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The Runs Before and After Very Long Walks

My mouse is demanding more and more clearly to be replaced, the scroll wheel causing more problems as well. At least for a long time, if not all along, it occasionally missed a “step” when scrolling up, but now I’m noticing it scrolling one way and then the other increasingly frequently. And with this model no longer available, I’ll need to switch to the “Remastered” version, which may come with its own issues, but at the moment it’s hard to find in the first place, and discounts seem out of the question. There was one some time ago, at a store that also allowed me to purchase extended warranty for it, but I still had hope of finding this old model somewhere at the time, and the discount also seemed rather low, so I ignored that offer and now I have to hope for a similar or better deal in the near future, most preferably before this one will become nearly unusable.

But this post is mainly about the runs, last week’s being on Monday. Got up when the alarm rang, at 1 PM, but slept poorly that morning, even considered staying up after waking at 10:20 AM, and while I did get a little more sleep after that, I was likely mostly awake since at least 11:30 AM or so. Then I had the usual stuff plus hazelnuts, the yogurt being one of those “creamy” ones with 5% fat, and got back to those nicer biscuits with added honey for the sweet thing. Went out at 3:25 PM, wearing the full running gear, an undershirt and the jacket for the walk, tied around my waist while running. The reported temperature was about 13°C at the time, but dropping a little by the time I finished.
The time was 47:36.60, with sector times of 4:07.69, 5:02 (5:01.77), 5:49.23, 4:23 (4:22.72), 5:01 (5:00.74), 5:53.38, 4:27 (4:26.75), 5:05.07, 5:56.11 and 1:53.14, making for lap times of 14:58.69, 15:17 (15:16.84) and 15:28 (15:27.93). So I just managed another lap in less than 15 minutes, and that’s despite the fact that, on its first sector, a kid on a bicycle turned around right in front of me and then stopped with the bicycle completely across my path, so I had to stop and go around, and then on the next sector a guy who seemed to be filming himself or doing a live with his phone turned and stepped towards me when I approached, still fully focused on his phone, so I had to react quickly and take a few steps on the grass to avoid him. In general, however, there were relatively few people, so other than those issues and some rather normal weaving and going the long way around, it was fine until the final sector, when a family was again slowly going up the stairs at the pace of their small child, so I slowed a little until they cleared the way. The leaves were probably more of an issue on that sector, however, as they made the final straight slippery. Otherwise, the only physical problem was at the start of sector three of lap three, when a pile of mucus slid down my throat and I struggled to swallow it for a while.

Went to that Carrefour after the run, again not finding that thing dad wanted, and just getting one more bread, of another kind, for myself, and some garlic. But the next notable moment that should be in this post took place the following night, after eating, when I took something to the balcony, decided to also quickly water the flowers, noticed a small puddle next to one… And was only done with the mess, to some extent, some 40 minutes later, being left to worry that I had gotten water behind those cabinets and that it was perhaps not the first time it happened, just the first time I had noticed it, meaning that I hadn’t even tried to gather as much of it as possible before.
When I first saw that small puddle, I thought I had spilled a bit of water next to the pot, but by the time I returned with a sponge, the puddle was larger, so I had a better look and noticed that the plate placed under the pot was cracked, so all the water draining from the pot was spilling out that way. Worse, as I was gathering the water I saw, more was spilling behind the plant and I only noticed that when it started dripping down, on the larger cabinet, and threatening to spill off that as well, on a box and some bags with books dad had placed in front of it, and which prevented me from reaching properly in the first place, so I had to do it all with a leg on a shelf and trying to stretch forward as much as I could. But I did manage to keep it from spilling down that cabinet and it eventually stopped spilling out of the pot, yet there was plenty of it between the other two cabinets by that point and I couldn’t pull one forward, so I had no idea how much ended up behind and around it, and worse, behind the large one as well. After dad had a look the next day, he said he didn’t see any, but I didn’t check for myself, deciding that it was better for my state of mind to trust him, though I wouldn’t normally have any reason to do so.
What made the whole thing even more frustrating was that it was only after I was done gathering the water I could see that I realized that I had something large enough for that flowerpot in the cabinet on the other side of the balcony, so if I’d have grabbed that right away and placed it in it, the water would have stopped spilling out and I’d have just had a little to gather. As it was, however, all I could do was pull the other smaller cabinet forward a little, seeing that there was little water behind it, and leave the window and the door of the other one, which just has some paper at the bottom, open. Not that the window helped much that night, since it was raining, and I doubt an open window could do much for any water ending up behind the large cabinet.

