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A Good Run, Mouse Definitely Double Clicking and More Walking

Monday I got up at 12:29 PM and went out at 2:22 PM, which is a time that looks interesting enough to list so exactly. The first idea was to finally get that detergent from Penny, this being the first time I’d buy anything from there, and after also having a look in a Mega Image on the way and seeing a good price for some nice grapes, making a mental note to buy some later, I was back in about one hour, the 10 kg bag being pretty easy to carry when I had a sturdy bag and didn’t get anything else, so I could easily switch hands when needed. A somewhat strange thing was that the cashier was asking everyone whether they had the store’s card, which apparently doubled the points received for discounts for some plushies that can be turned into pillows, but in my case she didn’t ask, looked on the receipt, paused for a moment to multiply the number listed there by two and handed me that doubled amount of stickers, as if I had a card, which I obviously didn’t. Not like I’m going to use those points, so it doesn’t matter anyway, but I was wondering why and could only think of the fact that I had made sure that the bag of detergent had the bar code on top when I placed it on the belt, so she didn’t have to handle it in order to scan it, and also gave her 101 RON, to get 30 RON back as change.
Either way, left again about half an hour after getting back, first checking that place for a carrot cake again, being told they still didn’t have any, and then also going to that confectionery, asking about that cake when I still didn’t see any and being told they will make it again, but not until after next week, when they’ll be on vacation. So I continued on my way, first going to the bar where you could sign for Demos to take part in the local elections, that being the last day, getting there right at 5 PM and first going to the bathroom, to wash my hands and also give myself a bit of time, the bathroom being in another body of that building. Then I walked in and tried to look for the list of signatures while pretending to look around the place and check the menus. However, a waiter, or at least somebody working there, approached me almost immediately, asking whether he could help me and insisting when I first ignored him and then mumbled a weak “no” as I walked past him and inside, still looking for those lists. Had to get back out right away though, since he said I don’t have access to the bar, so I got back to the menus and pretended to actually read them more carefully while he just stood there and stared right at me, then had another look around and finally spotted the lists, which were just in front of the door and had been behind him when I walked inside, so I asked whether that was where one could sign for Demos and he confirmed. So I did it, mumbling something along the lines of “might as well, if I got here anyway”, though that was obviously the only reason I had gone there in the first place. Not that it helped them in any way, as they again gathered far fewer than necessary, but at least I did my part.
Since that bar was close to it, went to the Carrefour from Unirii after that, but wandered around a little at first, since Penny’s site lists a location in that area as well and I was thinking of getting some more onions. It also lists a location I should have passed by on the way to that pastry place, but Google Maps disagrees and it seems it’s correct, as I found neither, so I just went to that Carrefour, mainly to get bread… And ended up finding that kind of cat food I looked for Friday, at Carrefour’s price, this actually being the only kind from that brand that was available in the large bags there. So I grabbed two of those bags as well, since that time I had, unusually, taken a fair bit more money with me than I thought I’ll need, then left everything in one of their cabinets, since they finally changed those from there to use codes as well and I saw no reason to carry the stuff around in that case. The first one I tried didn’t work, and after I tried a couple of times the guard came to have a look as well and then told me to try another one, but the one he pointed me to was dirty, so I tried yet another, finding that it didn’t work either, and then one more, which finally did. Judging from the time on the receipt and how long I guess that took me, I’d say I was finally leaving at about 6 PM, heading towards the next planned destination, which was that pastry place from the Romana Square area that I had finally bought something from back in November, twice.
