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Got the Vaccine…

I’m still not writing that review for Venetica, and doing so became even less likely as of Tuesday, when I installed and started Fantasy General, spurred by the current “time travel” thread on the GOG.com forums. And I’m also still sort of poking at Bound by Flame, though Fantasy General and the issue with the window size, plus the fact that I reached a spot where I really can’t get that experience bonus, makes it likely that I’ll put it away. Still, I’ll also mention here that I noticed Thursday morning, before going to bed, that the process was left running again, for I think some five and a half hours at that point, since I had just quickly checked the window size issue one more time and then again somehow forgot to check the running processes…

To return to Tuesday, after dad refused to start the procedure for the electricity contract the previous evening, saying he knew the prices will remain unchanged for another month, I checked and saw that, as it had been clearly stated, his information was wrong and they had increased, so I sent him an e-mail after he left for work and he replied to say that was something I should have handled, pushing him and standing next to him until he did it. So I asked what else was my fault, and went through how this “process” went from the beginning, including the time when he used the very fact that I was pushing against me, and also reminding him of my social anxiety and of almost certainly being pretty far on the autism spectrum, so interacting is a struggle in itself, talking and pressing can’t work and he scares me as it is.
And I mentioned him refusing to start that procedure Monday evening, and that was after I decided to send him a long e-mail before leaving that day, while he slept, with information about signing that contract with the company he wants but spelling out the problem with it meaning meeting him halfway and offering a compromise, asking for a certain amount each month, likely similar to what he’d be saving compared to what we currently pay, which I’ll direct towards “green” products and causes. Of course, the risk was entirely mine, since I had already done the work to help him do what I oppose and he could simply refuse… Which was exactly what he did that evening, saying he didn’t understand that part, asking whether I wanted him to donate or what, and when I said that what I’ll end up doing is not his business, he should just add that amount to what he gives me if I help him save it in this manner, he said it is his business because it’s his money and he doesn’t want to save the planet with his money, the planet didn’t do anything for him, let others save it if they want. So I said we had nothing to discuss in that case and walked away, but the fact remained that I did remind him when he got back, around 11 PM, that he had about one hour left to at least initiate the procedure, since the information I had found stated that the required documents would then need to be uploaded within 48 hours, and he firmly refused, saying that thing about knowing that the prices will remain the same until the end of June, which was obviously false.

At least that helped me decide to not count the slices of raw vegan cozonac I grabbed when I went out that day as having been bought from “my” money, since I was wondering how to count those and that exchange made it clear that I wasn’t going to obtain anything else for the effort, and in a way it could be considered a “green” product. Then again, in a way the very fact that I did that work made me decide to go out at all, since the forecast for Monday initially listed rain all day, and by the time I went to bed there just seemed to be a break in the early evening, so I was wondering what to do, yet when the rain ended in the morning and didn’t seem to return and I had also sent dad that message and really didn’t feel up for the discussion that I knew was going to follow when he’ll see it, I decided to go out after all… And ended up thinking that the weather would have even been good for running, and the park also seemed clear when I went through it. But I had no way to know that ahead of time, so I didn’t prepare for a run and just went to buy some things.
Left just after 4:05 PM, first going to the Carrefour from the park and finding some raw vegan cakes, plus those slices of cozonac, at half price because they were expiring the next day, though they weren’t placed in the expiring products area or labeled as such. So I had a good look, picked the cozonac and hid it in order to be able to buy it later, first putting it in one place, then moving it to another, on a top shelf, behind bio (organic) milk, since it was quite easily visible in that first place. Either way, that somewhat interesting bread was also still at that low price, but all of it was sliced again, so I walked out without getting anything, had a little look through another store in that mall, checked what vaccine the vaccination center I noticed had opened there used, and then went to Kaufland. I didn’t go there directly, however, first deciding to also have a quick look through the farmers’ market, and at the stores around it, eyeing some cheese but deciding against it since it looked rather suspicious and a bag I guess would have been used to put it in was left in it. Then I also quickly checked a store from the area that Kaufland’s in, then finally got to Kaufland, buying one of those breads at full price, since it was way too early for evening discounts, and also some yogurt… Which I really shouldn’t have bought then, but that was another thing I couldn’t have known at the time.
After getting back to Carrefour, I was worried that somebody found that cozonac, since plenty of the cartons of milk it had been behind had been taken or moved, and some employees were in that area at the time, but I felt around and found it, though it was a bit of a struggle to retrieve it from that spot. Then I checked that bread again, but no new ones had appeared, so all the ones left were obviously still sliced, so I got a little more garlic and some 250 grams of some cheap cheese, waiting for quite a while before an employee got to me, since I had to ask for it. Oddly, an employee directing people from the single line to the checkouts directed me outside that group of checkouts, to the “family” one… But there were no issues, and there hadn’t been any with the self-checkout at Kaufland either.
After bumping into that guy I kept bumping into at one point on my way back, the two of us just nodding at each other, I entered the building at 9:25 PM, though I took a couple of minutes to check everyone’s water use on the listings, comparing our total as well, which is the third or fourth, not just the hot water, which is the highest, as usual. Then again, this month the total will quite certainly be the highest as well, since I just read the meters and the cold water use from the bathroom was higher this past month than any previous total, so on top of the waste of actual resources, we’re quite literally pouring money down the toilet, I’d say even more than we lose because of the lack of an electricity contract, because dad won’t do anything about fixing that either. Either way, to return to Monday, had lunch late that evening, then also had one of those three raw vegan cozonac slices while making the salad, before finally starting to eat dinner at 3:30 AM.

