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Another Half Marathon Distance Before Turning 35

Turned 35 today, but that doesn’t mean much; just this ball of metal and rock that we keep trashing so dreadfully being pretty much in the same spot on its orbit as it was when I was unfortunately thrown onto it through no choice of my own one more time. May say that it’s a somewhat round number, but that doesn’t matter much either, so I’ll pretty much leave all of that aside…. Unless you want to consider the fact that I covered a half marathon distance again yesterday as a way to “honor” this and not the marathon that took place the day before and which I didn’t take part in, but that’s your choice and your problem.

To get the other odds and ends out of the way before getting to yesterday, Friday I did start Venetica, but just to test that the actual game starts as well, without saving, so it doesn’t count and the plan is still to finish Kingmaker first. Still on the topic of software, but this time referring to security software, my trial of Arcabit Antivirus expired Saturday afternoon, but it does continue to function, only without getting more updates after that point, so I could delay restoring again from that backup and switching to something else and am in fact still delaying it. The plan would be to get around to it tomorrow, but it is, as always, a scary prospect. But to return to Saturday, that was the only day during this period when I timed the squats, but did two rounds then, in 2:13 and 2:17, respectively, even though the second time it was in the kitchen, not long after the first and just after eating a little. As for Sunday, that morning I really didn’t mean to wake up to watch the race, but I nevertheless ended up waking up right at 8 AM, hearing the sounds the HDDs make when the backup script runs, and I knew I’ll just keep thinking of that and be unable to get back to sleep anyway, so I watched it after all and went back to sleep after it, and then spent more time in bed in the evening, even if I only actually slept for another hour or so, wanting to rest before Monday’s run.
On the other hand, again noticed something odd while breathing on Friday, and while it eventually lessened, it continued since then as well, this feeling that I occasionally have for quite some time now, that something is there and my right lung is struggling, feeling partially as it does when I have a bad cold, as I almost always feel the problem mainly on the right side and pretty much radiating from that same spot when that happens. But the results I get while running obviously show that it’s not something bad, or at least not yet. And I hope the fact that I lost a toenail when I was cutting them Saturday evening won’t become a problem either. It’s that one which had a bruise under it multiple times and I kept being worried of losing it, but I thought I had been in the clear for some time, yet that time it just came right off, the whole thing, revealing another one underneath, albeit an obviously thinner one and with an odd shape, so put a bandage there then and kept it until after yesterday’s run and now it remains to be seen how it will grow and what will happen next. Should probably have some tests done again, for a number of reasons, and I guess you can connect this to turning 35, and I believe the request must be made during the month when your birthday is to get, or at least to have a chance to get, them done for free, so let’s see. Fear the results though, of course, especially when it comes to my kidneys.

