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A Poor Half Marathon Run, Much Walking, Broken Utensil and Hacking Attempts

There were no visits again on February 21, but this post really starts with Monday, when I again woke up a couple of minutes before the alarm rang, at 11:30 AM, being quite sure that it was about to ring and waiting for it, not getting up to check the time first. That’s because some people were going to come over again, and I had decided to also run that day, not just wander around until they’ll leave, even though the temperature was supposed to get comfortable around 3 PM and I had to leave before 2 PM. So I had the usual stuff, the yogurt being another one of those “creamy” ones with 10% fat and raisins in white chocolate being added again, though that time I didn’t count those as the sweet thing, wasting time on the toilet, which was pretty much a given at that hour, and then also having the last slice of my mother’s cozonac, which I had managed to keep until then, with added honey. Though the forecast I saw after waking up listed 7°C at 2 PM, it was supposed to get to 11°C by 3 PM, so I wore the running t-shirt, with an undershirt underneath, but otherwise had the old running pants and the regular shoes, plus of course the jacket for the walk, tied around my waist while I ran but also again having quite a few things in its inside pocket, and even the gloves. That was not a good idea when I left, at 1:55 PM, since I had checked the weather again a few minutes earlier and saw that all sources were reporting a mere 4°C at that point, with 5°C at 2 PM and a high which had dropped to only around 8°C. So I tried to give myself more time, first having a quick look in this nearby Mega Image, then walking rather slowly to the park, then fussing with my clothes for a good ten minutes, albeit with my jacket off for much of that time, so it was almost 2:30 PM when I actually started running.
The time was 49:41.50, with sector times of 4:21.62, 5:15 (5:14.71), 6:05.05, 4:40.50, 5:17 (5:16.27), 6:03.34, 4:36.47, 5:18 (5:17.44), 6:07.37 and 1:59 (1:58.73), making for lap times of 15:41.38, 16:00.11 and 16:01.28. This was obviously going to be a “sacrificed” run, but I still hoped to at least stay under 49 minutes… Until sector two of lap one, which made it clear that I was going to have to push to even stay under 50 minutes. Did sort of hope to at least finish the second lap in less than 16 minutes as well, so it was frustrating when I failed by such a tiny margin, but then the time was only marginally worse on the third, despite the issues I had, so it at least worked out in that sense, though just staying under 50 minutes is an absolutely terrible target and covering the final sector in almost two minutes also says bad things about my state at that point. There was even a moment when I almost stopped as I went up those stairs, needing to struggle to get back to running and then thinking that, based on how much I felt I was pushing, I was quite clearly going to at least stay under 49:40, the fact that I didn’t manage that showing how exhausted I was.
The first problem was the temperature, made worse by the fact that there were still some clouds early on and the wind made itself felt at various times all the way to the end. It did get warmer after a while, and I’d say that halfway through or so it became almost comfortable, but at least until the start of lap two it really felt cold, and unwise to be dressed like that under those circumstances. Had actually considered checking a few more stores first, leaving any purchases in a cabinet and then going for the run when the temperature would have been higher, but that’d have made me even more tired and at one point I was thinking that doing so would have made me get to some 53 minutes or so. As it was, after settling for that target of staying under 50 minutes, I just did everything I could to get there, despite my left hip for some reason bothering me since Thursday’s walk, feeling the need to take a shit since sector three of lap two, which need became a rather serious concern on sector two of lap three’s long straight and remained so to the end, and feeling pretty much drained, and also a bit nauseous, by the end of sector one of lap three’s long straight, though at least the nausea passed after a while. There were some people as well, but other than making me need to weave and go the long way around, there were just a couple of places where I had to slow a little, one I clearly remember being on that same sector one of lap three, and none where I had to stop.

After the run, I first went to that cheaper pharmacy, to get that thing I forgot to get from the other one, though I spotted a Shop & Go on the way and had a look in there as well, again only finding the kind of cat food which had been the only one out of those that were on sale which had been available in the Mega Image across the road from here. Either way, once I reached the pharmacy I made sure I had exact change to get 0.50 RON back and told that to the cashier, after asking whether the price was the same as on the site. The odd thing was that she first confirmed, then told me a slightly higher one… And then she gave me 1 RON as change, so I pushed it back, she asked whether I preferred 0.50 RON coins and I told her I did need some but also just needed to get one, which was when she finally counted the change I had given her, saying she had assumed I had given her enough to get exactly 1 RON back. She didn’t comment about the fact that I had given her enough to get 0.50 RON back if the price would have been the one on the site instead of the one she said, and which was also on the receipt, which was rounded up a little bit.
