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Crowded Park, Little Sleep, Dad Doing It Again

Monday I was woken up at 9:35 AM by a call from someone from the firm that’s supposed to service my phone, asking whether those supposed to pick it up contacted me. When I said they didn’t and that I was actually wondering about it, she said they ask because some clients just change their minds, but in this case it means something got mixed up, so they’ll send another request and ask them to rush it. I also said that I hope the problem will actually get fixed this time, since it’s the third time I’m sending it, and that was that. Saw later that I had another confirmation e-mail, with a new number, so I guess they just canceled the initial one and started the process again.

The plan was to run that day, and I knew it was going to be crowded, since it was a free day here, so for a moment I considered staying up even then, thinking that it was only going to get worse later, but I was too sleepy, so I went back to bed and woke up again at 11:35 AM, actually getting up then even though I still had the headache I had gone to bed with. Had the usual stuff, plus almonds, and the last piece of honeycomb as something sweet, put on the full running gear and went out at 2 PM, when the reported temperature was 25°C and it was sunny. Though something still didn’t feel quite right, that calf had improved and I also took care while going down those stairs towards the lake, so it didn’t start hurting then either and it was far less of an issue during the run. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to allow me to improve, much less get back under 48 minutes…
The time was 48:25.30, with sector times of 4:29.50, 5:00 (4:59.91), 5:49.18, 4:28.26, 5:00 (4:59.71), 5:48.37, 4:34, 5:15, 6:10 and 1:52 (1:51.81), making for lap times of 15:18.59, 15:16.34 and 15:59 (15:58.56). So, despite actually being just a tiny bit, less than a second, faster after three laps, I was again even slower than the previous week at the end, and after pushing as hard as I could to get two good laps despite the crowded conditions, I was so exhausted on the third that I don’t even remember the exact times, only having the exact lap time because the time at the end of lap three is the last interval time, so it’s left on the stopwatch. Things are so hazy that I’m not even sure I really looked after sector two, but I did after sector one and I know it was under 4:34, since it had been 30:34.93 after two laps and I remember adding seven, but I can’t recall what I added it to. Seem to remember something about a 46, a 43 or both, differing from the 49 that was there at the end, and it’s possible that the hundredths were very close on all three sectors, making for times on sectors two and three that were almost exactly on the second, which might have caused my mind to “overwrite” them, but I really have no idea. Either way, I barely managed to stay under 16 minutes on that lap, just sticking to the sector times needed for it.
Felt that the temperature is getting a bit higher as well, and while there wasn’t much wind overall, a few gusts did bother me a little. The problem were again the people, however, and this time the park was, as expected, really crowded. I was almost doing interval training, almost sprinting where I found some space, to try to make up for the time lost otherwise. Forget weaving, going the long way around, calculating paths or even squeezing through; there were roadblocks everywhere, making me slow and even completely stop, so many that I can’t accurately remember all of them even on those first two laps. I remember that at the end of the first sector I was trying to pick my way through quite a group when somebody pulled a dog across the path just as I was making my way out of it, forcing me to stop for a couple of seconds, but I actually don’t think that was even the first roadblock. Then remember the start of lap two, when there was a roadblock under the bridge and I meant to try to squeeze through in between the groups passing each other, but the large guy who was right in front of me noticed that I was coming, apologized and stepped aside just then, ending up right in front of me yet again and forcing me to stop as I just about slammed into him and eventually get around on the other side. Then, at the end of that same sector, I took to the grass, cutting a turn, since the path was again completely blocked, and slipped, just my left leg sliding away, though I at least managed not to fall and the leg held as well.
Started taking to the grass more often after that, when the path was blocked, and while I again cut a curve one or two of those times, I needed to go around benches to do so, meaning that I clearly lost time even then. Even so, there were still spots where I had to just stop for a moment, roadblocks I could find no way through right away, people cutting me off, cyclists, plenty of the children on bicycles or scooters going all over the place. Admittedly, there was also a moment, at the end of a sector one, I believe of lap three, when a girl on a scooter sort of opened the way for me through a roadblock, but I still lost time, since she was slower than me and I then had to find a way around her as well after getting through the others. And then there were those two cyclists, a man and a girl, with the girl rather going all over the place and the man trying to follow her lead, who got in my way on sector three of lap two and held me back for a bit, then pulled slightly ahead, moved off the path around the lake, then got back to it on sector one of lap three, the girl again ending up alongside me and just about matching my speed, so I couldn’t move to get around those in front of me until she finally pulled ahead and then went back off the path. On the other hand, I also recall a nice moment, I believe on a sector two, though I have no idea of which lap anymore, when I seemed to be facing another complete roadblock but the guy who was right in front of me just slightly turned his head as I approached and casually stepped towards the others he was with, creating just enough of an opening between their group and the other just at the right moment for me to easily pass through. That really stood out as the exception that day, and I thanked him as I passed, though I doubt he heard.

