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New Finds – XXX

I actually managed to add all the bands included in this series of posts to the list, so I now know that, with the ones in this post, I have 130 out of 503. There are some questions about a few that I just happened to mention in passing, but it should be good enough for the moment, at least when it comes to the names, seeing as I should be adding some links, or some more links, for some of them, since after the first few I gave up on trying to also do that just now. There are certainly many with outdated links as well, but that’s not something I’ll ever be able to really keep track of, so I’m not even going to try to check what already exists.
Getting to this particular post, it won’t include those other Italian bands with new releases that I mentioned in the previous one, but three actual new finds, since you can say I couldn’t exactly avoid stumbling into even more while looking through the existing ones. There would actually be five interesting recent finds, but the other two can’t yet be included in such a post, one having just released their first song, so I can’t have two picks, while the second just released their first EP, but I just saw a link to a song that was automatically generated by YouTube and could only find one more like it, not any pages or accounts I could use, the name also making it hard to correctly identify in a quick search. For that reason, I didn’t even mean to add this second one to the list, but was eventually able to at least find out what country they’re from, so I did just add them with that minimal amount of information and no links and will leave them for a later post, if I’ll be able to find something I can actually use by then.

The first band I’m including here, Dreams in Fragments, isn’t really such a new find, since I’m quite sure I listened to them before but didn’t really care to make new additions to the list at the time and when I heard growls I immediately moved on. However, there are none in the song they just released, By the Sea Forever, so that will be my first pick. And out of the other two, older, ones that are posted officially, I’ll go with Unireverse, the rest of the song now making me excuse the brief growls. They seem to like to start songs with some electronic sounds I’m not keen on, but nevertheless have quite a few elements going for them, their main problem being the male vocals, and I’m not referring to the growls, which may in fact be easier to get over, so I’d say they’d improve a fair bit by getting rid of male vocals altogether, unless of course they can significantly improve the clean ones.

Moving on, Chaos Magic is a pretty commercial project, and what I’d call a “manufactured” band, but there are some nice enough pieces to be found, so let’s go with Falling Again and One Drop of Blood as the two picks. The sound of the latter just “screams” of Timo Tolkki, and his departure after the first album meant that the band changed significantly, but the quality of the songs also seems to me to vary significantly in pretty much every way even on the same album, so it remains to be seen whether they’ll find some balance and a clearer direction.

The third band, Ailafar, state their genre as being melodic rock, and I’m also seeing it described as AOR, but it’s not the first time I’m including such a band in one of these posts. The first pick, out of the recent songs, would be Life Is a Chess, but the number of older songs officially posted meant it took me a while to pick a second and if I’d try again I’d quite certainly pick something else. Since that first pick is listed as featuring another artist, I was wondering whether the second should be another one like it, since that actually is the case for many of their posted songs, or not, but in the end I settled on Journeyman by deciding to pick one of their oldest, and otherwise weaker, ones. As such, expect to find better stuff if you start listening, and despite featuring all those different artists, they’re clearly a solid, established, confident band.


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