Then I decided to head towards the farmers’ market, first making a little detour to that Mega Image that’s next to that pharmacy. The other option would have been to get to the end of the street I was on and to the largest Mega Image from the area, then go to Auchan and get to the market on the way back, and it’d have been the correct one, but I chose to do it this other way around, hoping I won’t need to make that detour, and ended up wasting quite a bit of time… Wouldn’t have really needed to waste it even so, because I did find that cat food at that Mega Image that’s next to that pharmacy, but they didn’t also have the butter that was also on sale and the sale price was listed only for that same other kind which had been available in the other places as well, and I couldn’t get myself to ask whether it applied to all, or just try directly, so I just left those there and went to the market.
I was there for some apples… Which seemed to be pretty much the only things that were available, the place being nearly deserted otherwise, but there were quite a few selling apples and one even offered a discount, and the second time I passed in front of the stall and he said that I asked him to repeat himself, since I hadn’t really paid attention, yet the kind he was offering the discount for wasn’t one of the two I was there for, so I said I’d rather go for one of those other kinds and went to another guy who had slightly cheaper larger ones of those kinds, asking for one kilogram of each. Normally I’d actually look for smaller ones, and can’t get why the larger ones are more expensive, but after dad had spent a fair bit more in Kaufland the day before even though I had told him how to save, I told him it meant we had money to spare and asked him for 10 RON more, half of which I spent on those apples… The problem being that there are screens everywhere in that market now, you can’t pick things yourself anymore, and the apples of one kind that I was given look pretty bad, a few others, including the one who offered me a discount on a different kind, having really nice ones for only a little bit more, and while I had taken an almost exact amount with me, I could afford that difference.
Since the guy put both kinds of apples in one bag and I couldn’t even see what was listed when he weighed it, I then counted to see that I had seven of each kind and went to the control scales, confirming that the total weight was correct and then just heading straight out of the market from there, towards the intersection, somehow forgetting all about the Mega Image that’s on the other side of the market and which I also meant to check. But then I got even more confused after crossing to the other side of that intersection, somehow ending up believing that I was on the other road leading to Auchan and, instead of just turning around, trying to use the alleys between buildings to cut to where I thought I should be. In the process, also stumbled into another Mega Image, having a look in there but again only finding that one other kind of that cat food, but by then it was quite clear that my mental map and my actual location didn’t match and I fortunately overcorrected, so instead of getting lost I ended up almost back to the intersection I started from. I was still confused, however, so I walked back there still thinking that I had to go to the other road, only realizing that I had been on it the first time after crossing back, so I had to cross yet again. Then, after wasting a little more time checking the Mega Image and Shop & Go on the way, still only finding that one kind of that cat food, finally got to Auchan, just getting some more potatoes, and noticing that the entrance for the self-checkouts that also accepted cash was closed off.
Spotted another Shop & Go on the way back from there, but just glanced inside from the door, seeing a basket with a large sale sign that still only contained that one kind of that cat food and moving on… And I also kept going when I passed by the alley leading to that sole Mega Image where I had found the kind I was looking for, continuing to that larger one, where I did indeed find all kinds of that cat food, as well as the butter, but they only had a few of each left, and in case of the one I was looking for, that meant exactly two when I was looking for four. So I even asked an employee, and when she said they didn’t have any more of that particular kind, I grabbed the butter as well and just bought what was available, hurrying back to get here just before 5:55 PM.
Still, there was that one location where I had found several, and even though the discount label only specified that other kind, since I then clearly knew it also applied to the kind I was looking for, I went back out at 7 PM, albeit not heading there right away, but instead first jogging to yet another location, near the metro station. By that point I also wanted a pretzel or bagel, or even a pastry if I’d have found something interesting and with the 50% discount, grabbing another 1 RON in coins before leaving to make sure I’ll have enough, but even though the pastries at that location were indeed discounted in that manner by the time I got there, the one I’d have been most interested in was no longer available and, in case of that cat food, it was yet again just that one other kind that was available, so that proved to be another waste of time and effort… And it was also the only place where a guard stopped me to ask to see what I had in my jacket’s inside pocket, though at that point I just had the money and empty bags there, while that thing from the pharmacy had also been there, making the bulge more noticeable, while I had checked so many other locations before and none had said anything.
