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Just Another Awful Run, Not Getting to the Main Issue Yet…

There’s a lot more to say, but in order to just have something written by midnight and post it with the time of the file, since I even checked twice from here, not going out of my room to look, and saw that dad was still connected, I’ll stick to today, when I went for another run, after being told yesterday that I could still go out for the time being. Being Sunday and the weather being so nice, the park was obviously going to be full, and my running clothes were in the laundry basket, since I didn’t think I was going to need them for the next two weeks, but that was what I had to work with, so I set the alarm to ring at 2 PM, but after sort of drifting in and out of sleep for a while, because of the noise dad was making, after somebody rang the doorbell to deliver a package he had been sent I checked the time and decided to get up when I saw 1:45 PM. At least he cleared the kitchen to let me get the usual stuff, the yogurt being expired since March 5 since I forgot to use it for something else but still seeming edible, and I counted the raisins in dark chocolate I added in it as the sweet thing. Then I put on the old running pants and a regular t-shirt, with an undershirt underneath, and left at 4:10 PM, when it was sunny, there was little wind and the reported temperature was 16-17°C, supposed to drop by a couple of degrees by the time I’ll finish.
The time was an absolutely terrible 51:09.37, barely six seconds faster than the first one under the state of emergency, when I ran on a new route, on streets and sidewalks, and wearing a FFP1 mask, albeit not quite correctly. Realizing it was pointless, I decided to not try to remember the exact times, just sticking to the seconds, so the sector times I have are 4:29, 5:27, 6:15, 4:51, 5:25, 6:16, 4:45, 5:29, 6:20 and 1:52.08, making for lap times of 16:11, 16:32 and 16:34, which strike me as matching laps four, five and six of the last half marathon run surprisingly well, being one, two and, respectively, again two seconds faster. I was thinking of what I thought was another Sunday run in a crowded park, when I recalled doing that before voting and just managing to stay under 49 minutes, but I was actually confusing a Sunday run done before voting in 2016, when I just ran seven kilometers, with a run through a crowded park on January 1, 2018, when I did indeed manage to stay under 49 minutes. Either way, the initial target now was clearly 50 minutes, and the roadblocks I had to deal with from the beginning made me realize that even that was unlikely. I still maintained some hope after the first sector, but after the second it was clear I had to reassess and aim for 51 minutes. Then, with over 16 minutes on the first lap, that also became questionable, and after sector one of lap two there didn’t seem to be any way for it to happen. I had some hope again after the next sector, seeing that I had been a bit faster than on the first lap despite needing to stop for a few seconds twice, on top of all the other issues, but at the end of the lap it was again clear I won’t make it, and that proved to be the case, that pretty fast final sector, especially under the circumstances, being too little, too late.
The main problem were, of course, all the people. It wasn’t a matter of weaving or going the long way around, but of just finding a way to squeeze through and dealing with all the complete roadblocks as well as I could, going off the path, slowing to wait for an opening or stopping completely for up to a few seconds, this likely happening more than once per sector, or at least definitely more than once per sector on average. There was also a bit of wind in a few places, but overall it was barely noticeable, and definitely a negligible problem compared to the people. And I didn’t feel anything wrong physically, even finding myself able to push harder than expected when I found some openings, and that final sector showed that I still had a fair bit in reserve at the end. Seeing as I got disheartened so early, after sector two of lap two, I didn’t exactly give it everything, so the time isn’t that good of an assessment of my current level under these circumstances, but I find it uncertain to unlikely that I’d have even managed to stay under 50 minutes by pushing myself to the very limit.

After getting back, since the situation hadn’t changed, I took the recyclables and went back out, to get a recharge code for my phone, the number being about to expire in a few days. Did take the risk of quickly checking the store’s hours on dad’s computer, since the fact that he keeps wandering back and forth all over the place and using all sorts of things and leaving everything everywhere makes simply breathing a much higher risk, and since I saw that the one from this mall was open until 9 PM I dropped off the other stuff in the bins at the entrance, then just went through it and to Kaufland, to drop off the stuff I drop off there as well and have a quick look inside, returning to that mall after that. I remembered that the store in question was on the wrong floor, however, so I wandered around for a while, this also meaning that I had a look at some of the small classic cars that are scattered around that mall these days, as part of an exhibition, and also in a bookstore. Since I had taken more money with me, actually considering buying something, to also have more to read over this following period, but decided against it, since there will be more important things to use money for.
After finally checking and seeing the floor that store was, in fact, on, I remembered having seen it quite a number of times, since it used to be right in front of that Carrefour… But forgot that it moved a while ago, so I first went there, then had to search for the new location… And then waited for quite a long time, since there seemed to be a problem with the printer, so it took the involvement of three employees and a good 20 minutes or so to print my code, and that was after the guy had spent some more time apparently trying to figure out what to do to sell me one in the first place. But at least the price I had been asked had been rounded down, so that left me with some change and some time to waste, since I had already spent more time than intended and had therefore switched to another plan, so after a quick look through Carrefour I went back to Kaufland, getting myself a pastry and some potatoes that were on the evening discount. Had also seen that bread that I may get from there at half price, but the change I had left wasn’t enough for that… Then again, it wasn’t quite enough for what I was getting either, being just 0.01 RON short, but I was sure I was going to find a coin at the self-checkout… And didn’t, which is likely a first in itself, despite not just checking the machines that also accept cash but also actually walking back and forth through the area twice. And I also had a look at the regular checkouts I could see, finding no coins on the floor there either, so I eventually just went to a regular one and hoped the cashier would accept 1.10 RON instead of 1.11, which she did. Then I just took my time on the way back, finally getting here just before 8:10 PM.


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