Now I’ll quickly mention that Wednesday I had lunch after waking up and also munched on some pumpkin seeds in the evening, then it can be said that I started dinner at 3:15 AM, in the kitchen, licking the things the purchased cheese and the little bit of older cheese I had left had been in and mixing both kinds in something else and taking some bread and salad then as well, though it was again 3:30 AM when I actually continued in my room. But then I’ll skip Thursday, when I covered another half marathon distance, because I need to post something before midnight and I’d rather include the reason why I couldn’t write more today, which is the fact that yesterday I got the first dose of the vaccine.

Since that negative antibody test made it clear that I needed it, the plan was to wait until after this week’s run and then schedule myself at the clinic our family doctor also works at, which also uses Moderna. And that was exactly what I did Thursday evening, seeing four slots still available for the next day and picking the sole 7 PM one, the three others being from 2 PM. However, a call woke me up Friday morning, at 10:53 AM, and when I didn’t answer it was followed by an SMS stating that the call was from the vaccination center and asking me to call back. I couldn’t do that even if I’d have wanted to, the active period of my credit having actually just expired at midnight, but I also had a hard time getting back to sleep, likely getting only a few more minutes before I was woken up again, exactly 50 minutes after the first call, and that time I answered… And was asked whether I could come earlier, before 4 PM, because they’re finishing the doses, it’s going quickly, and they can’t keep mine for so long. I said it’ll be hard, but I’ll try, and when I was pressed for a time I said around 3 PM, maybe 2:30 PM. This last estimate was clearly not an option when I only left at 2:25 PM, but that was fine, since I had changed my plan for the day and went straight to the clinic, getting there at 2:50 PM.
Once there, I tried the vaccination center’s door and it wouldn’t budge, the guard opening it a moment later, asking what I wanted and showing me in after I said I was scheduled for a vaccine. In the first room, a guy asked for my ID card and handed me the form to fill, then sent me back on the hallway to wait, though I was called to the other room almost immediately and got the shot, barely feeling anything, while the guy who might have been the one who had called me as well was again on the phone, talking in English to someone who was apparently saying they were feeling ill and couldn’t come for the second dose. And speaking of second doses, the guy who gave me the form seemed to expect me to be there for my second one, clearly being surprised when I said it was the first, and the woman who gave me the shot handed me the paper and told me how to get the certificate, then looked again and was also quite clearly surprised when she realized it was my first dose. She then said that’s more useful after the second, took the paper back, but then noticed that the date and time of the second dose had been written by one of the guys on the back and she gave it back to me for that… And it was my turn to be surprised, since I had scheduled that dose at 5 PM on the site, but the time listed was 11 AM, and she told me to really try to be there at that time, though then she also asked whether I thought I’ll manage it and when I very hesitantly said I’ll try if I have to, she said I should at least come by 3 PM, writing it there as well, and saying that their schedule’s different from what it is on the site, it’s in the morning and they can’t keep the doses in the right conditions for too many hours.
Either way, I was then told to wait for 15 minutes, did so, and left the clinic at 3:15 PM. Two more people had arrived after me, and at least a few more were yet to arrive, one of those working there telling that to another, since they still had some doses left… But one also told the guard that those who will arrive later will need to wait, because the computer system had crashed. Also heard my last name mentioned a few times while I was waiting there, but have no idea what that was about. And it was clearly confirmed that you need to schedule the vaccination if you want it at that center, just showing up and asking whether any doses are left that day not being an option, regardless of what the authorities announced, since a third person came to ask to be vaccinated while I was waiting and she was turned away and then even one of the doctors working there came to say that a patient of hers was there and was wondering whether she could get the vaccine as well, and she was also told that only those who are scheduled can get the vaccine at that center.

Well, if yesterday I could wander around after getting the vaccine and get back with a total of 18 kg on me, including clothes and the stuff in my pockets but carrying the purchases just in my hands, since I didn’t take the backpack, and there was just a little bit of pain at the place of the shot, which only advanced to a dull pain that to some extent spread down my arm and up to my neck by the time I went to bed in the morning, once in bed I found I couldn’t lie down on that side and when I woke up after a few hours it felt as if somebody had stabbed my arm in that spot, so I barely managed to get a few more moments of sleep before finally getting up, a few hours later, since I was waking up almost immediately after somehow managing to fall asleep again, likely because I was moving in my sleep and the pain would shoot through me. Also felt as if I had a fever, but at first I took my temperature twice and it was just under the threshold, 36.9°C. The feeling matched the facts later, however, since I got back in bed in the evening, somehow managed to get a bit more sleep, which was why I couldn’t spend the day adding more to this post, and when I woke up, felt even more clearly that I had a fever and checked again, I saw 37.4°C. So now I guess I’m waiting for this to pass… And I do plan to report the side effects, using the provided tools, assuming I’ll figure out exactly what to do and have all the necessary information.


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