Either way, all I could do after that was return to that location and hope I’d still find that cat food there, so I jogged nearly all the way again… And was surprised to see those bags completely untouched, since I had positioned them in a certain way when I put them back on the shelf and that was exactly how I found them, which probably meant that I was hardly the only one deciding not to risk it when the discount label only specified that other kind, even though the sign at the entrance listed “various kinds” and the site clearly listed all of them. So I grabbed the two I still needed, then carefully counted the money I had left and spent quite some time staring at the pastries that were still available, trying to decide whether it’d be worth it to go elsewhere for some discounted ones, since that location for some reason hadn’t discounted any of them. In the end, just got a bagel, which hadn’t been discounted in that other location either, and the cashier actually charged me for a cheaper one even though I told her just which kind I had gotten. Interestingly, that meant she charged me the amount listed on the label that was in that spot on the shelf, because I had noticed that the labels had been reversed and those slightly more expensive bagels were above the label for the cheaper ones and vice-versa, so I wonder if she did that because she had gotten complaints before and decided that the small difference wasn’t worth the trouble. But I had done my part, having already told her which kind it was, so I walked away and, despite no longer jogging, was about to enter the building at 8 PM, after another quick look, just from the door, in this nearby Mega Image, to see whether the pastries were discounted, not spotting any with that label.

To finally move on to Tuesday, I made mamaliga again… And the potato masher I use when I do that, both to make sure the cornmeal doesn’t form clumps and, even more so, to keep scraping the bottom of the pot as I stir, so it won’t stick and burn, broke. That was expected, seeing as just a little bit of the metal went into the plastic handle and it had been getting loose for a while, not being intended to suffer that sort of punishment, though it did make me keep trying various methods and utensils to finish that mamaliga and means I’ll now need to look for another rather quickly. However, what was entirely unexpected and hard to explain happened a little earlier, when I decided to pour more vinegar from the bottle into the cruet, and the top part of it somehow snapped off, and it did so after I screwed the top back on. I had filled it, screwed the top back on, placed it back in the cupboard, closed the door, and a couple of seconds later heard a pop, so I opened the door again, saw spilled vinegar and noticed that the cause was that the glass had snapped completely off at the top, right at the bottom of the top, as it’s screwed on, as if it cut through it or something. I do have another of those things in the set, the one which should be used for oil and was never used in that manner, but I didn’t care to start using it, just pouring the vinegar back into its bottle, through a sieve, and leaving it like that for now.

That evening’s oddities didn’t stop there, since after I took the food to my room and started eating, I noticed that earlier that evening somebody had tried to reset my e-mail password, and when I checked I saw roughly one unsuccessful attempt to sign in per day since at least late January, the maximum being three per day, but some skipped days pretty much evening things out, making it appear that it might just be an actual person instead of a script. Strangely, though in fact matching what happened in May, when somebody tried to change the security information, the password reset request itself didn’t show up, when I’d think that something like that would need to be logged. You are admittedly made aware of such an attempt right away, but additional information might be useful, since the e-mail doesn’t include any, yet a quick search tells me that this is the intended behavior, such attempts not getting logged if unsuccessful.
Being quite anxious as a result of that, I ended up digging through other things as well and thought I noticed another suspicious thing before going to bed, which led to losing a fair bit of time trying to figure out what that was also about and only getting in bed at 5:35 AM. A few more searches and thinking about it more calmly the next day led me to conclude that it was most probably nothing odd after all, but I’m still wondering who’s apparently quite determined to access my e-mail, and who knows if not other accounts as well. The logs state that those unsuccessful attempts to sign in have continued at the same rate, and while the IPs differ and they don’t necessarily need to mean anything anyway, they all seem to be from the same country.

Thursday I did wake up as dad made noise and then left and thought it won’t be long before the alarm would ring, but I didn’t check the time and fell asleep again, dreaming that the alarm didn’t work and I ended up waking up at 3 PM, so I woke up with a start and did check the time, seeing 1:13 PM and getting back in bed, waiting for it to ring, at 1:30 PM, by which time I think I actually managed to catch a few more minutes of sleep. Then I checked the weather, seeing that the forecast had actually improved and making it clearly the right choice to do the planned half marathon run that day, though one concern was that the “hot” water was completely cold. The site said that it should be fixed at 4 PM though, so I hoped that was going to be the case and went ahead. Did consider just having a regular yogurt, wondering about the correlation between eating these with more fat and the poor times, but in the end still had one of those “creamy” ones with 10% fat, with raisins in white chocolate also added in it, along with the usual stuff, plus that muesli bar received at the start of December. A serious problem was that, though there was no reason for it this time around, I just wasted half an hour on the toilet, feeling like I had to go when I went and then, when the feeling went away as soon as I sat down, being determined to keep trying until it’ll work, but eventually needing to give up. So I had to accept that I’ll need to deal with that while running, put on the full running gear and nothing else, except of course the mask, and left at 3:45 PM, when it was sunny and the reported temperature was 18°C, supposed to start dropping by a couple of degrees per hour after 4 PM.
