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New Finds – XXXVI

Since the event I was relying on for a quick post today, or more exactly the part of it that I was interested in, was postponed, I guess it’s time for another really rushed addition to this series. I haven’t checked any group in quite some time, and now I’m even less likely to check groups at all because Facebook yet again changed the design for the worse and I no longer have a sidebar at all on my lists, so I’m not normally reminded of groups, and the number of new posts in groups doesn’t seem to show up at all anymore, so I don’t know the amount of activity I should be prepared to go through and whether I’ll have the time and the state of mind to do so even if I specifically want to check them. But going through that differently ordered version of my list fortunately led me relatively quickly to a few more recent releases I hadn’t been aware of, so I’ll use those for this post.

I’ll start with Aeranea, who recently released an album that also seems to have a message to send. And, despite rushing, I did listen to two other songs from it, but since Your Idols Awaken is the only one that’s posted on their official YouTube channel, I’ll go with that as the first pick. And Prayers Die will be the second one, out of their older songs. Seeing as they seem to have been added on my list quite a number of years ago, it seems likely that this song is the one that made me put them there, and as I just went through them quickly, I was even tempted to say that I still prefer it over any of the others that they posted officially. But there are good elements in the others as well, and listening again might change my opinion.

Next comes a solo project, that of Lindsay Schoolcraft. If I wouldn’t have been rushing to post this today, I likely wouldn’t have included her now, because it seems that she’s days away from releasing new material. But there are other songs that are recent enough, and I’ll go with Worlds Away as the first pick, while the second, out of the slightly older ones, is Where I Fall. The songs I listened to can differ a fair bit, others having a heavier sound and even featuring male growlers, and since I just listened to what’s posted on the official YouTube channel, as I usually do when it comes to such quick posts, I have no idea which kind dominates, if any. But these picks aren’t supposed to be representative in any way, after all, but just some selections according strictly to my own preferences out of the songs I happened to listen to, and these definitely fit that “requirement” and are better than many others I included in such posts.

Getting back to bands, I’ll finish this post with The Fall of Eve, and the quick pick from their recent album is Stay with Me. As for the second pick, I’ll go with If Even Angels Fall, which I remembered almost as soon as I started listening to it now, though I’m quite sure it’s been quite a long time since I last did so. Actually, it was the fact that I remembered this one so well that made the difference, as there were a couple of others I was considering as well, and the first pick could have also been either of the two from their recent album that they posted on their official YouTube channel, so they have quite a number of good songs, at least in my view.


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