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Today I somehow managed to do something I’ve been meaning to do for years: I finally mentioned on the site’s front page that the fantasy art gallery is no longer updated, since I think the last time I added something there was in 2013, and moved the list of bands and artists that caught my attention at some point to a separate section of the site. It’s still the plain table that used to be a basically hidden page on the blog, and adding more details is highly unlikely and writing more New Finds posts seems next to impossible now, when the time I spend on-line is limited, and as far as I recall I only added a single artist to the list itself since things ended up being this way, but at least what’s already there will be a little more visible now, I guess, for whatever good that may do. Also, while I was at it, I found myself once again thinking of making a section for the books I’ve read as well, similar to the one I have for games played, but that won’t be as simple as pretty much just taking the code I already have and putting it somewhere else, and I’m not sure how I mean to sort the entries and what notes, if any, to include, so this may be another thing that will only happen years down the line, if ever.

Otherwise, after getting up and checking this afternoon, I noticed that the time for the MilkyWay@home tasks processed since I went to bed was 5-10% longer than normal, and that was the actual CPU time, and when I ran CPU benchmarks I saw values that were consistently 3-4% lower than normal. Checking the reported tasks as well, it seems the change happened at some point before I connected again after eating the night before, my CPU apparently just deciding to get slower, though the reported speed is the same. So, with no other idea, I rebooted, which also allowed me to test whether Emsisoft Anti-Malware still makes me unable to boot back up without disabling it first, noticing that, while it took a pretty long time before the desktop showed up, the problem didn’t appear anymore. And running CPU benchmarks again resulted in normal floating point speed, and while the integer one remained just as low, the processing times returned to normal.

Yes, that means that, after waiting out the day, Thursday night I started a trial of Emsisoft Anti-Malware, to see if anything changed for the better. On the other hand, before that, Liza worried me. The seven days during which she should have taken those pills finished, though of course she hardly took any of them, considering how dad went about it, and he seemed to just assume that everything was fine now, but she started meowing a little before midnight, which is strange when she’s just with me, and then came to the kitchen and stayed there the rest of the night, including when I sat right next to her to eat. She hissed at me, but just turned around and remained there, which is pretty much unheard of for her, and then she seemed rather agitated as she slept, and only hissed one more time but again just stayed there after I got up for a moment and then sat down again. Told dad about it yesterday and he said he thought something was off about her too, at first trying to shrug it off, saying she may be getting older, but when I rejected that idea he said he’ll take her to the vet again… Yet when I asked him about it today, he said he probably won’t take her, but just call to ask about it.

Speaking of yesterday, he mentioned that he drove into a pothole when he went to work the night before and dented the car, which will likely cost about 1000 RON to fix, adding that I should compare that to me being worried about the 8 RON spent on those magazines. When I said I’m worried about my expenses, he said it’s about the family’s, and that God sends us such lessons when we act in such a manner. I almost laughed at that, but when I was already feeling so guilty about it and that made it even worse, felt like anything but laughing. On the other hand, I had just received another survey from Carrefour, so I had another one of those 10 RON codes, so soon after the previous one, when I thought I tended to receive them every two months or so. So, if he thinks in those terms, it could be said that, since I’m frugal, calculated and keep my demands low, I was given what I needed, while he was punished for being careless and saying it’s not something to worry about. But I didn’t say anything else at the time.


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