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Catching Up Before, I Hope, Planting Trees Again at Videle

Writing another post to catch up before, I hope, planting trees again, since if things will work out that way I’ll need to be up and out even earlier Saturday, so tomorrow I’m even more determined to try to sleep or at least stay in bed as much as possible. At least last week’s second post was not personal and came easily, so I managed to delay making use of another one of those old book reviews a bit longer, though at the moment I don’t like my chances of doing so one more time. But that’s a matter for Sunday, and right now I guess I’ll start with this period’s timed squats, and with the fact that Saturday I listed 2:23, but I just opened my eyes when I finished and it may be likely that it took me a second to find the time on the screen. The next day I did them in about 2:21, though there was a short replay right at the end, and then it was 2:22 Tuesday, 2:13 yesterday and 2:18 today. And since I’m at odds and ends, Sunday I again noticed another double middle click, after quite a long time without any. Can’t say I noticed those issues when scrolling up anymore either recently, though I also didn’t look for them.

Before going to bed Saturday morning I sent an e-mail to Elena G., for her birthday, which I hadn’t done in quite a number of years, obviously expecting no reply. But I did get one, just to thank me, which really surprised me, and I kept thinking whether I ought to push it and ask how she’s been… And I keep thinking that, but since I didn’t then, I guess that’s that. On the other hand, since I’m at things other people did that day, in the evening I got nominated for I am not a Monster: First Contact in the Community Giveaway on the GOG.com forums, but before going to bed I refused, being very uncertain about that game at the moment and put off by the fact that I saw someone say that you can’t save during missions, so I didn’t want to take it away from someone who’d really want it, or at least want it right now.
Also Saturday, went to that Cora again, looking for fabric softener for my mother and meaning to also get one of those “refills” of cloves I had seen there last time, so I went out at 5:30 PM, got those, then came back the other way, changing trains at Unirii and getting off at Romana in order to go to that pastry place I had finally bought something from earlier this month. I had asked my mother, since she was here at the time, whether she wanted something from there, so I got two things for myself and the rest for her, though that wasn’t that easy. At first I wasn’t even sure whether the place was still open, since there was no movement inside and it was almost dark, though the products that were left were still lit, but as I was looking the guy did glance at the window, so I saw that he was there, probably busy with something and out of sight otherwise. Stepped away at that point though, as I hadn’t decided yet and couldn’t talk without properly preparing what I meant to say anyway, so I took my time thinking and calculating, rehearsed saying what I had to say in my mind, and eventually went back when some other customers were also there. It still didn’t work quite right on the first try though, since he had apparently given me only one pumpkin pie when I had asked for two, so I paid what I thought I had to pay and he said a lower amount, at which point I expressed my confusion and we went through the items, figuring out what the problem had been. At that moment I rather intended to replace that second pumpkin pie with a sweet cheese and raisins one, to keep getting one of each for her, so she’ll see how what they make is, but since it wasn’t part of what I had rehearsed, I couldn’t say it, just taking that second pumpkin pie and walking away.
The problem was that I was rather stuck thinking about that, which led to me being rather lost in my own mind after I got back on the metro and missing the stop where I had to switch, getting off at the next one and taking the next train back. After that, since I had 1 RON left, I also bought a pretzel for her from this Mega Image across the street and was back at 8:30 PM… Only for the power to fail at 8:44 PM… And to recover about a minute after I had finally turned off the computer, after waiting for some eight minutes. Wondered whether it was just a momentary problem, the result of a failure in another area, and that did indeed seem to be the case when I called, the recorded message mentioning an area that’s quite some distance away, but it also stated that the power was to be restored there at 10:30 PM, and even though these estimates tend to be very conservative and it was indeed likely that our area was collateral damage and will recover sooner, if it didn’t recover within the first few minutes I assumed it’ll be a while longer, and then was quite annoyed. But at least there were no problems when I turned the computer back on, and Kaspersky Anti-Virus started normally as well, despite those two logged errors when I installed it, and didn’t seem to cause any conflicts when starting up either.

The next day I left at 1:05 PM, first going to vote and then meaning to go to other Cora locations, since my mother had asked for a couple of other things before going back and that was the best place to get them from. However, I first stopped at Unirii, after having learned the previous evening that a campaign offering free lung tests was taking place. It had apparently been going on for a while, every weekend, and that was the last one, so the last day, but considering the fact that I was going to go to the doctor the following day, being worried about breathing, it seemed like something I couldn’t miss. So I went there, waited my turn, went in and had the test done, the values shown for breathing out being above the normal ones, up to 145% for one of them, so the person who was there said it shows when I told her I run. However, the values for breathing in were low, but she said that as long as those for breathing out are so good it means my lungs are fine and the problem is probably elsewhere, possibly having to do with acid reflux that damages something on the way, so she recommended having that checked out.
After that, checked out the two other locations of Cora that can be easily reached by using the metro, different from the one I had been to the day before, since I already knew a package I had seen on the site wasn’t available there. However, though the site did list it as available at both, I couldn’t find it at either, so I just lost a bit of time in each place, and also getting a bit lost in that shopping center the first one’s in, which tends to happen if I somehow end up going there. Got off the metro at Titan, walking back from there and being about to enter the building at 4:35 PM. Then I did what I should have done from the beginning, asking dad to make an account there and order the products on-line, for me to pick them up the next day, since they don’t charge for that service, like Auchan does now that they introduced it as well, nor require the payment to also be made on-line, like Carrefour.

