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New Finds – XXVIII

Before looking at it as a way to throw another non-personal post here, I actually started thinking of adding another post in this series when I happened to stumble upon Elessär again and was surprised to not see them on the list, since I was certain I had listened to them before. So I searched, and found that I didn’t only listen to them before, but also included them in one of these posts! That was back in 2014, however, and probably before I started putting together even that first, simple, messy and quite useless, version of the list. That explained their absence from it, which I quickly corrected, but it left me without any starting point.

The list itself, or at least that version of it that I keep and which is ordered differently, provided one, however, reminding me of an actual new find, Taleteller. They’ve been around for several years, but I only heard of them over the past couple of months, with the release of their second album. I’ll keep it simple and just pick a song from it out of those they currently also have on their YouTube channel, going with Emerald Creek. They have everything on Bandcamp, however, and with the first album being in both places, I went through it and will go with A New Day to Me as the second pick. Both are rather different from their other songs, the vocals rather bothering me in most cases and the overall sound not being something I’m particularly keen on either, but I’m just posting what caught my attention, after all, not what didn’t, and these do show potential.

Another actual new find is Amaterasu, and with just three songs posted and one of them being seriously plagued by growls, my choice is very easy, having to go with Within His Sin and Black Ritual. Those are good songs, however, with strong vocals and overall sound and showing abilities and a level of confidence and even polish that I wouldn’t normally expect from new bands with so few songs. Those growls are worrying, but on Black Ritual they also show that they can use them in a reasonable manner, if they must use them at all, so it remains to be seen which way they’ll go.

Since mentioning Elessär again obviously doesn’t count and the band I actually first heard of last night just released their first song, so I can’t have two picks, this leaves me still needing a third to include here, and since I noticed that most of the others I was considering are from Italy, I’ll leave those for another post and go with Magica, which is a Romanian band that returned a couple of years ago after being inactive for several years. Out of their most recent releases, I’ll go with Blind as the first pick, while for the second I guess I’ll have to go with Entangled. It’s not what I’d have normally picked, but they lost my interest after Hereafter and wanting to stick to what’s officially posted seriously limits my choices, few of their earlier songs being posted separately and those not including my first few likely picks. Entangled is still one of the better ones, however, and now that I finally listened to the more recent releases as well, I can say that those are also getting me somewhat interested again. With most of the other Romanian bands which had caught my interest having split up, that’s something in itself.


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