Yesterday I had set the alarm at 1:30 PM and meant to leave at 3:30 PM, yet got up at 1:15 PM and still only left at 3:45 PM. Had an apple, added the few raisins I still had around to the yogurt and cereals, ate the last part of the baked pumpkin, which I had saved for this, made the usual tea I tend to make when I run but drank all of it before leaving, and also had an energy bar I had been saving for such a run, though it had expired in July, and one clove of garlic, taking two more with me. Also meant to weigh myself before leaving, but forgot, but I barely had 47 kg with clothes on after I got back. Felt something of a cramp in my left thigh at some point, but it seemed all right by the time I left. And the weather was fine, sunny and with little wind, though it’d have been better if it’d have been cooler, since the reported temperature when I left was 26°C. Dropped a little by the time I finished, but couldn’t have been by much.
The time was 1:43:15, with sector times of 4:19, 5:02, 5:55, 4:29, 5:01, 5:47, 4:32, 5:06, 5:54, 4:32, 5:09, 5:59, 4:29, 5:11, 6:03, 4:36, 5:15, 6:04, 1:53, 6:07 and 1:52, making for lap times of 15:16, 15:17, 15:32, 15:40, 15:43 and 15:55, plus 9:52 on that final portion. Being 23 seconds slower than the record makes it a very good time that’s also not frustrating, which it would have been if I’d have ended up very close to 1:43, and even more so if I’d have been under 1:43 but not by enough. Still, while anything under 1:45 would have been acceptable, especially considering how little I had trained for this now, and any new second best time, so under 1:44:04, would have been good, I did try to aim for a new record, having those lap times memorized and hoping for a more controlled run with that target, knowing I won’t be able to keep it up if I’ll start so quickly but aiming to lose no more than 30 seconds on the first four laps, about 25 of them on the first three, and then gain that time back on laps five and six, with a similar time on that final portion that would have ideally allowed me to just squeeze under that 1:42:52. But I never really felt that I could do it and, while it actually worked out to being exactly 25 seconds behind at that point, the lap three time and the effort required for it made it quite clear that I had no chance, and then lap four pretty much destroyed even what traces of hope might have remained. Still gave it all I had, but instead of gaining I ended up losing two more seconds even on lap five, and despite managing a new fastest lap six, and also the only one so far under 16 minutes, and a new fastest final portion, that only meant gaining a total of 18 seconds.
There were a fair number of people, oddly enough causing more problems on the first lap and a half, the next three laps or so after that seeming clearer, before things went as expected and it seemed to get more crowded again as I was about halfway through lap five. But it was mainly a matter of weaving through them and going the long way around now and then, with few moments when I had to slow or really squeeze through and just one that I clearly remember when I had to briefly stop, on sector three of lap one, when a man and a little girl riding bicycles were passing in between a woman with a pram and another with two dogs, and since the girl was alongside the bike lane, not in front of the man, on it, that pretty much left me with nowhere to go for a moment, before I could squeeze between her and the dogs. Do seem to recall another brief stop, perhaps on lap six, but I don’t have the details anymore, just the face of a woman right in front of me, and I wonder whether I got confused, considering how tired I was at that point, possibly mixing some older memory with the moment when I just managed to squeeze past what was almost a roadblock. Either way, the people did cause me to lose some time, but it probably wouldn’t have been enough for a new record. A temperature more like last week would have probably made the difference, on the other hand.
In terms of physical issues, my calves seemed to mean to cramp a little at first, though they were eventually fine, my right leg being what I again had to manage more, again starting on lap four, when the knee again started to bother me, and at one point, briefly, that hip as well. But I did manage it and it also got better after a while. It seems likely that I did that by favoring that leg a bit too much, as now I feel some pain just above my left ankle, on the left, and wonder whether I should watch out to avoid a possible stress fracture or it’s something else, but at the time it meant I could focus on the fact that I was starting to feel that I was about to crap myself from sector two of lap five, despite having done so quite thoroughly before leaving. But that was what the garlic was for, so ate that at the start of sector three of lap five, likely losing a few seconds because of that, and after a few of the expected cramps that also got better. In fact, on lap six I had a quite obvious case of runner’s high, feeling like I was flying and everything was fine and briefly thinking that I might yet have a chance… Until I saw that first sector time, proving that I obviously wasn’t flying in the least, but instead getting a fair bit slower, and just pushed to stay under 16 minutes on that lap as well.
Was quite lucky with the shower I took after getting back, since the water suddenly started getting colder as I was rinsing myself, so I finished it with it starting to pretty much feel just lukewarm despite being all the way towards hot, but I did finish it like that… And then realized that even needing to finish it with completely cold water would have been somewhat lucky, as I saw posts mentioning the water turning off completely, both hot and cold, in a pretty significant part of the city, not too far away, the fact that we stopped getting hot water for a while here as well being a consequence of that. Seems to have been fixed later in the evening though, so I wouldn’t have needed to go to bed without showering either way, but it’d sure have been a strange and unpleasant situation.

As for today, since I had decided to order Oathbringer to use that code and some additional little discounts obtained for the few reviews I had translated and posted on that store’s site and had received the message stating that I could pick it up yesterday, I meant to do that now, and also go buy some stuff while I was out and had the metro card as well, the idea being to probably get back just before the match. However, after sleeping poorly, having the upstairs neighbor make noise as well and eventually getting up around 12:40 PM, after dad left, I found a note from him which, among other things, mentioned that I should get back by 7:30 PM, since a meeting of those living here was to start at 8 PM and I’d have to pass through them to come in, therefore likely being stopped or at least asked to call him to attend, which he didn’t want to. And the note also mentioned needing one kind of cat food, for here and for the cats at grandmother’s as well. So I had something more to look for and a good two hours less to do it, meaning that something had to be taken off the plan, and it wasn’t until after I actually went out, just after 2:45 PM, that I made up my mind.
The original plan had me go to Auchan first, since one thing I definitely needed was bread, but since I couldn’t connect that to the others and do still have bread for today, that was what I gave up on, going straight to that store, which I reached at 3:30 PM, leaving some five minutes later with the book. Then I just ignored the Kaufland I passed by and went to that bigger Carrefour, which I reached at 4:25 PM, buying a few things but seeing that the kind of cat food I needed wasn’t that cheap there anymore. So I then went to that other Kaufland and the pet shop that’s there, buying the cat food from that shop and just carrots from Kaufland, the self-checkout again complaining that the wrong item had been placed there even though I didn’t try to cheat in the least this time, but the employee didn’t even wait for me to say something, coming right over and overriding the error, so I wonder if it wasn’t some known problem. Not quite sure when I got to that Kaufland, but left with everything at 6:10 PM and I’d say the whole thing probably took me about half an hour, or possibly just a little less than that. Then I also passed through the farmers’ market from that area, reaching it at 6:25 PM and just getting one kilogram of apples, deciding to accept the offer of the person selling them, who saw me looking and offered a price of 2 RON instead of the listed one of 2.5 RON. Did tell her that I’ll look a little more and checked out those sold by another person first, but then I went right back, not going to others as well, to leave more quickly. Considered passing through the Carrefour from that area as well, looking for some bread from there, since that bigger one didn’t have anything I could be interested in, but eventually came right back, getting here just before 6:55 PM and needing to go out again tomorrow.


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