Going through the Old City and taking a look around but not making another detour to also actually search for that other supposed Penny location, I was at that pastry place at 6:35 PM, checking what was available, which didn’t include one thing I’d have specifically wanted, and the prices, which seem to have increased a little. There was another nearby place I had noticed that last time though, so before actually buying anything I went to have a look there as well, and also checked out the Mega Image in between, though they didn’t have those grapes there so I didn’t get anything. Neither of those selling in either of those two places were wearing masks, which bothered me, but I nevertheless returned to that pastry place and got three things, somehow messing up when adding the prices and giving the guy 1 RON more, which he promptly handed back. Then I also returned to that other place, just in time to see the employee arrange what little was left on one shelf. A piece of the carrot and orange pie I had settled on after that first look was among those few remaining products, so I got that, but she was out of pretzels. That left me with some money I still wanted to spend on such things and I didn’t care to just get pretzels from elsewhere, so I had a quick look at the prices of the other things she still had and asked for the one that matched what I had left, but after she put a piece in a bag she placed it on the scales and asked if I was aware that it’s priced by weight. Since it weighed some 220 grams, making it some 2.2 times that listed price, I said I wasn’t and no longer wanted it in that case, and she said that’s what usually happens, most people failing to notice that it’s priced differently from the rest. Either way, still wanting to spend that amount, I returned to that pastry place and asked for one more thing, which matched that amount, finding myself saying I did when the guy asked whether I wanted it heated, though it was obviously pointless.
After finally leaving that area at 7 PM, when I returned to Unirii I first went to the Mega Image from there, finding a small quantity of those grapes left and getting the better ones, along with some potatoes, garlic and four small yogurts, since I happened to notice that they were also on sale, four for the price of three, and decided to make do with this regular yogurt and leave my plan to go to Auchan again for a certain other kind for next week. Considering how they apply and list discounts, I took some time after leaving to check and make sure everything was fine, then returned to that Carrefour, I’d say a little before 8 PM, first adding my new purchases to what I already had in that cabinet and going back inside to also get cabbage and, after having another look at what was available in that area, also some expiring eggs. That cashier promptly handed back 1 RON as well, this time because I failed to notice that two such bills were stuck together, despite actually taking a few seconds to, I assumed, pry them all apart. Then I finally retrieved everything from that cabinet and, once outside, took quite a few minutes to arrange everything properly in the bags and backpack, actually starting on my way back at 8:25 PM.
Didn’t weigh what I carried, but I’d say it added up to about 11 kg, maybe a little more, and I hardly felt it anyway, everything being nicely separated and balanced. The one thing I did feel was that my shoes had rubbed my right heel, and I have no idea whether the cause are the regular ones or the running ones. It’s just a little issue at the moment, but if it becomes an actual problem I’ll need to see what I can do about it, especially if it’s caused by the running shoes. Either way, not including the distance covered in stores, it seems I walked some 18.5 km that day, including that first part of the trip, to get the detergent, and was finally back at 9:20 PM, eventually having that carrot and orange pie, which was excellent and made me decide to get more from there someday, and then the spinach pie bought from that pastry place with a bowl of beans late in the evening, finishing close to midnight. After that, only started eating dinner at 3:25 AM, and again only got to bed at 5:20 AM.

