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The Guardian Submission About Moving to a Cashless Society

Since I tend to post the submissions I send to The Guardian, even more so when I need non-personal posts, I’m going to add this one I actually sent over two weeks ago as well. It’s a reaction to an article about moving to a cashless society, or to that one and a second one as well. Not that I haven’t kept saying this with every opportunity, but either way, here it is:

This switch to a cashless society is just another consequence of people handing over control for the sake of convenience, with potentially disastrous consequences, even more so for those who’d rather not. And we’re not even talking of convenience when it comes to something positive, beneficial to the one making said choice, but of more easily handing over money, which is something one should think carefully about, not do as carelessly as possible.
So I for one stick strictly to cash and won’t budge on that. Cash is entirely under your control and watch, can count it to know how much you have at any moment, physically seeing and holding it helps with budgeting, taking just as much as you intend with you makes it physically impossible to overspend, if any is stolen or lost you immediately notice, anyone taking any of it from you counts as theft, your pocket or wallet don’t charge fees for holding your cash or releasing it back to you, no businesses or authorities get rights to just take from your cash, no errors or regulations or other issues may block you from using your cash at any moment…
To give up on all of that for the “convenience” of more easily and thoughtlessly spending money, which the large majority of people have too little of to begin with, is sheer insanity… And sadly fits with many other troubling behavior patterns that are and have been all too common, with the consequences we all see…


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