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Before and After Dream Trek Summer Edition 2021

Yes, I did take part in Dream Trek Summer Edition 2021 today, but I won’t manage to also write about it now, yet obviously need a second post this week, so in order to avoid completely wasting this post, I’ll write about what happened before the start and after the end of the run, starting with last night, when I thought I was going to manage to start eating dinner by 3 AM, but it still was 3:05 AM when I did. Then, today, I woke up for the last time around 2:30 PM, but only got up at 3:05 PM, then had a large serving of pasta, and later also had what would be the usual stuff before a run but with both raisins in dark chocolate and almonds added to the yogurt and muesli, plus a slice of cozonac with the last bit of honey in that jar added on top, and drank all the tea. Sprayed myself with some bug spray, which I also took with me, put on the full running gear, obviously this time with some stuff in the pocket of my tights, and also the jacket, with some stuff in its inside pocket too, and left at 8 PM, not before getting pissed off by dad who brought cat food bought from Kaufland that was cheaper elsewhere, and which I was going to get from Carrefour after the run, assuming I’ll stay there until morning.
We were supposed to gather at a sports store from this mall that this Carrefour’s in at 8:30 PM and I was there a bit after 8:20 PM. Then I spent a bit of time struggling to roll the jacket in order to tie it around my waist, not quite managing it because of what I had in its inside pocket, and eventually took a moment to go pee again, considering all that tea, before finally tying the jacket around my waist and wandering around that store for a bit, while others were taking the pictures needed to enter two contests, which required an Instagram account and following the store and the organizers of the event, so I obviously wasn’t going to enter.
Eventually, after a picture taken inside the store, we went outside… And noticed that it had started raining. That was no surprise, the forecast listing showers or light rain throughout the night, and a risk of brief storms at one point, and again in the morning, but people weren’t willing to leave shelter, so Radu had to point out that we were going to have to accept getting rained on anyway, after which all but me and one other guy put jackets back on and another picture was taken before we started, a few minutes after the announced start time of 9:03 PM, at sunset.

As I already stated, I’ll now skip the run itself and move on to what happened after the end, when one of the prizes, the most expensive one, was drawn while we were doing stretching exercises. Ten other prizes were supposed to be given to participants who were there at the end, Radu being supposed to pick them and ask what their running motto is, what motivates them to run, but after he mentioned that he first sort of addressed the question to everyone, and I was next to him and muttered that in my case it’s sheer stubbornness, but he just asked another guy who was near him, then asked who was never interviewed for their site. Since nobody answered that, I didn’t either and it seemed that the moment just passed, so it remains to be seen what they’ll do about those prizes, and the others as well, since there were 31 prizes, and 11 of those were for those who ran the entire distance and those ten were for those who were there at the end, covering the entire distance not being specified in that case, and that guy Radu asked had actually arrived just before the final part, the one I didn’t take part in, and the starting picture and the fact that only two more joined later showing that there weren’t 31 participants and the picture taken at the end also shows that there weren’t 21 there at that time either.
Though Radu had mentioned food and drinks left in the car at first, he didn’t mention that again when the girls who had offered them left, and while a couple of participants went with them at that time, the rest stayed there for a bit longer and then started leaving, at which point I meant to leave as well… Only for Radu to mention that again at that point, so I turned around, along with some of the others, getting to the car and grabbing the last three of the chocolate and mint protein bars I spotted, and one with white chocolate and strawberries, though those are awfully sweet and I had one more in my pocket, since I grabbed one of each at the first refreshment point and only ate the other one. Also grabbed a bottle of water and one bottle of each kind of protein milk, so both with chocolate and vanilla, and then finally walked away, just after 6:05 AM.

Well, it wasn’t raining when I got in that underground passage, but seconds later, when I was coming out on the other side, I saw rain on the stairs. So I just pulled my hood back up while accidentally walking in the wrong direction for a bit, then realized that and went the right way… Only for it to start really pouring within seconds, drenching me almost right away, so I had to stop where I had a bit of shelter and wait it out, fortunately being able to continue on my way at 6:20 AM, when it had died down enough to no longer really drench me. I was just soaked, however, so I sort of had to hold the front of my jacket away with one hand… And then somehow ended up taking the wrong road at an intersection and didn’t realize it until I found myself at Obor instead of Iancului.
Still, the plan was to go to Carrefour and Kaufland, and they’re there as well, but the problem is that the Carrefour from there opens at 8 AM and I reached the entrance of that mall a few minutes before it was even 7 AM. But at least that Kaufland opens at 7 AM, so I went there… And forgot to put my mask on when I entered, the guard warning me. And then the paper bag it had been in also fell out of my pocket, another employee pointing it out to me as well. Then I put my things in a cabinet and went to the bathroom, to pee and wash my hands… And after I finished peeing both bags fell out of the jacket’s pocket… Still, once I could stuff them back somewhere, I got what I meant to get, wandering around until I could spot some kind of cheese dad had been looking for and didn’t get when he went, three of the four that were left being hidden behind the box, and then returned to Carrefour, putting everything in a cabinet and walking in pretty much exactly at 8 AM, to get what I meant to get from there as well, getting one of the last two bags of bagels I was looking for and actually spending some time looking for an orange that was small enough to fit into the little I’d have been left with, considering the 0.50 RON coin I had to use for the cabinet.
After staying with my jacket unzipped in Kaufland, hoping that it and my t-shirt would dry a bit, even though it was cooler there than in Carrefour and the mall that’s in, by the time I went back out I didn’t feel so wet and cold anymore, and it even seemed to be getting a bit sunny for a few moments… Only for a few moments though, and it was cloudy again on the way back, and even started to rain again as I was getting close. It was only light rain though, so it wasn’t a problem, and I finally got back here at 9:25 AM… Finding dad awake and saying he had stayed up to wait for me since I gave him no sign, though he knew I couldn’t have done that even if I’d have wanted to and had told him that if I won’t abandon early I’ll go to those stores on the way back, so returning before 9 AM was next to impossible. Plus that he’s always the one seeming unable to understand when I say I’m worried or assume this or that happened when he’s particularly late, and that’s when he really is very late compared to anything he says before leaving.

Actually, he’s a bit late now as well, though nothing significant just yet, and at least it means I could finish writing this and post it before he got back and on-line, since otherwise I was planning to just stop at that point and schedule it to be posted at 11:59 PM, writing what was left off-line and editing it later, changing the time to that of the file. And this should also allow me to sleep a little in the evening, if I’ll feel like and manage to, since after getting back I was too worked up and, while I did get in bed after finishing what I meant to do and taking a bath, I woke up again after half an hour or so.

Later edit: And dad did it again… Came back at some point, I didn’t hear him, he supposedly assumed I was sleeping even though I had told him that wasn’t going to happen, and turned on the computer and got on-line. And when I happened to get out of my room, almost an hour later, and noticed, he of course said it was my fault for not unplugging his cable, because “we agreed” on that, by which he means he said it, I said I didn’t want to have to keep doing that, he ignored me and will just keep saying that “we agreed” on it, and also that he “can’t know” whether I’m connected otherwise, by which he means he refuses to learn to check. So I’ll be feeling even more on edge and insecure for a long time again… But at least this run finally gave me a reason to bake and eat the frozen pizza bought months ago, when dad asked for one and said I could get one for myself as well, so I’ll just post this and then finish it, since it and the salad I made are what I’m having for dinner tonight… Which dinner I started eating at 3:15 AM.


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