Tuesday night, I confirmed that my mouse is double clicking on the left button. Shit! I thought I noticed a double click around midnight, the button also feeling and sounding different that time, and there definitely seemed to be a few more double clicks right after that one, but only on text, hundreds of test clicks on other things seeming all right. However, just before going to bed, which I actually only did at 5:20 AM again, I tried again and got two obvious double clicks in ten test clicks. And Wednesday the double clicking was awfully frequent, like something just broke in it, so I even connected the spare mouse, to use when I can’t afford double clicks, also finally getting around to uninstalling the XTD‘s software, which I had just left there until then. Also sent e-mails to two places, asking whether they can replace microswitches in this model and whether the price would be worth it, one replying to say they don’t work with this brand anymore and the other saying that they’ll need to diagnose it first and then they’ll tell me the price, and if I don’t agree to pay it I’ll need to pay 70 RON for the fact that they diagnosed it. That seems like quite a risk, but since I don’t dare to try to open this one as well and getting another one of the exact same model isn’t an option anymore, I nevertheless need to consider it, at least until I’ll find the “Remastered” version at a low enough price. One store seems to allow purchasing extended warranty for that version though, which would be nice, since it’d quite certainly be needed.

As for yesterday, I had the alarm set to 2:30 PM, but dad left a bit after noon, then Liza started meowing, and after she stopped I went to pee, seeing 12:22 PM. Slept poorly after that, only managing very brief naps, waking up quickly time and time again even if it really was quiet, but at least I did get some more sleep until dad got back, at 2:20 PM, when I decided to also get up. Then I had the usual stuff plus almonds, with the yogurt being that “Greek” one picked up Friday from Kaufland, which had expired by then, and the sweet thing being the last sweet pastry out of those bought Monday, with added honey, and drank most of the tea. Had the full running gear on and didn’t stuff anything in the tights anymore, giving up on the idea of going anywhere else after the run, since I’d have gotten there at rush hour. Left at 4:30 PM, when it was quite windy, some threatening clouds were gathering and the reported temperature was 28°C, expected to drop by 1-2°C by the time I finished running.
The time was finally a good one again, quite extraordinary in fact, especially considering this series of poor and downright bad times managed over the past few months. Being able to run at what for me is a normal hour again, and after getting some more sleep, definitely made a great difference, and the fact that it was cloudy likely mattered as well, but even so, it’s amazing to see 46:49.18, with sector times of 4:09.40, 4:55.19, 5:39 (5:38.88), 4:16.06, 4:55.43, 5:45 (5:44.29), 4:24.67, 5:02 (5:01.98), 5:51 (5:50.35) and 1:53 (1:52.93), making for lap times of 14:43.47, 14:56 (14:55.78) and 15:17.00.
I pushed hard from the start, aiming for a pace I’d clearly be unable to maintain in order to see just what that meant, and after seeing that time on the first sector I decided to keep it up and try to finally get a lap under 15 minutes again, leaving the concerns about what I’ll have left for later. Did mean to settle into something more sustainable from lap two, only aiming to get back under 48 minutes at the end, but the time on sector one of lap two surprised me and I again decided to keep pushing after that, being really surprised when I saw under 15 minutes on lap two as well, which I didn’t think was possible at any point. My first reaction then was to think that I could approach 16 minutes on lap three and still stay even under 47:30, but then I started asking myself whether I might just manage 15:25, to give myself a decent chance to stay under 47 minutes, realizing after sector two that I had a really good chance and in the end managing it by quite some margin. Pushed like crazy on that last lap for it, getting to the point of not really being aware of much of anything around me or even seeing properly anymore, but it worked out.
In terms of problems, the wind remained one throughout the run, only lessening on sector two of lap one, though that was also the only sector when the clouds parted a little and it was sunny. On pretty much all other sectors, there were gusts that made me feel I was barely moving, though at the same time I did what I could to take advantage of the moments when I had the wind behind me, at least when I was aware of it. Otherwise, the park wasn’t crowded and there were even some areas that were almost empty, where I could just push, though in other places I had to do the usual weaving and going the long way around, even taking to the grass a couple of times. More notably, had to slow for a moment on the very first sector, to pick my way through three little girls on bicycles, one of them deciding to cut across the path just as I was approaching them and blocking the way I meant to use, and the end of sector two, under the bridge, was rather tricky on each lap, the worst moment being on lap two, when I actually had to briefly stop, people coming from opposite directions creating quite a roadblock and two girls stepping in front of me, one just clearing the way in time but the other blocking me for a moment. As for those threatening clouds, there were some occasional drops from sector three of lap two, evolving into a drizzle from sector three of lap three, but I managed to finish before it really became a light rain, which happened as I was on my way back from the park.

I’ll also add here that Micky again dashed into my room last night. I didn’t even notice her when I stepped outside, but I guess she was either waiting right in front of the door or right next to it and ran in the instant I opened it, between or squeezing around my legs, and I just saw her getting under the desk a few seconds later, obviously moving behind the computer, among the cables, when I approached. I quickly blocked her way through there though, and this time around she came out from under the desk when I did that, trying to squeeze herself around it on the other side and finding that there was no room, which meant I could then block her way back under the desk as well and she quickly left after that, having no other place to quickly hide in. And I didn’t notice any issues with the cables as a result, so I guess all’s well that ends well.
The particularly unpleasant thing about yesterday, however, was that we had no hot water. It had been out since Wednesday and was supposed to return at midnight, but when they list it like that it usually means it’ll return to the normal pressure at night, and obviously be paid as hot water if you use it, but be only a few degrees warmer than the cold water until morning, and that was the case last night as well. I did mean to have a quick shower before going to bed even so, but when I tried it, the last time being after 5:15 AM, it was too brown to seem usable, and even if the difference was of only a few degrees, I didn’t dare to go as far as to use the cold water, so I ended up going to bed, at 5:25 AM, without showering, despite the run. And there’s also the fact that I used that “hot” water to wash things at night, including some of the vegetables used for the salad, not noticing the color in the kitchen…

As for today, I meant to start reading something, which I keep meaning to do since last week, since I’m really falling behind, having so far only read five books this year. However, after sleeping without having showered after a run, and considering the current situation as well, I decided to first clean my room a little and change the sheets… And actually only did that in the evening, after first writing most of this post, only the first two paragraphs and the parts about the mouse and the run having been written yesterday, and even those getting some additions now. But I hope I’ll at least start reading something before the end of the week… Though at the moment I’m not even sure what I mean to start.


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