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Losing Just About All Interest in Tennis Because of Final Set Tie-Breaks

Was saying I’ll add another quick post last night, but didn’t have the time to do so then, so I’m adding it now. It has to do with the Australian Open confirming, not that it was still necessary, that final set tie-breaks make me lose pretty much any interest in tennis. Just knowing that they exist greatly reduces it, since I pretty much only cared for tournaments that didn’t have them before, and if a match gets to that point, I’ll even switch away. I mean, after the first day, I didn’t even check the results anymore, and I used to carefully look every day during Grand Slam tournaments. But, while I also checked the results of the Romanian players and whether there were any surprises, mainly if favorites were defeated early, the main reason why I looked was just to search for those long matches, which now can’t exist anymore.
With matches being at night, at least this week, I’d have normally watched while I ate and also after, until I went to bed, at least having the match in the background, and then would have likely tried to catch some more matches after waking up as well, but this week I only looked if I was in the kitchen and found nothing else more interesting. And out of what I did happen to watch, the final set of the Khachanov-Ymer match was on while I was trying to get dad’s computer to start again, but once it got to 6-6 I no longer cared, and can’t even say I noticed who won at the time. Then, happened to turn on when it was 6-5 in the final set in the Federer-Millman match, and actually switched away at 6-6, though I did check again and ended up watching the last couple of points, mainly because Federer was involved and I also had that Wimbledon final with Djokovic in mind, where I still say that the fact that a tie-break was introduced in the final set was likely why he lost. Or today, when I turned on as they were excitingly talking about the Kyrgios-Khachanov match and my interest only lasted a few seconds, until I saw that it had ended with a final set tie-break, at which point I just shrugged it off and looked away. And, otherwise, Halep’s match started just before I went to bed last night, and I’d have probably stayed up to watch it otherwise, have done so in the past, but now I just couldn’t get myself to care enough. Not that I thought it was likely to get to a final set tie-break, but because I don’t see a tournament that has such a rule as a major one.


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