It felt a bit chilly on the way, at least in the shade, and I also stopped for a moment just after crossing the road here, when I saw a dog, with a collar that seemed to have had a leash tied to it but no longer did at that point, running alongside a car, but then I actually jogged a little to catch the green light when crossing the road to the park and wasted little time once I got to the starting location, pretty much just going for it and managing 1:47:26, with sector times of 4:28, 5:18, 6:06, 4:40, 5:14, 6:10, 4:39, 5:18, 6:06, 4:47, 5:16, 6:09, 4:45, 5:26, 6:23, 4:52, 5:26, 6:18, 1:58, 6:14 and 1:53, making for lap times of 15:52, 16:04, 16:03, 16:12, 16:34 and 16:36, plus 10:05 for the final portion. I adopted a rather conservative pace at first, starting with target times adding up to 1:48:45 and even allowing for merely staying under 1:50, considering the poor shape I’ve been in for so long, but when I missed those target times on both of the first two laps, I pushed a little more on the third, getting myself right back on target, and then tried to see how much I’ll be able to gain from then on, the target times assuming I’ll get 15 seconds slower on each lap and therefore getting easier to beat, at least theoretically. Lap five was rather bad under those circumstances, gaining less than I expected, but it was still enough to feel pretty certain I’ll stay under 1:48. Being only a little slower, lap six made that even clearer, but I was still rather unhappy with the time on the first sector of the final portion, so I pushed harder on the next and at the end of it I realized that, if I’d still be able to really go for it on the final one, I just had a chance to stay under 1:47:30. That hadn’t even crossed my mind until then, but I had to try, and actually managed it… Not that it’s not disappointing to have that as a target in the first place.
The nice weather meant plenty of people, so on top of weaving and going the long way around there were also roadblocks I just managed to squeeze through and others that made me slow, take to the grass or even stop a little. One in this latter category was right on the first sector, when I reached a couple with a child in a pram, who had stopped, right when some cyclists were coming from the opposite direction. Then, as I was getting to the bridge on sector two of lap two, I lost a couple of seconds because of a roadblock that two cyclists were also trying to get through, so while they did open the way, I had to wait for them to pass before I could follow… And then likely lost a little bit more time trying to get rid of the spiderweb I had somehow also caught, despite all those other people also being there then. Next, on sector three of lap two, I had to go on the grass and around a garbage can, which forced me to make quite a tight turn. And actually under the bridge, on sector two of lap three, there was a large roadblock, two people with dogs being ahead of me and multiple groups coming from the opposite direction, so I had to pretty much walk for a few seconds. In addition, again as I was approaching the bridge, on sector two of lap five, a guy on a skateboard almost fell right next to me and startled me, and there was one more place where a roadblock forced me to take to the grass and go around a garbage can, on a sector one that I believe was also on lap five, since I recall thinking that I had issues on both sector one and two. And one last moment was as I was going up the stairs on the last sector, with some people with dogs also going up, coming from the other side, and the dogs and their leashes fully blocking the bottom of the stairs, so I had to sort of hop on from the side.
Otherwise, the weather was just right, making no problems and offering no excuses. As for physical issues, I started feeling a bit of a need to take a shit at the end of sector two of lap three’s long straight, but it passed, then returned on sector three of lap four, being a bit more pressing for a while but never a real issue, and eventually going away again. I think it was also towards the end of lap three when my right knee and left thigh started giving me a few warnings, joined some time later, I think on lap five, if not even six, by my left knee and hip, though none of it got to the point of becoming a serious problem. The moment when I thought things were going to take a sudden turn for the worse came on sector two of lap six, when I suddenly felt like I was about to hit the wall, but the feeling soon passed.