After the run, first went the other way, to get to the corner and look for the larger newspaper and magazine stand I knew used to be there, since I had some money with me and meant to look for this month’s National Geographic and a certain sudoku magazine, since I was finally about to finish the one I had on my desk for two years. That particular sudoku one seems harder to find though, always was, but I knew it did still exist, so I meant to check that other stand after having a look at the one across the road from the park on the way there and not seeing it… But that stand wasn’t there anymore, so I just turned around and came back here, not crossing the road again to have another look at that one. Did end up crossing the last road three times, however, since I know that this stand that’s on this corner is owned by some neighbors that are likely the ones my parents know best, and who also know me, so I usually avoid the place, to avoid awkwardness, but when I passed it that time I noticed someone else being there, and also quite a few sudoku magazines on display. So I turned around after crossing the road, crossed it back and asked for National Geographic while having a look at those, but didn’t spot that one quickly and the woman who was there was standing right behind me and asking what I was interested in, so I couldn’t stay, felt the need to get out of there and did so, leaving looking for that other one for another time.

Finally shaved my head that evening, before showering, and then the plan would have been to sleep in the next day, but at 11:15 AM I was awake, after receiving a message to notify me that the phone will be picked up that day. Just turned on the intercom and exchanged a few words with dad, then went back to bed, but it took me a while to fall asleep again and at 1:05 PM another identical message woke me up again, so I decided to stay up, to also spend some more time on-line while dad was away, especially since the Trend Micro Antivirus+ trial was ending that day and I didn’t know whether any parts of it would remain functional at night, so I wanted to do what I could earlier in order to play it safer if it’ll get completely disabled, not meaning to restore from that backup and move on to something else that day. However, all the waiting around, even holding it in until the feeling went away and ending up not even taking a crap that day and opening the door in a hurry when someone rang only to see that it was a neighbor looking for dad, ended up being for nothing, as nobody came and I just ended up exhausted, only managing to get another hour or so of sleep in the evening. And while I’m at that day, I’ll also mention here that I saw no visits in either view again, and that at night the trial did indeed expire and even scanning was no longer possible. It still seemed to be doing something though, judging by the CPU use, but I didn’t test whether it still caught anything.

That exhaustion didn’t stop me from getting back up at 6:45 AM yesterday, after likely less than one more hour of sleep, to go to Carrefour and Kaufland, so I’ll be back before dad will go to Auchan, and also before any risk of storms, which the forecast listed as beginning around 3 PM, though in fact just the clouds appeared then and even those were starting to clear again by 5 PM, without any rain, so this last part wouldn’t have been a problem. But I made a new list, adding the things dad had written on one left on the kitchen table, since I didn’t know whether he wanted me to get those things as well or not, grabbed the recyclables and was out the door at 8 AM.
This time around, while Kaufland still didn’t start checking again, they were taking people’s temperature when entering that mall this Carrefour is in, so they took mine twice, since I first checked prices there, then went to Kaufland, just getting a couple of things from there, then returned. Had several things to get from Carrefour though, and also added another carton of eggs that were about to expire and all the six bags of those things for my mother, since I noticed that they were on sale and those bags were the only ones left at the moment, and I only realized when checking out that I wouldn’t have had enough money, being just 0.19 RON short, if I would have again forgotten that discount code. But this time I did take it and it was used, though the employee seemed new, as he asked another one for help with it.
Also looked for that sudoku magazine again, including checking out the two Inmedio locations that are next to that Kaufland and Carrefour, actually checking the one next to Kaufland twice because an employee was arranging some stuff in that area the first time and the other asked me what I wanted when she saw me looking, so I left then and got back after leaving Kaufland, when I could just look. Then, since I couldn’t find it there, I went in the other direction after leaving that mall, looking for a stand, but just got to the intersection and returned, seeing none there. And with none on the way back either, I got back around 11:20 AM or so, put the purchases where they belonged, took a shower and ended up asking dad to try to look for that magazine in Auchan, after having already asked him to look for tea there.

