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ESET, Lionheart and Recovering from the Flu

Tuesday I finally got around to restoring from that backup, which seems to have worked just fine, and the next day I started another trial of ESET Antivirus. At least they made that initial scan faster, lasting “only” a little over seven hours this time around, but the main thing I want to know is whether it still causes those issues with Vivaldi, of course. Since I’m not going to many sites anymore, I can’t say I tested it so far though, and if what I ended up thinking last time, that it’s likely something that happens after the first reboot, is true, a test wouldn’t be relevant at the moment anyway, since I haven’t rebooted yet after installing ESET Antivirus again.
However, one particularly unfortunate effect I’m noticing at the moment is that Internet Explorer won’t load my site anymore, displaying that message that seems to indicate that it doesn’t support the security protocol used. Everything else that worked before still does, but my site doesn’t, so I have to use Vivaldi even here, when I was thinking that I’ll eventually get to a point where my site may be the only one I’ll still use Internet Explorer for, and actually separate it from regular browsing in that manner. It’s quite clearly something caused by ESET, since it didn’t happen in the time that passed between restoring from that backup and installing it, but I even tried to disable protocol filtering and the problem remained, so I’m not sure what’s going on, or why does it just affect my site. It may change after a reboot, if it’s true that browsers may react differently to having ESET installed after the first reboot, but seeing as I only reboot when necessary, I don’t know when that will happen, or even if it’ll happen before the trial will end, seeing as there are no more Windows updates now either.

The night before restoring from that backup, I installed Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader. Started it that night as well, but then I restarted it the next day, after reinstalling it after restoring from that backup… And Thursday I restarted it again, replacing one tagged skill. The character is still poor, I’m very uncertain about my choices and in fact quite sure that I should have made at least one other different choice, but I’ll see how things work this way I guess. It’s very frustrating that you need to make those decisions from the beginning and can’t fix things later, and that choices made later don’t apply retroactively, and also that there seem to be so many ways to lose experience, but I also know that the second half of the game is poor and pretty much only suited for melee characters, and mine isn’t and won’t be, so it’ll suck either way… But what sucks at the moment is that I even found equipment that grants additional skill points when you level up and can’t afford it before gaining another level, which is just the sort of thing that makes me stop playing, so I’m just hoping I’ll either find a solution or manage to get myself to push through, despite losing that skill point now.

As for the flu, I seem to be recovering quite well. Even last Saturday I was feeling a bit better, though my body decided to make some mess by cleaning some of the plumbing in the morning, as I was sleeping, probably a year or more after this last happened. The next morning I found myself sweating a lot, which was probably a sign of healing, that feeling of having a fever being mostly gone during the day, and less bad during the evening and night, which also allowed me to finish and, since dad was taking a bath, post the review for Ascension to the Throne, also submitting it on MobyGames after a very quick check, minutes before midnight. Had more stuff to blow and spit out though, getting even worse at night… And then most of it once again seemed gone when I woke up the next day, but the fever again seemed worse, also leading to that feeling that my brain wasn’t working as it should, and my throat was sore as well. The temperature wasn’t actually that high though, since I took it twice during the day and saw 37.4°C and 37.5°C.
Felt better after eating and taking the pills that night though, so the next day I got up at 12:10 PM, spent some time on-line, since dad wasn’t here, and went out at 2 PM. While I’ve admittedly been going to bed around 5:15 AM these days, even 5:30 AM Thursday morning, I’ve been getting up around 3 PM, and usually actually sleeping until then, during this period, but I wanted to leave earlier if I meant to buy some things, and the fact that I was back at 4:05 PM allowed me to quickly restore from that backup then as well, rushing to get past the point of no return before changing my mind. My throat was sore, most likely having the worst day it had during this period, but I had no fever anymore, so I walked to Carrefour, put those things I drop off at Kaufland in a cabinet, had a look inside, saw one red cabbage that looked better and tried to sort of hide it under the others, not wanting to buy it then. After that, grabbed those things from the cabinet, walked to the nearby Kaufland, dropped them off there, and found more of those yogurts, not only expiring later but also having those free servings of cereals for those with 10% fat as well. Seeing as I hadn’t eaten any of those bought last time, I could have waited and purchased all of them then, but I couldn’t have known any of this at the time. Either way, got a few more of those, plus some more black radishes and some onions, had no problems with the self-checkout, then still found that cabbage when I returned to Carrefour, so I bought that as well, though at first I found I was missing 0.01 RON to have exact change, so I broke off a few bits as I wandered around a little longer and weighed it again.

And yes, since I’m recovering, yesterday I ran, so I didn’t skip any week because of this flu. The alarm woke me up at 2:30 PM, and I had the usual stuff, the yogurt being one of those “creamy” ones with 10% fat and the cereals one of the free servings that came with them, plus almonds and some old raisins in chocolate as something sweet. Went out at 4:30 PM, just having an undershirt under the t-shirt, the reported temperature being 16°C, and it was sunny as well, though some clouds came later. There was some wind early on, occasionally bothering me a little during the first two laps, but it died down after that.
Went for 16 kilometers and didn’t push too hard, wondering whether I’ll be able to stay under 1:20 at first but realizing after the second sector that there was no chance of that, so I was just thinking of the similar run at the end of the flu I had two years ago, and I ended up close to a minute and a half faster, the time being 1:22:30, with sector times of 4:30, 5:20, 6:08, 4:43, 5:20, 6:15, 4:50, 5:25, 6:16, 4:55, 5:34, 6:28, 4:53, 5:36 and 6:17, making for lap times of 15:58, 16:18, 16:31, 16:57 and 16:46. Did aim to stay under 16 minutes at least on the first lap, and just barely managed that, then the target was 16:30 for the next two, or 16:20 for the second in order to allow 16:40 for the third, then 17:00 for the fourth, in order to be able to take it even easier on the last one if needed. So I just barely managed to hit the better target for lap two as well, gained a few more seconds compared to the new target on the next, just managed the target for the fourth as well, but could be a bit faster on the fifth, not needing to make use of that time I had gained until then.
It was quite crowded though. It seemed to clear on the last lap, but until then I kept having to weave and go the long way around. Also had to move quickly a few times, when those who were in front of me, going in the same direction, blocked the side I meant to pass them on just when I got there, one of these situations being unintentionally caused by a fellow runner who heard me and tried to clear the way on the inside, but did so just when I had also changed direction, meaning to pass him on the outside. There were roadblocks as well, I think the first one on sector two of lap one, when two groups coming from opposite directions passed each other right in front of me and I had to take to the grass and go around a garbage can to get through. Then there was a double roadblock I had to pick my way through right at the end of what I believe was lap two, though it’s also possible it was in fact lap three, and smaller ones on sectors one and three of, if I remember correctly, lap four, requiring me to slow down a little. Otherwise, coughed a few times, and there was one moment, early on, when it felt like the stuff was blocking the air from getting into at least one lung, but that got better, as did my right hip, which gave a few warnings on sector two of lap two, the right knee being the problem, starting to hurt towards the end of that same sector and not only not getting better, but actually getting a fair bit worse from the start of lap five. Still, I just pushed through it, even on that sector one of lap five, since I wanted to make sure I’ll stay under five minutes, and then again on the last sector, though I probably allowed myself to take it a bit easier on the one in between.


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