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New Finds – XXXI

This post really is just thrown here to have a non-personal first one of the week in order to free a slot for what will end up being another Sunday update, and probably an incomplete one at that, but I do have three bands to post, starting with the one that, in the previous post in this series, I said I only knew the name and country for. I’m referring to Satra, who have since then showed up on Metal Archives, and while there isn’t much more information there either, it at least led me to their Bandcamp page. So, after listening to all the four songs on their first EP, just released this month, I guess I’ll go with Cold Black Snow and My Burned Paradise as the two picks. The vocals are rather poor, or perhaps a better way to put it would be hesitant, and definitely unpolished, but that’s more noticeable on the other two songs, these two showing potential, so let’s see how they’ll develop… Though I’d be curious to at least know who they are first, since I can’t find the band members listed anywhere at the moment.

I have even more recent finds, however, and while in case of one of them I again find myself in the situation I was in when I wrote the previous post in this series, being unable to include them since they just released their first song and I therefore can’t pick two, another one does have two. That other one is Elithium, and the two songs are Square the Circle and Take His Halo. While not bad either, I’m not that keen on the sound of this second one, so I’d have been much less interested if I’d have listened to it first, but the first one’s quite nice, so let’s see which way they’ll go.

As for the third band, that’s Aegonia and they’re not such a new find for me, but they do have new material released within the past year, Of Love and Hate actually striking me as the best song out of those I listened to. Admittedly, when it comes to their older ones, while you can easily listen to their entire first album, I just went through what’s posted separately and will go with Restless Mind as the second pick. The comparison makes me say that they’re getting significantly better, perhaps more noticeably in terms of their direction, of what they mean to do, though I’d say the actual quality is improving as well.


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