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Worldview in a Paragraph for Avaaz…

Throwing this here to have a quick first post of the week, to free the slot for the personal one that’s coming, so I won’t have to actually write something about the new measures being enacted here as the health system is again being crushed by the increase in cases, and mainly in severe cases, which measures again miss those that’d actually make more of a difference, the handling of dad’s situation and mine adding even personal experience to the evidence. But I said I won’t write about that, so I’ll stop there and say that, at the end of the member poll sent by Avaaz, there was a page asking to complete the sentence starting with “I dream of a world where”. So here’s my submission, not in a sentence but in a paragraph:

I dream of a world where… population is being gradually brought back down to at least somewhat sustainable levels through a decades-long moratorium on births, starting with the better off people and regions, obviously without any increase in mortality and in fact most preferably with a sharp increase in healthy life expectancy. A world where the gap between the good humanity’s level of knowledge and development would make us capable of and the good that’s actually done constantly shrinks. A world with enough of the right kind of technology, policies and mindset so people will take on and adequately accomplish their role of stewards, protecting and caring for the other species and the ecosystem as a whole instead of exploiting it, while also having a decent standard of living for all as a fundamental right, no longer requiring people to “earn a living” and maximizing each individual’s freedom to live as they please as long as they don’t cause unjustified harm to others or the environment. A world that buried capitalism in the garbage heap of history along with the other failed systems of the past, did away with finances, profits and with rewarding acting for personal gain, exploiting, competing, consuming and taking advantage of crises and moved on to a new and different system that only demands doing no unjustified harm in exchange for a decent standard of living and much freedom and rewards acting selflessly, helping others, collaborating, being economical and preventing and solving crises.

The message was still there when I checked after some hours, and after that it’d become impossible to find due to how many others were submitted after it, but that first sentence obviously means it’ll never be highlighted and I wouldn’t be surprised if it got deleted once some moderation team noticed it. Sure, I probably should have put everything else first and ended with that part, saying that said world would also require people realizing that such a reduction is a prerequisite for any of the other things and act accordingly, seeing as that might have at least made a few people consider the matter while this all but ensures that just about nobody who happened to see that post kept reading past that sentence, but that wouldn’t have been me.


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