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Quick Review: Weaveworld

Fantasy set in “reality” and written well. The world is completely new, but created so well it is believable from the very beginning.
I remember saying I hated one character from “Crystal Sage” because she kept being down-to-earth and wouldn’t accept that what was going on around her was really happening. Of course, the amount of unexplainable things and their scale were lower than in “Weaveworld“, but nevertheless I really liked the fact that every character in this book accepts the unexplained and gets involved, even down-to-earth, unbelieving Hobart, after pulling fire out of Shadwell’s coat.
And Shadwell… He’s an excellent character, seems to symbolize the entire humankind if you ask me, all the sweet talk and hidden intentions, all the greed and deceit, all the dreams and fears, all its searching, all its guilt and, ultimately, its own undoing. In spite of Cal and Suzanna being the main characters, I think Shadwell is the best built one.
But there were a few things that happened to save the main characters that would have been very unlikely even in that unlikely world. Things that made me think “aw, come on, next you’ll tell me the aliens appeared and beamed them out of harm’s way”.
Also, I didn’t like the lack of a relationship between Cal and Suzanna. What do you mean they share so much they’re much more than lovers, so they can’t be just that? What is more than love? I’d say sharing all that would make a relationship with anyone not involved impossible. At least Suzanna had Jerichau there for a while; she got the better deal.
And… I still didn’t quite understand exactly what was with The Scourge/Uriel. Little comfort in the fact that it didn’t either until the end.

Rating: 4/5


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