The next day I had the appointment, so the alarm rang at noon and I left with dad at 1:20 PM, walking to the clinic and sitting down to wait by 1:50 PM. I was third in line at that point, though the first person was outside, but that doesn’t mean that much, since this doctor my parents chose as our family doctor not only doesn’t schedule time slots, but tends to have people go in out of order as well, if she knows them, so what’s clear when you have to go is that you’ll be spending hours waiting. And that day it was almost 2:30 PM when she arrived, though she should have been there at 2 PM, and she also took a couple who had in fact been the last to arrive first. Then she took the two who had actually been there first, both at once since one supposedly just needed something for medical leave, and then, a bit after 3:15 PM, it was my turn to go in, though she also asked a man who had arrived later to come in with me, since he only needed a prescription, so she took care of that first and my turn actually came after that. But at 3:35 PM I was out, so you can say that I actually got off very easily that time, though it was frustrating that after a point I couldn’t exactly continue reading, since I had taken National Geographic with me but could barely get through a few more short quotes and picture descriptions after four of those around me started discussing politics, one being from Moldova and speaking a little about the situation from there and the other three approaching the situation from here from positions that were different, conflicting, but equally stereotypical and almost equally annoying.
To return to the actual appointment, the good news is that she also said my lungs seem fine, after listening to them, and looked over that test result as well and rather dismissed the issues with breathing in too. Not that I trust her in any way, but she said that I probably didn’t breathe in correctly, so the machine couldn’t give a good result, and I was actually considering that as well. And she also asked whether I have symptoms indicating gastritis or acid reflux and wants me to be checked out by a specialist, and dad already made the appointment, for next Friday at 1:30 PM, though I keep wondering what that will actually entail. Other than that, I’ll be doing the regular blood tests as well, also next week, plus that one for that stomach bacterium, so let’s see what those will say. Dread to think about what they’ll say about my kidneys, for one…

After we got out of the clinic, dad checked to see whether he had received confirmation that the order made from Cora could be picked up and, after seeing none, called them and was told it was indeed ready. So, as planned, he went his way and I headed for the metro station. However, when I saw the back of the mall that’s close to that clinic, I realized I could cross through it and then go to that Auchan, where the margarine my mother wanted was cheaper. But I couldn’t make up my mind in time and eventually used another street, then did go the right way for a while, but my mental map had already failed, so I wasn’t sure of it and became even more uncertain, even panicked to some extent, when I reached an intersection where some work was being done, had to walk on the street, and then cross with the traffic lights not working. But I recognized that intersection, and it was close to the Kaufland from that area, so, after first crossing the wrong way and then having to cross back, I had a look there as well. Didn’t find anything interesting though, so just went to the toilet, got back out… And went the wrong way again, though I realized it while still in that lot and turned around, finally heading for that Auchan and buying that margarine, getting out just before the free bus I’d have needed should have left… And finding none when I reached the stop, so I asked a woman who was also waiting whether it had left and, when she said it hadn’t even arrived yet, I decided to walk… And my failed mental map bit me again, as I just uncertainly picked one way where the road splits, thought it had been the wrong one when I was in fact almost at the metro station, went much of the way back to the split, only cutting a bit by using another street, went to the end of that other road and then had to get to the metro station from there, only reaching it at 5:20 PM.
When dad made that order, he selected 5 PM to 5:30 PM as the time when it would be picked up, and I was at Cora at 5:45 PM, but that didn’t matter, since they say they keep orders until the end of the day and it had been ready since before he had called. So I didn’t try to pick it up right away, instead putting the margarine in a cabinet and rushing inside to also get the olives my mother also wanted, then was at the information desk at 5:55 PM… Only to be sent outside when I asked, as orders are picked up from an entirely different area, so it was just after 6 PM when I got there, after passing by their recycling machine and seeing that apparently they offer 0.05 RON per plastic bottle again. Was rather odd when I did get there though, finding an apparently deserted place, with a pretty faint light outside and darkness inside, the door saying access was forbidden. But there were instructions on it, so I read and followed them, using the intercom on the other side of that small area and giving the last three digits of the order number when asked. That surprised me, since the instructions said you should read the number and I was getting ready to read it from the beginning, so I asked whether I had heard that right and then just said those last three. At that point a faint light came on inside as well and a moment later a girl came out to hand me a bag with the stuff, telling me the price… And then not even taking the full amount. It had been 52.91 RON and I first gave her 52 RON, then pulled out most of the change, handed her a 0.50 RON coin and was about to pull the other one out, since I hadn’t the first time, telling her that I was going to do so, when she said that was enough, repeating it after I did pull that coin out, tried to hand it to her and asked whether she was certain. Then I came back, again getting off at Titan and entering the building at 6:50 PM.
The contents of the bag are another thing that surprised me though. For one, we had ordered two packages of two pieces of one product, that being what I had been looking for and not managing to find in the stores, those packages supposedly having the second one at a 50% discount, and they just gave me four separate pieces, being listed on the receipt as having a 25% discount each, making me think that they had sold out of the actual packages before the end of the sale period but still honored the sale price that way if the site had still listed the packages as available. And then there’s the fact that, when I looked in the bag while she went to get me the receipt, I noticed some additional products in there, sweets and soft drinks, and when she returned and I said those weren’t mine she very cheerfully said those were gifts. And indeed, after later checking the order form she had given me I saw that some gifts were listed there, no idea why, but that three brands were listed and I had received products from two of them and two others, some of them having “sample” labels and some not having them, and a box of candy seeming to have been partially opened, though likely not enough for someone to actually be able to access the contents.

