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Quick Sunday Update After the Longest Ever Post… So Far…

Now that I finally went through it, I can say that the longest post I ever wrote has 7622 words, or 7629 if you also include the title. The one I believe held this “record” before had 7459, or 7465 including the title, meaning that it’d have just remained the longest if I wouldn’t have had to add that last paragraph. Either way, I really didn’t feel like even trying to come up with something else to write this week, but have one more “slot” left for a personal rant, so I’m using it now for a quick Sunday update, basically just to mention this week’s second run, which was Friday. It’s a good thing I didn’t end up delaying that long post and also adding the run in it, because in that case I wouldn’t have even had this much to include in this one.
I do wonder how it’ll go over the following weeks, however, both when it comes to the posts, since I may well need to resort to adding those remaining old book reviews in order to allow for more personal ones, and when it comes to the running, since the temperatures will be high until Thursday but it’s likely to rain tomorrow and Thursday and be windy Tuesday and Wednesday, while as of Friday another cold wave will come in, temperatures dropping sharply, with highs around or below freezing lasting over a week, according to the current forecast. And the week after the next I should start following that little schedule, to practice for the half marathon, if it will be held on schedule this year and I’ll be able to take part… Though now that I checked the site, I saw that the date was changed to August 8, though there was no announcement anywhere. Either way, it’s not like I can hope for anything other than avoiding an embarrassing time, but will need to practice even for that and under these conditions it’ll be quite an issue.

But this was supposed to be about Friday, when the alarm was set to ring at 2 PM, though that was a safety measure, and I got up after waking up just after 1:40 PM. Had the usual stuff plus the next to last serving of the old almonds, and also the next to last slice of my mother’s cozonac, with added jam, as the sweet thing, put on the full running gear, just leaving an undershirt underneath, took the jacket for the walk, tying it around my waist for the run, and left at 3:55 PM, when the reported temperature was 10-11°C, supposed to drop by about 1°C by the time I’ll finish, with hardly any wind. Didn’t take anything else with me, so I was going to come right back, but one reason for concern was that the “hot” water was cold when I left, though after it seemed somewhat warm when I washed my hands after getting back, I rushed to take a shower and managed to do so even though it felt mostly cold on my body.
Back to the run, the time was 48:54.81, with sector times of 4:16.29, 5:13.58, 6:09 (6:08.28), 4:30.18, 5:11.66, 6:03 (6:02.09), 4:31.10, 5:11.32, 6:01.07 and 1:49.24, making for lap times of 15:38.15, 15:44 (15:43.93) and 15:43.49. There were plenty of people, requiring plenty of weaving and going the long way around, and also just squeezing through in a few spots, but the only actual roadblock was right on sector one of lap one, two kids on bicycles weaving around and another cyclist coming on the cycling lane from the opposite direction, the three of them spreading out to avoid each other when they met and blocking the way for a moment. Otherwise, after seeing such a poor lap one, with that poor sector two and downright bad sector three, I pushed from the start of lap two and felt exhausted after that long sector two straight, dropping to what might be called endurance mode… Or at least that’s what it felt like, though that significantly less bad sector three time seemed to say otherwise, so it gave me a bit of hope and I pushed again from the start of lap three… Or, again, at least that’s what it felt like, though the times would again say otherwise, being nearly identical to the previous lap’s. But at least I worked on my breathing, managing to breathe more deeply on the long straights of both sector one and two and being able to sustain the sprint longer as a result. And in the end, after doubting it after the first lap, I at least managed to stay under 49 minutes… Which is still embarrassing as a goal, but seems to be the best I can currently still hope for.

Was thinking of reading Shadows of Self next week, to have the quick review for it as the first post and allow for another personal update after it, but that’d mean finishing it by Saturday evening, to also leave a little time to write and post that quick review and leave space for another Sunday update, and that seems unlikely, and the fact that I’m still playing both Venetica and Lords of Xulima makes it even more so. The other option would be trying to put together the year’s first “New Finds” post, and next week it might just be possible, since it seems I’ll have some more time on-line, but now that I took out the book, maybe I’ll try reading it, even if it may mean a break from the games that may lead to not feeling like continuing just when I was hoping to manage to get myself to actually advance in a more significant manner.


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