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Attempting a Ranking for (What Should Have Been) Eurovision 2020

I was saying in the previous post that I couldn’t try to rank the songs I chose for what should have been the final more than I did in that last paragraph, but I guess I will after all. Kept thinking about it and started doing so to some small extent, for the few at the top, when I edited that last paragraph after getting back on-line that night, but after sleeping on it I woke up with a somewhat clearer idea and initially meant to add this to that post, editing it again. However, I decided to just make one more addition to that last paragraph, realizing I had forgotten something, and put this in a separate post, especially since I have another quick one to add today and it therefore won’t feel like I’m “cheating” just in order to get an easy second post this week. So, stressing that this is very rough and if you’d ask me again I’d quite certainly order them differently, here goes…

1. Belgium
2. Poland
3. Bulgaria
4. Slovenia
5. France
6. Netherlands
7. Croatia
8. Sweden
9. Denmark
10. Norway
11. Finland
12. Estonia
13. Italy
14. Albania
15. Romania
16. Moldova
17. United Kingdom
18. Spain
19. Malta
20. North Macedonia
21. Switzerland
22. Lithuania
23. Ireland
24. Georgia
25. Germany
26. Latvia


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