Seems I just don’t learn, do I? I asked him for one of each kind of tea, saying that he may not find one, so just get the others in that case, and also for that thing, also specifying that it should be the one appearing this month, so it’ll be exactly two years after this one I had on my desk all this time… And he came back with one of each of the other kinds of tea, but two of that one I thought he might not find, saying that if I said it may be harder to find otherwise, he wanted to get me more now that it was available… And two other sudoku magazines, each of them costing more and having a little over half the number of puzzles of that one, and also having been released earlier this year, apparently because he was told that one will be released tomorrow and he just thought I liked doing them. When I reminded him I specified everything, and had also told him I knew that one’s harder to find but I had looked for it specifically in various places and only found others, so didn’t get any, he said I didn’t tell him directly and clearly, for each thing, that he must buy that and only that and may not replace it with something else or get more, so he took all of it as meaning that it’d be nice if he found that one, and this month’s issue, but in no way a requirement, and that either way it was too much information and he takes it as news and only listens to the headline, mentioning that he complains to his coworkers who write news about complicating things as well when the important information isn’t entirely in the headline. Worse, when I complained he of course immediately retaliated with the one thing making it worse, saying that if I don’t want them he’ll throw them away, so I had to take them to avoid being responsible for waste as well.
Either way, since I had calculated everything so I had just enough left to spend for myself this week to cover one of each of those teas and that magazine, meaning to count what he’ll spend on them as having been spent by me on stuff for my own use and move that amount to what’s available for other things, I spent the rest of that evening trying to work out what I’ll be able to cut out of the necessary purchases over the following weeks to make up for it, when I’m at the very limit to begin with. Of course, he doesn’t care, just saying that, even without getting into specifics, he can’t understand worrying about something already done and which can’t be changed, and there was actually more to that discussion and I probably made my side sound far less serious than it was because it was just so awkward, and talking always is for me, but the bottom line is that it all left me whimpering and about to collapse on the kitchen floor after he went out to get something else, and unable to go take a nap after that despite hardly sleeping in the morning. Only napped for perhaps half an hour after I finally got back to my room at 10:30 PM, after finishing in the kitchen, since after spending some time on-line while eating an entire bag of those things otherwise bought for my mother, which was another thing I was feeling guilty about, since instead of possibly saving something I had ended up responsible for using even more and that only added to it, I had started making something when he got back from Auchan and then stayed there to do all of it myself, so he won’t mess up even more and so I could just keep my hands busy with something while my mind desperately tried to wrestle with the situation. Not that he didn’t still mess things up even more even so, quickly cooking something for himself as well after I was done and again leaving a mess while also supposedly “washing” a colander and putting it back in the cabinet still both dirty and completely wet.

After all of that, only got in bed at 5:20 AM… And ended up jumping out of it when the intercom rang in the morning. I don’t know who it was, as after it stopped ringing I heard it start ringing at another apartment and nobody came here, but at first I obviously assumed it was the guy finally coming to pick up the phone, without calling first, and struggled to get out of my pajamas and put on my pants. It’s possible that I also did something else to my left leg then, since I’ve been feeling some pain in that foot today, as if I had walked too much, though I doubt yesterday’s trip would have caused that, and the knee bothered me a little as well.
After the intercom stopped ringing, I checked my phone and saw that there had been no call or message, and also that it was 10:53 AM. But I was up, and knew that if I’d get back to bed I’ll likely end up continuing to put off restoring from that backup again, so I got right to it and even remembered to first suspend computing in BOINC before starting, which was a setting it remembered after it was done, since its data folder is on another partition, and then turned it off completely as soon as it loaded again, before the time updated, and this avoided any problems. The odd thing, on the other hand, was that Samsung Magician didn’t say that there was an update available again, and in fact is clearly stating that I have the latest version, and also the latest firmware version, which clearly shouldn’t be the case. It’s as if it’s not checking anymore, but I don’t really care to look into it, especially since I didn’t care for the new version when I did allow it to update, a month ago.
But to return to the phone, at 11:40 AM I received another message stating that they’ll come pick it up today, which was followed by another identical one minutes later, and by a call at 12:15 PM, the guy asking whether I had one product or two to send, since he has two entries, so I quickly explained what happened and some five minutes later he was here, with his mask down when he got to the door, and finally picked it up. Now let’s hope they’ll actually deliver it to them, and then back to me, without something like this happening again… And also that it’ll actually be fixed, or replaced with a working one, this time around.
Otherwise, at least today I didn’t accumulate even more sleep debt, since I eventually crawled back in bed in the afternoon, woke up after about one hour, when dad got back, but then got back to sleep and got some two and a half hours more, so it should have added up to eight, if not up to eight and a half. Really doesn’t make up for the one hour or so I got yesterday, and even that came after getting relatively little Monday and Tuesday as well, and I’m feeling it, but I hope I’ll manage to use the next few days to recover a bit… Though the whole thing about that magazine really messed me up again, and at the moment I’m just keeping the old one here on my desk, with those last two puzzles I had left unsolved, and thinking that I’ll just keep doing so, even if it’s dirty and on the back even moldy, so I won’t add to the changes that make every waking moment ever harder to deal with. Did start one of the new ones though, but I’m putting them elsewhere, and actually thinking to keep this one here for another year, to only replace it with the one released three years after it, since I won’t get this one released two years later. But at the same time it’s not impossible that I’ll find a way to somehow work buying it this month into what I mean to spend after all, despite starting from a negative value. I’ll see about all of that next week, I guess…


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