Tuesday I was feeling quite down, but decided to go out again, as I had seen that the yogurt was still very cheap at that Auchan but was rushing and forgot to actually get it, and also meant to use another 10 RON code I had for Carrefour. Was looking for expiring stuff first, and had the metro card, so decided to go to that bigger Carrefour first, where I didn’t find anything interesting where they put the stuff that’s discounted because it expires soon, but did find some good kashkaval that was on sale and asked for a piece that ended up costing just under 10 RON, so at first meant to get that and one or two lemons, which were listed as one of the day’s special discounts, but eventually put the stuff back and went back to the metro, deciding after getting in to check out the one at Obor as well. Not that I found anything interesting there either, but on the way, on that more secluded alley where some usually sell cheap lemons, I found really cheap ones of the kind dad likes. But those people seem rather intimidating, and I don’t like that kind anyway, so I just made a mental note to let dad know, in case he’ll want to go there, and went to Dristor, walking to that Auchan and buying yogurt and also another tofu, since it was on sale there now. And then I walked to that Carrefour from that area as well, since I was at the free bus stop ten minutes before the next should have left but none were there, and I don’t think any passed me on the way, and finally got some of that kashkaval from there, the piece being a bit larger than that first one and costing a bit over 10 RON in itself, plus a very small expiring yogurt, after first seeing three of those in that place and then finding just one last one left when I checked again. Got back at 6:15 PM, feeling even more depressed.

And this week’s run was today, getting out at 3:30 PM after getting up at 1 PM, when the alarm rang, though I’m not sure whether I managed to get any more sleep after waking up to pee at 11:45 AM. If I did, it was only very little, possibly falling asleep up to a few times but waking up again after mere moments. Had the usual stuff otherwise, plus some baked pumpkin, and there was hardly any wind, but with a reported temperature around 10°C and dropping a little by the time I finished, a partly cloudy sky and, also by the end, a setting Sun, it was the first time this season when I took the jacket with me. Also wore an undershirt under the running t-shirt, and of course the jacket was just tied around my waist while I ran, but needed to wear it for the walk to the park and back.
The time was 47:07.37, with sector times of 4:19.02, 4:57.81, 5:51 (5:50.98), 4:25 (4:24.67), 4:59.15, 5:46.32, 4:25 (4:24.20), 4:54 (4:53.96), 5:44 (5:43.99) and 1:47.27, making for lap times of 15:07.81, 15:10.14 and 15:03 (15:02.15), so I was once again faster than the week before. Of course, the conditions helped, the fact that there were quite few people also being important, as I only had to go the long way around a few times and rather squeeze past just twice, the first of those moments actually involving the truck. It was right at the beginning, as I passed the bridge on the first lap, when I heard something that sounded like a vehicle moving too fast to be going through the park, so I assumed it was something passing on the bridge above only to suddenly see the truck turning the corner and coming towards me at a speed that really didn’t seem safe when going through a park, and I had to briefly take to the grass to avoid it. But that was pretty much it, and I felt something of a runner’s high from sector one of lap two, the feeling having moments when it was leaving me on lap three but not ending up feeling drained as a result. In fact, I pushed even harder on lap three, deciding to try to get under 47:30, and managing it very easily in the end. My hands were quite frozen by then though, had started freezing around the halfway mark, and it was getting hard to press the buttons on my stopwatch, but I managed, though I wasn’t quite sure I could still control my fingers well enough at the end of lap three.

As for why I said I just hope I’ll be planting trees again, that’s on the one hand because yesterday I received an SMS asking me to confirm my presence by replying to it, I sent an e-mail with my confirmation, including my information, so they’ll identify who it’s from, and an explanation as to why I can’t reply by SMS, and ended up receiving another SMS informing me that the registration deadline had passed and there will be other events in spring. Sent another e-mail to ask what that was about and so far received no reply, so earlier today I also posted a comment on the relevant post on the organizers’ Facebook page, asking for clarification, and there was no reply there either, and in fact I see no replies from them to anyone who posted anything there. And then I also noticed a comment on the event page from someone else who had a similar experience, having received the SMS asking for confirmation and then another stating that the deadline had passed, so something definitely got messed up. But at this point I’m wondering whether any of this is still relevant, because Saturday’s forecast for Videle seems to have changed, now listing showers almost all day, which would make it impossible to plant anyway.


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