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Using Another One of Those Old Book Reviews for a July 12 Post…

After needing to do this three times in 2019, for personal posts written in June, October and, respectively, December of that year, I had managed to avoid needing to copy more of those old book reviews in order to create slots for personal posts and delay the moment when I’ll need to give up on the next to last of the original rules I set for this blog, keeping personal posts to less than half the total. And maybe, even if it’d have meant two posts in one day and therefore needing one more this week, I’d have found a way to avoid it today as well, throwing a quick comment, or maybe even a somewhat proper post about the protest I attended yesterday, though this was unlikely, the post about the protest being what I’m most likely to try to add as the week’s second post, on a separate day. But I didn’t avoid it, and in fact a July 12 post seems like a good enough reason to use up another one of those last reserves I have, even if this isn’t a milestone one. Or I guess it’s the 20th July 12, if you include the first one, but the next one, if I’ll still be alive by then, will be the one marking 20 years, so that will be the milestone.
As it is, there isn’t much to say right now, other than the usual things that don’t need to be posted yet again. Did go through the links I have, finding out something new and removing those that were dead, and added a few more after a quick search, and I guess the relief is that I didn’t find anything indicating that my worst fear has become a reality. Nothing to clearly say otherwise either, of course, but I guess I’ll take what I can get… And if I understood that new development correctly, it should be another step up for her, and since I guess those things are important to her, it should be good news from that point of view.
But I’ll stop here, because it seems that writing these things is hitting me worse than just going through them, and right now I’m feeling like I’m about to shit myself… I guess it’s a good thing I decided against trying to run today, after walking quite a lot and jogging back from the Carrefour from Unirii yesterday, since the plan now is to try to run in the evening, going out at or just after 7 PM, at least this week and the next, and doing that when I already feel like this is definitely not a good idea. The weather will only get worse after today, however, hotter and, except tomorrow, also likely to be quite windy, so I’ll need to put up with the couple of additional degrees and try to run tomorrow evening, just hoping it won’t be a truly awful result at least… I need to run 16 km though, and I covered that distance on my way to the last half marathon run, which was on June 28 and was absolutely awful, in 1:24:39, which if repeated on an actual 16 km run would make it the slowest ever.
Oh, it just started raining, quite out of nowhere and rather heavily. So it could be quite nice to go this evening if it’ll stop soon, or impossible if it won’t. But I already decided I won’t go, so it doesn’t matter. And it feels wrong to write about such things in such a post, so I really will stop here with it. Wonder when I’ll get around to adding another more general personal update though, since the last one was on June 20, going up to that night since I edited it to add a little more then, and after that I only covered the second dose of the vaccine and the day spent at the emergency hospital, and I didn’t even go over this last post yet.


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