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International Anti-Procreation Day 2020

Have only done so once before, back in 2014, but this seems like a good time to mention that June 17 is the date chosen by The Advocacy for Anti-Procreation as International Anti-Procreation Day. Of course, it’s still also the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, which is recognized by the UN, and this particular June 17 is also the day when a new report and call to action, along with a message from representatives of WWF, UN and WHO, was published, pointing out the connection between pandemics and the way in which humans exploit and destroy nature and calling for measures to be taken, for this reason as well as for the broader problem of environmental degradation. But, however important, these other events and developments are being covered by many media sources today, while this little event is not, so I’ll just take this opportunity to post this reminder that it exists… And, of course, that human overpopulation is in fact the world’s biggest problem, influencing the other major environmental and social ones, many to a large extent, and making them impossible to solve without solving it first.
There actually is a brief mention of population on the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought page, but it’s again taken as a given, as if children are being born and the population increases on its own and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, so it must be mitigated by imposing changes and restrictions in pretty much all other aspects of life and society instead of gradually reducing the need for such restrictions, obviously when it comes to the actions, behaviors and practices that aren’t in themselves harmful, by severely restricting, and at this point I’d firmly say outright banning for decades to come, that one thing, having children. Yes, a lot needs to change because the practices themselves are harmful, damaging or otherwise wrong, or merely because much better ones are now possible, and the world is already so overpopulated and the environment so overexploited and damaged that, without either a significant increase in average lifespan or a definitely undesired one in mortality, it may well be that the adults, possibly even young adults, alive today won’t live to see the day when the population will be low enough and the environment restored and healthy enough to experience the full benefits of such a policy, but the benefits in all areas bar maintaining the current economic model are obvious and some will start appearing even after a few years. And discarding this economic model and replacing it with something completely different is a necessity and a benefit in itself, of course.
But I’m not saying anything new and this is just meant to be a quick post reminding people that somebody came up with this day and antinatalists, childfree people, deep ecologists or other real environmentalists, those worried about overpopulation for any other reasons, and those who in general are actually using their brains to think and not at most to rationalize their basic instincts and/or giving in to peer pressure and/or following societal norms that aren’t only no longer in any way justified but actually harmful, can make use of the opportunity to make their views and arguments heard, or even simply remind the world and each other that they exist, and perhaps also celebrate in some way. Celebrating by having sex is certainly allowed and even encouraged, but unless those involved are sterilized or definitely sterile, do make sure to take all necessary precautions… And, of course, also make sure to take all the precautions necessary to minimize the risk of contacting or spreading the virus causing the current pandemic.


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