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Quick Review: Seneca despre libertate (Seneca About Freedom)

Received this booklet after volunteering for something, even if there was some confusion and I arrived when the work was nearly done. It’s a selection from the Moral Letters to Lucilius and I just went through it quickly, so I won’t comment much. There’s little point to comment on the writing of something that’s some 2000 years old anyway, though I will say that I don’t care for the epistolary style either, and it’s quite rambling at times.
Still, it is a philosophical text, and while proper comments about philosophy require far more time and attention than I’m willing to offer this at the moment, the fact that it’s an effort to turn someone into a Stoic does make me say that I find most of the main tenets of Stoicism quite infuriating. There are some good parts, definitely, and some that are mixed, but there are also contradictions and fundamental concepts that, as I already stated, I find quite infuriating and rotten, starting with the core concept that inner happiness is what matters and it should be generated and maintained regardless of what happens, that external events must be accepted as they are, not seen as good or bad and not allowed to affect that positive state of mind. That bears a striking resemblance to the crap pushed by the modern professional mental health field, which blames the victims for not grinning and bearing whatever is done to them or the less fortunate for wishing to have access to the benefits that society should be able to grant and therefore discourages or even condemns demanding improvement.

Rating: 2/5


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