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Just Some Shopping and Another Weird Conversation

Last Friday, after again sleeping badly in the morning, I actually bought a first game I’m going to give away on the GOG.com forums, probably on my birthday, unless I’ll perhaps end up with a reputation of 3000 before then and decide to make use of that moment instead, so let’s see what I’ll add by then. After that, I went out at 2:40 PM, taking the recyclables, but once outside I realized I didn’t have a cap on, so I dropped the recyclables off in the bin and rushed back for it. Then I finally walked first to the Carrefour from the park, to have a look at prices, just in case, then passed through that other farmers’ market on the way to that Auchan I used to go to, actually getting the route just right in order to come out at the main road next to that recycling center from that area, to check what its rewards are.
At Auchan, I saw that, though it’s not listed on the site anymore, they do still have that kind of bread I used to get from there, being the only location they made it at. The weights were odd, usually around 350 grams, with the smallest having 318 or 320 grams, not sure anymore, and the two biggest ones 360 and 364 grams, and I calculate it at up to 150 grams per day, definitely not more than that, while less than 120 grams per day would be too little, so I looked at all of them, since at least they were packaged and you didn’t need to ask for them anymore, no bread being available like that anymore, and got those two biggest ones, counting them as enough for six days. Looked at yogurt too, but decided against getting some at the time, leaving just with the bread and again finding the right path to that farmers’ market on the way back, using a different route. And the reason why I wanted to get back there was that I had checked out the bakery from that location as I passed through the first time and was wondering about trying some of the bread from there as well, so I ended up getting one to add to the two bought from Auchan. Then I ended up making a detour of almost one kilometer on the way back, exploring an area nearby, and was only getting to the building at 5:45 PM.

Also shaved my head that evening, and after hanging the laundry to dry and putting the water for mamaliga on the stove, I took apart the living room door handle, which had been coming off for quite a long time and which dad wasn’t fixing. Thought I’ll just have a look at it, but after figuring out pretty quickly what was wrong, I thought I’ll be able to fix it just as quickly… And ended up spending over one hour there, because it was really hard to make the last component fit and the whole thing just didn’t seem to work the way I thought it should anyway, making me think that dad had faced the same problem when he replaced the broken old one with it and tried to force what he could force and leave the rest as it was, resulting in it coming off in that manner. So I eventually gave up that night, leaving it off, but managed to fix it the next day, actually only needing some 20 more minutes to do it, and actually do it right, realizing I hadn’t quite figured everything out the first time, and also that there was a better way to push that last component in its place.

Dad had been away since Friday morning, returning Sunday afternoon, so I spent Sunday evening finally finishing the review for Lionheart, submitting it on MobyGames as well. Really should add it and Ascension to the Throne to my Games Played list, along with three more games played in the past which aren’t there yet, since I tend to make such additions in groups of five, but I keep putting it off. And it’s not that I wouldn’t have such games to add right away, as I have at least 16 that I’m certain to have correctly identified and haven’t yet added and even more that I could probably also add, in fact being certain that I correctly identified about half of those as well, the problem with them being that I either gave up quickly or think I only played the shareware portion, or in a few cases just a demo, so I’m not sure they should count. But I struggle to rate games played so long ago, and writing that little comment about them is a struggle as well. In fact, that’s a real struggle even for games played and reviewed recently, but in that case the problem is squeezing the conclusion of the review into the limit I set for myself when writing those comments, while for games played back when I was little I’m worried I’m forgetting something important or incorrectly remembering even what I think I do remember.

Moving on, Tuesday I meant to get up to leave as soon as I’ll first happen to wake up, but that first time actually came while it was still dark, probably mere minutes after I fell asleep, and when I checked the time after waking up again I saw it wasn’t even 6:50 AM, so I only got up after waking up for the third time, the sounds coming from the computer seconds later telling me that the backup script was running, so it was 8 AM. Either way, went out at 9:20 AM, forgetting those things I drop off at Kaufland, though at least that meant I didn’t have to stuff them in a cabinet, since I first passed through that mall to check the prices and expiring things at Carrefour. Then I went to Kaufland and got what I meant to get from there, including one thing I thought was going to be on sale next Monday and Tuesday, realizing while I was there that I hadn’t paid attention to the dates.
That meant I had very little money left when I returned to Carrefour, but it was nevertheless enough for the watermelon I meant to buy. However, a few interesting yogurts had appeared among the expiring products by then and I got two of them. Adding the price I thought I saw, after scanning them twice, to that of the watermelon meant I was a mere 0.01 RON short, so I spent some time searching for a coin, then meant to try it like that when I didn’t find any, hoping the cashier will accept it. However, I scanned those yogurts again before doing so, to be absolutely sure, and saw a price that was 0.20 RON higher than what I was sure I had seen those first two times. It seems highly unlikely that the price changed then, but so does somehow seeing the wrong price twice, and I did try again at that same scanner as well, just in case there was something wrong with one of the scanners, and it was still this higher price. So, after considering looking for a smaller watermelon that also seemed good and realizing that it was going to prove particularly difficult, I just weighed that one again, cheating the scales a little. Felt bad about it, since I had no reason to want to get back at them for anything then, but that was what I could pay… And then, after grabbing my stuff from the cabinet, I saw that there was a crack in that watermelon, so I didn’t feel that bad about it anymore. Still, I hadn’t noticed it before, so maybe it didn’t have it at first and it appeared as I handled it, but it’s also possible that the cashier caused it, since I hadn’t noticed it at all before getting to the checkout and yet did right after that. Either way, spent quite a while trying to make it fit in the backpack, but eventually had to give up and put cabbage there, leaving that mall at noon. The bags and backpack weighed 14.2 kg, but it was easy to carry everything like that and I was back here at 12:20 PM.

