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Arecibo Being Torn Down Soon After SETI@home Shut Down Seems Fitting

I was saying that I’ve been spending much of the past few days walking a long route, and most of the rest of the time preparing for and recovering after such a walk, so I hardly have time for anything else, but I just noticed the news that the Arecibo Telescope will be torn down, having been deemed too unsafe after the recent failures that put the structure at risk of collapse. And it struck me that, while sad, it seems particularly fitting for it to be torn down soon after SETI@home was shut down for good, after entering hibernation, seeing as the vast majority of its data came from Arecibo, that being the only source for the large majority of the time SETI@home operated. Can’t say anything more about it now, barely managed to write this post tonight, before going to bed, but had to at least post this little comment about it.

Later edit: Should probably post a link to the official announcement as well.


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