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SETI@home at 21

According to the Wikipedia page, today marks 21 years since the SETI@home project was launched. I’m not exactly sure what the date refers to, seeing as the earliest archived technical news reports state that the Windows and Mac clients were released on May 13, but the official project launch was indeed on May 17. I did see a number of people on the message boards listed as having joined around May 14 or 15, but there are also some listed as having joined in April, and I recall at least a couple of them saying that they did so because they took part in the beta. But I guess one thing can be said with certainty: Whichever moment you take into account, the project was most definitely not launched any later, so May 17 marks the day when we can be certain that 21 years have passed since the full public release of SETI@home.
Unfortunately, the moment catches the project in hibernation, which I take as another sign, albeit one coming long after many others, marking the end of an age of the Internet, an age that was much better than the current one. But some activity still exists, the server status page at the moment listing 363711 SETI@home and 32 Astropulse results still in the field, with 216 SETI@home results returned in the last hour. I see that six days ago Eric said that just 795 work units still needed results, not having the two or, in case of overflows, three matching ones needed for validation, so I have no idea how many or, in fact, if any are left, but yesterday I even noticed one task listed as being ready to send. That was just after I had BOINC check, and I then had it check again after seeing that, but I didn’t get it, so I guess somebody else got lucky, unless it was some sort of error. Haven’t seen anyone posting that they received any more resends in quite some time though.
Regardless, what’s also certain is that the project isn’t completely in hibernation at this time, so it did turn 21 while maintaining some level of activity and I started a thread to mark the occasion, for what it’s worth. At this point, maintaining some level of activity is unlikely to still be the case on July 15 or 14, depending where you look, which is the date that will mark 21 years since I joined it, since I needed to wait for a version that supported proxy servers, since I was behind one at the time, but I will definitely keep BOINC attached to it and get to 21 years that way, even if only for myself. And I will keep hoping that the project will return someday, in some form, and I’ll be able to get my computer back to working for it.


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