I’ll add here that there were no visits recorded that day, and I couldn’t even stay awake to stay on-line until dad got back that afternoon, so I napped for about one hour after showering. Then, as he was cooking and I was cleaning some mushrooms he had brought before that trip and which were starting to go bad, meaning to use them to also cook something after he’ll be done, he dropped an onion into the cats’ water bowl and pointed it out to me, with a look I couldn’t understand until he said that it obviously means the onion must be thrown away, because the cats can transmit things through their saliva and he won’t make such experiments on himself. This, of course, coming from a guy who usually cares next to nothing about food safety and tends to say that you need to gain immunity by not being so careful and exposing yourself to some things, and keeps reminding me that when he was little he drank milk straight from the cow’s udder and nothing bad happened. I meant to use it myself, for what I was going to cook, but when he harshly told me to not even think of putting it back with the others, I threw it away after all.
Felt awful about it though, and also baffled by something like this coming from him, so I reminded him that it’d be washed and cooked, and asked whether he thought it doesn’t come into contact with any animals or insects, or anything else potentially dangerous, on the fields, in storage, during transportation or in the store, but he was saying that he knows the cats have their tongue in that bowl while he doesn’t know anything else and doesn’t have to think of everything, and asking whether I’d eat something out of the cats’ litter box, pretty much ignoring me when I said you can’t compare the situations. I then pointed out that it means it’s a matter of belief, not of knowing there’s a risk, and he said that disease is largely a matter of belief as well, and when I said that’s proven false he said that the placebo effect is proven to be real, and its reverse is also real. So I gave him a while, so he’ll snap out of that state, and then suddenly asked whether he isn’t bothered by placing food straight on the table and then eating it when he knows the cats also get on the table, stepping on it with feet they do have in the litter box, or even leaving his food on the table and at least Liza being likely to at least smell it, if not even try to get a taste, and he went straight back to that usual reply about drinking milk straight from the cow’s udder. So I made the connection for him, reminding him of the earlier discussion, and he paused for an instant, then just said again that he believes it to be different, doesn’t think about those other risks and doesn’t have to, while he does think about that one and won’t experiment in that manner.
Either way, with me doing most of my cooking after he was done, it was just after 3 AM when I even started eating dinner, though I did have something earlier as well, while he was cooking. But I’m actually adding this part to mention that the first taste I had of the tomato, onion and Bianca pepper salad I had made in a hurry that night really brought me back, because that’s a combination I rarely make myself but which was common back when I was little, especially while living with my grandparents. Admittedly, the salad that was usually made then also included at least cucumber as well, which I hadn’t bothered to add that night, and often also radishes, but that didn’t change things, and the fact that the very first bite included a little of each of those three ingredients pretty much made me freeze and feel thrown back by more than 20 years for just a moment.

Meant to include Friday, and the little bit about Thursday, here as well, but I’m quite exhausted and have no idea what else to write as the week’s second post, and since I have enough of a buffer to afford two personal ones, I’ll leave this as it is and put the rest, since there’s quite a lot of it, in the next. Just hope I’ll manage to write it, even if it’ll now need to be a Sunday update, because it may well end up being longer than this one, even if it just covers one day, plus a couple of sentences about the one before it. Did find some time to look over this post in the evening and meant to ask dad whether he could disconnect for a couple of minutes in order for me to post this before midnight and give myself at least the chance of avoiding a Sunday update, even if it’ll be next to impossible to actually make use of it, but as soon as I got up from the computer, the idea completely slipped my mind, running and then spending the day wandering around the city, in the heat and carrying things, on next to no sleep probably having something to do with that. So I’m just posting it now, before going to bed, at the expense of even checking much of anything on-line tonight, since it was a bit after 3:45 AM when I even managed to finish dinner and still had some things to do after that, before even getting back to my room.


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