Once I was done, jogged back here, and found that the hot water had indeed returned, so taking a shower wasn’t a problem. Before doing so, however, I bumped my head quite hard in a corner of the kitchen counter while putting a bag in the garbage can. And then, as I made mamaliga again at night and no longer had that masher, ended up burning the pot a fair bit. But I should be able to clean it, and it’s not like it’s not badly scraped and even with the enamel completely stripped away in some spots already.

As for yesterday, I first woke up when dad got back, but was drifting in and out of sleep, so I’m not sure of the time. Eventually started getting itchy and got up at 7:50 AM, peed, then couldn’t get back to sleep for a long time, and once I finally did I didn’t stay asleep for long, waking up again at 10:30 AM and getting up for good. Then I grabbed something to eat, checked a few more things on-line, took the recyclables, dropping them off in the first bin on the way, and left at 12:50 PM, first going to the Carrefour from the park and getting all of the 28 cans of cat food for Rocky that they had there, the idea being to also keep some here and give it to Micky as well, especially since it’s one thing that Liza doesn’t seem to touch. Also added some expiring quail eggs and some lemons and used the 10 RON code I had received for doing another of their surveys, then stored those purchases in a cabinet and moved on. Frustratingly, the bag I used for the lemons also became impossible to reuse after I had placed the label on the top of it, so I’ll be able to even tear it off without causing much damage if necessary, but admittedly didn’t even try to tell that to the cashier, and she slapped it fully on the bag when she scanned it, and my attempts to peel it off obviously resulted in the bag starting to tear.
Either way, the plan was to go to quite a number of places and get back before the Formula E race, which was also why I got up so early despite the previous day’s run, and the next planned stop was Auchan, where the site stated that some of those yogurts that were two for the price of one should be left. That seemed odd, and likely a problem with the site, but I still wanted to have a look, and also went into that Shop & Go on the way, to get a chocolate. The cashier was in the back at that point, a guy who might have been a guard, though he didn’t seem to be dressed like one, keeping an eye on me and both of them asking whether I had gotten everything when I turned around to look for an employee after going to the checkout and not finding anyone there, which questions they had to repeat after I unplugged my headphones, with the cashier only slowly making her way towards me after I said I had.
Once in Auchan, I looked for those yogurts, couldn’t find them anywhere and didn’t think it was worth asking, and compared the prices for a few other things, spotting packs of four bottles of kefir for the price of three that worked out to less per bottle than the kind that was discounted at Kaufland, and dad had asked me to get him some. Didn’t grab any right away, however, as I hadn’t checked whether other stores had those same packs, and was also starting to consider going to the Auchan from Titan as well anyway, to make really sure none of those yogurts were left, so I just left without getting anything and headed to that newer Kaufland, getting what I meant to get from there, minus the kefir, and also adding some bread for dad that was discounted due to expiring soon and a bag of muesli for myself, spotting a label advertising a 49% discount on it that hadn’t been otherwise announced. As I quickly noticed, the discount was likely because it expires on March 15, but that shouldn’t be a problem.
The next stop, and one reason why I had chosen to go to that Kaufland, was Penny, just meaning to get onions from there but also considering getting some cheese from a different store that’s also in that place, having previously noticed that it was cheaper than the one dad gets, and doing so. I did just look for a while, and another person went ahead of me during that time, but that ended up being a good thing, since the employee brought some new cheese of that kind after that other customer made her purchase and I asked for one of those new pieces. She might have wanted to not give me any change, since after she weighed that piece the listed price was 14.69 RON and she first asked for 14.70 and then, quickly, for 15, but after I started digging through my pockets for exact change, being surprised when I couldn’t find enough, she got the message and gave me 0.30 RON back after I had to hand her 15 RON. As for the fact that I couldn’t find the necessary amount in coins, after spending quite some time arranging the purchases in a bag and my backpack, the fact that the cheese was just in a flimsy plastic bag making things harder, I dug through my pockets again once outside and found that a couple of coins had fallen in another pocket.
From there, I returned to Carrefour, taking quite a long time to move what I already had in a small cabinet to a larger one, add the new purchases and arrange everything, which might have annoyed at least one person, since I tried to make room when I noticed someone else waiting but hadn’t noticed her and she hadn’t said anything when I happened to move a little and she reached for the cabinet I was no longer blocking and then slammed the door to mine closed, the possible problem being that I was struggling to find a way to fit the quail eggs in there without the door hitting them when closed and hadn’t yet managed that, and I’m yet to check them properly to see whether any got cracked as a result. Either way, I dashed back inside once I did finally manage to arrange everything, checking to see whether any more cans of that cat food had appeared, but since that spot on the shelf was still empty and nothing else had appeared among the expiring products either, I just went back out.
