed to drop the bags and pick that thing up with both hands. But after that it went fine, seeing the same 1.9 kg for the bottles and the guy saying they’ll consider it as two, so rounding up instead of deducting the weight of the bags. I did panic for a moment when he took the bags, trying to take them back from him, saying I still needed those, but he said he’ll bring them back and I placed the third bag on the scales while he wandered away, seeing 1.2 kg. The other guy did round down there, eventually giving me 3 RON, saying two for the cans, which would be the price for one kilogram, and one for the bottles, though I have no idea what the right price would be, since it’s not listed. That place at Obor offers 0.60 RON / kg for bottles, so it could be that it was rounded down as well, but no idea. It’s very little anyway, the fact that I can be quite sure that they actually are recycled if taken there likely being more of a reward, but I felt embarrassed over it anyway, feeling a need to explain myself by saying I had convinced dad to collect separately and wanted to take the stuff to the proper place, which is after all true.

The next day I installed this month’s Windows updates and, quite on a whim, ended up starting a trial of Arcabit Antivirus, after finally trying to update ESET Antivirus again and having it turn off when it checked and apparently properly realized it had expired back on September 1. Now Arcabit is something I’m obviously just using to say I have something for another month, clearly meaning to restore from that backup again once this trial will be over, to remove all traces of it, but it also uses Bitdefender definitions, so at least there’s that. It’s weird that some bits aren’t even translated, remaining in Polish even if you change the language, and there’s one page, apparently asking which partition to use for storage at the end of the installation, that’s completely in Polish even if you switch the installer to English otherwise. And, overall, having it may end up being worse than just turning on Windows Defender, but I’m leaving it there for now, especially after all the trouble I had with it and Comodo Firewall at first, since there’s an “Arcabit Sp. z o.o” on the trusted vendors list, but not the correct “Arcabit Sp. z o.o.”, so it didn’t recognize it and the HIPS module treated it as potentially malicious until I gave up just granting permissions and figured out how to add a trusted vendor signature, which I never had to do so far.
But to return to the Windows updates, something odd might have happened. There’s an obvious performance impact from something, and it seems to be a delay in opening programs, so it may have to do with Arcabit but it’s also very similar to what I experienced when I briefly tried to allow those Spectre/Meltdown and related mitigations to be enabled at some point, and since some more of those mitigations have been added this month for 32-bit, I wonder if the registry entries to disable them may not apply anymore, which would be a big problem. On the other hand, also saw audit failures for the same two files, appidapi.dll and appid.sys, which had similar entries logged in March and again back in 2016, but again apparently just as they were getting unpacked, the failures not being listed for the actual installed files as well, and I seem to remember that back in March it was a known issue, though I don’t care to look it up and check, so it’s probably nothing important. It did make me run the sfc /scannow command though, and it claimed it found problems and couldn’t fix them all, which is a first. Not that I’m even sure I ran it before, and if I did it was quite a long time ago, so there’s no way to know when the problems appeared. But the log lists that the problems have to do with files with “telemetry” or “diagnostics” in the path or name, usually .json files, so I wonder if it has something to do with what I did to disable those things, in which case the “problems” definitely aren’t problems from where I’m standing. But I guess some things will become clearer next month, when I’ll restore again from that backup and see what happens if I’ll reinstall these updates.

As for Thursday, I somehow managed to persuade myself to try to get back to Kingmaker, actually getting in that crypt and killing a few things. The previous save was from February 2017, but the one before that was from November 2016, while the others before it, the oldest remaining ones, were from one month before that. There’s very little difference between the November and February saves, but do seem to have done at least something that November, though I also see that the three screenshots I took have that same date, so maybe the main reason to get back to it was to take those, remembering that I had meant to take screenshots specific to this expansion, since there are none on MobyGames, and hadn’t until then. Also meant to start it again with a new character, to take some proper shots from the beginning, as I recall deciding against taking any at first since my imported character and, more importantly, his gear wouldn’t have been right. But gear is the reason why I didn’t take more after that either, since you hardly find any and I didn’t buy any, so he’s quite naked, as are the companions, which again didn’t seem right. Now I see that he at least has a cloak, which hides things from behind, but I’ll see. The problem is that I remember that I can only delay the vote one more time and I haven’t really done much, considering how I play, so I won’t have nearly enough time to explore as much as I’d like, and that made me stop in the first place. But we’ll see…


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