Back to the runs, this week’s was today. Woke up at 1 PM, when the alarm rang, though I again slept rather poorly after first waking up, at 9:05 AM. Then, the only difference compared to last week in what I ate, drank and wore was that I had finished those nicer biscuits that I considered best suited to have before a run then and moved on to the next, slightly different, pack now. And I managed to go out slightly earlier, at 3:15 PM, when the reported temperature was 11°C, though it was starting to drop from that hour. All reports listed a little wind, not a real issue but enough to be felt, but I can’t say I felt it at all.
After taking my mask off, as I was struggling with my jacket, before tying it around my waist, a guy got my attention, but while my first assumption was that he was going to tell me to put a mask on, he instead asked how long a lap around the lake is, and then whether it’s not too cold, so I told him I run in a t-shirt from 8-9°C, so at that time it was fine. If he’d have asked about my time, I’d have said that, after walking so much recently, I’d be pleased, and quite surprised, with 16 minutes per lap, to stay under 50 minutes at the end. But he just said he also runs, but not in that park, so was just curious about it, and then wished me a good run and walked away… And I found myself exceeding those expectations by a huge margin, managing 48:22.55, with sector times of 4:19.55, 5:13 (5:12.98), 5:59 (5:58.95), 4:34.17, 5:08.08, 5:52.15, 4:29 (4:28.48), 5:06.57, 5:51 (5:50.94) and 1:51 (1:50.68), making for lap times of 15:31.48, 15:34.40 and 15:26 (15:25.99).
There were a fair number of people, but mostly it was just a matter of weaving and going the long way around, the one roadblock being right on sector one of lap one, though there were two other moments when I had to take to the grass, once, on sector three of lap two, also needing to go around a garbage can while doing so, and then between it and a bench to return to the path. And physically I felt fine, only running out of energy too soon while sprinting on the straights. And since I noticed that from the beginning and then didn’t even manage to stay under 15:30 on the first lap, I really thought I’ll have to be careful to not end up over 50 minutes at the end. But then, excluding the fact that the fastest first sector was the first one, I just kept getting faster without really realizing it, so I realized I could aim to stay under 49 minutes and, at the very end, even 48:30. Didn’t think it possible after sector two of lap three, but it became almost certain at the end of that lap, and then the final sector was again faster than I thought it’d be, so I even ended up with a comfortable margin.

After getting my mask back on, I decided to leave the jacket tied around my waist and jog nearly all the way to that Carrefour as well, looking mainly for bread, since the one I tend to get from there is on sale again. But, also again, it was all sliced, so I couldn’t get any, but got three chocolates of a type that’s apparently new and also on sale, and which I also wanted to have a look at. There seem to be four kinds in this series and one wasn’t available anymore, but I had a look at the ingredients of said fourth kind in Kaufland and saw one I want to avoid, so the three I bought were all I could have been interested in. And yes, that means I decided to rush to Kaufland as well, finally getting my jacket back on but still jogging most of the way there, and even more of the way back. The main reason was again bread, the one I get from there also being on sale these days, and I found two of those, so I got both, along with a pastry that’s also on sale. Also considered an interesting kind of cheese that was among the expiring products, but eventually decided against getting that as well, used the self-checkout without problems, and was back here at 5:50 PM.

I’ll leave it at this for now, as there’s no way I’ll be able to also add the part about those long walks now. In fact, I’m sure I’ll end up splitting that into at least two posts, which will end up being huge anyway, so it’s a good thing I have a bit of a buffer now and can add a few consecutive personal posts. I doubt I’ll be able to write even the first of those posts by the end of the week, however, so I wonder what this week’s second post will be. Got away with it easily last week, but I don’t think something similar will come up these days, so I’ll need to figure out something else.


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