The next target was the Auchan from Titan, but I decided to have a look inside a Mega Image on the way as well, getting a cabbage, since it seemed to look better, and also a few lemons that were among the discounted fruits and vegetables, though only one seemed to look somewhat worse, again getting charged for the bag I was forced to use, since they were in it. But at least I could stuff the cabbage in that same bag once I got to Auchan, so I could just tell the guard to put a sticker on it… And then found a 0.50 RON coin right in front of me as I went in, which proved to be the only benefit of going there, since I couldn’t find any more of those yogurts, and again didn’t ask, but did ask about those packs of kefir, since I couldn’t even see an empty spot where they should have been at that location. The employee who was placing things in that area said that packs should still exist and if I’ll wait a few minutes a guy should bring more from the back, but I chose to go to one of the doors to the storage area, waiting for some employees to pass, being completely ignored by the first two I tried to ask, who were talking to each other, and the next telling me that the refrigerated products were in another place. So I went in the direction he indicated… And just missed the guy stocking that brand’s products, so I went after him, caught him as he was stocking another shelf and asked, being told that they didn’t have any more of those packs… And also that the employee who had told me otherwise “wouldn’t even know what world she’s living in”, which was said with enough anger to indicate some bad blood between them. So I left with no purchases again, holding the bag with the cabbage and lemons up for the guard to see but still having him call after me, so I raised an eyebrow as I showed it to him.
At that point, if I was going to return to the first Auchan and get back in time for the race, I pretty much had to run, but instead I lost a few more minutes in another Shop & Go, having decided to get one more of those chocolates… And having the employee for some reason give me 6.10 RON as change when it should have been 6.01 RON and in case of Mega Image, which also owns Shop & Go, it seems to pretty much be a policy to not just round to the nearest amount divisible by 0.05 RON, which is pretty normal, but to always round the price up, or the change down, to the nearest amount divisible by 0.10 RON, even when the actual nearest value would be in the other direction.
Either way, that made it pretty clear that I was going to have to rush out again after the race if I wanted to get that kefir as well, so I didn’t really rush anymore… Which wasn’t exactly the right decision. Then again, I probably wasn’t quite thinking straight by that point, feeling really sleepy, so I ended up taking more time than intended as I returned yet again to Carrefour, added the new purchases in that cabinet, selected some garlic that wasn’t quite as bad as the rest and checked out with it and one other thing, after having also had another look at the cat food and still finding that spot on the shelf empty. A little more time was lost while checking out, since I took no more chances and placed the label for the garlic on the other product as well, telling the cashier about it twice… Only to have her somehow scan one product as the other, realize that something was wrong, cancel, then do it wrong yet again before seeming to finally snap to attention, take a moment to figure out what she was doing, cancel again and scan both properly. Still, probably because I was out of it and wasn’t really tracking time anymore, I still thought I had plenty of time to carefully retrieve everything from that cabinet and arrange things in a way that made them easier to carry, not even checking the time again until I was done… At which point I saw 6:51 PM and realized I wasn’t going to make it.
Did the best I could, however, and was back just before 7:10 PM, so I only missed the beginning of the race, and used the time spent watching it to also put some things in their place, before leaving again after it, at 8 PM. Did briefly consider jogging to that Auchan, but realized there was probably no need for it and it’d have likely been unwise anyway, so I just hurried without jogging, got there well enough, got the last three of those packs of kefir that I found and a jar of mustard… And apparently ended up forgetting 0.20 RON in the machine used to pay, just getting the bills it gave me as change. But I guess it’s a relief that I didn’t actually lose money, or forget some of the purchases, or mess up in some other ways, especially when I was so tired, and at least that meant I was done with everything and got back here just before 9:25 PM, so I could catch the ski jumping from the beginning.

This was another huge post, and I’m somewhat surprised that I managed to finish all of it by midnight, since at first I actually meant to leave all of that part about yesterday for another one, especially since I made today laundry day, after having also changed my sheets and also the blanket that’s under them last night, just before eating. A problem is that this other blanket is smaller, so it doesn’t quite cover the mattress properly, but seeing as that one had been there, unchanged and unwashed, for years, I’ll make do with it as it is for the moment and likely change it again soon enough, after I’ll get around to washing that one as well, since at the moment I wouldn’t even know where to hang it to dry, considering everything else which had gathered.


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